The War Between Men & Women: 2050CE

5 Apr

We now understand that in the matter of ‘armaments’ in this ‘war’, one side was endowed by nature with vastly superior equipment. This information has been kept from the populace since time immemorial by a sort of ’5th column’ of subversive minions seeking to influence the outcome and favor the weaker side.

We are rapidly approaching the final showdown because the overt and arcane actions of generations of these minions have dragged mankind to the crossroads of survival. The dominant characters in these biased operations have changed over the millenniums. In early days shamans and witch doctors led off the process followed in time by priests, conjurers, theologians and necromancers.

These subversives have been often abetted in their work by Machiavellian villains such as inquisitors, sin-hunters, witch finders and other despots. Despite all their collective efforts the truth is emerging and we have finally seen the opposing parties in the altogether and the results may astonish some of us.

The War Between Men & Women should have been over before it even started. One party so outguns the other that there never was a contest. The battles were fought over the primacy of pleasure in the lifetime of humans versus suspension of pleasure to a future life. The issue should have been decided long ago.

Only the interference of self-interested fanatical partisans prolonged the final skirmish to the middle of the 21st century where we have somehow miraculously arrived somewhat intact as a species. This has happened despite most of the growth deemed vital for life in an industrial society having come to a (literal) screaming halt along the way.

It is stunning to observe how the machination of those minions over the centuries have so distorted perception that even now the fundamental perspective of most of mankind regarding the true nature of our species is still awry. The simple biological facts at issue are not clear to a population still floundering in darkness.

How then can we present the sum total of the attributes of the two belligerents in such a way that even the dullest can understand?

We’ll try by stating that the reason the two parties have always been so unevenly matched in the arena of earthly pleasure on earth is this:

“The clitoris is the only human organ designed purely for pleasure, and no other reason.

But there’s a great deal more clitoral tissue hidden inside her body; the size of that can be about
four inches – the size of a guy’s un-erect penis. Women who have given birth tend to have larger clitorises – the longest ever measured was 12″! ]”

In our equation a four inch male penis is a musket mounted on a powder keg trying to compete with the rapid fire machine-gun action of a four inch clitoris connected to a smile.

That’s it! If coat of-arms were designed the male crest would feature a rocket hovering over a chastity belt and the female a winged cork on a field of purple over a turkey baster. Ergo, the battle was lost before it had begun.

In the quest for earthly pleasure males were in second place from the start; hence the invention of a future life where just deserts would be sorted and pleasure would be granted the pious providing reality and pleasure was suspended over one’s lifetime. Hence also; the tricks and devices dreamed up by the minions over generations to deny the facts and shade the outcome.

Tom Robbins,
“Ol’ Abraham and his peevish herdsman buddies—cowboys, now that I think of it—inventing the one-god-our god-and-he-be-a-bruiser concept as a response to and a rebellion against the sexual superiority of women.” …fierce invalids home from hot climates

The fear and resentment of the superior physical attributes of the distaff and the resentment of that superiority among males has made the history of mankind a sink of despair and gore. And the history of the stronger, the innocent , the nature favored gender, become one of constant subjugation and denigration up until now.

Until now… but just maybe the ongoing follies that have delivered us to this mid 21st century juncture, weighing the Epicurean principal, long repressed in society against the Stoic pose, favored by the oppressors, will cause us to finally reject the latter. If so, it will be none too soon as the planet is reeling from the proclivities of jealous sore losers who have been thrashing about for eons attempting to find compensative pleasure in a material world for that which has been denied them in the erotic world.

End of Evolution: a Retrospective

25 Mar

November, 2042
The natural evolution of life on planet Earth began to come to an end one hundred years ago on December 2, 1942 under a squash court in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The wizard who precipitated this event was the brilliant Italian physicist, Enrico Fermi.

Now the planet is de facto, bankrupt; no longer solvent. At this moment in time, the natural evolution of species is perhaps doomed to end and be replaced by worldwide genetic contamination as mankind can no longer afford to safely maintain or dispose of the countless machines and devices that have been produced since Professor Fermi released the genii by starting the first successful controlled nuclear chain reaction.

There had been opportunity for America to neuter the jinn from that day in 1942 until September 16, 1985, the day on which the USA went broke, became a debtor nation, no longer a viable Empire and could not afford to bear the costs and responsibility for the hideously dangerous forces it had released; assuming, which is exceedingly doubtful, it ever had intended to do so. No limits to growth were seriously considered in those halcyon days. Limiting growth then, as now, means sharing what we already have. Anathema, then, as it is now.

At the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, the apex of the misadventure, there were, according to Nuclear Power Today, updated in February, 2011:

“… now over 440 commercial nuclear power reactors operating in 30 countries, 56 countries operate a total of about 250 research reactors and a further 180 nuclear reactors power some 140 ships and submarines. Over 60 further nuclear power reactors are under construction, while over 150 are firmly planned”.

“The magnitude of the radiation generated in a nuclear power plant is almost beyond belief … The original uranium fuel that is subject to the fission process becomes 1 billion times more radioactive in the reactor core. A thousand-megawatt nuclear power plant contains as much long-lived radiation as that produced by the explosion of 1,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs.” Dr. Helen Caldicott

That huge number of nuclear appliances was dwarfed by the tally, courtesy of ICAN, of 23,300 nuclear warheads around the globe. Add to this the immense volume of nuclear waste which had always defied safe long term storage. This was the situation worldwide decades before the looming end of nature’s sovereignty. In the year 2011 it was theoretically possible, with a huge expenditure of resources and treasure worldwide, to prevent the catastrophe looming just ahead. The knowledge of mankind having long passed the peak of affordable oil strengthened the resolve of industry and political decision makers not to open honest discussion or to consider implementation. Nothing at all was done.

An example of the mind-set of most humans at that time is the launching of a missile towards Mars in November of 2011 containing scores of ounces of Plutonium regarded as the most lethal substance known. In what must have been the most maniacal piece of uber-hubris in decades that mission, curiously enough called ‘Curiosity’, was purported to seek signs of Life on that sphere but by sending forth a parcel of Death always in the name of Progress.

Mankind had prior warning of the consequences of uncontrolled nuclear fission with the experiences of Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986 and Fukushima, Japan in 2011. Nevertheless, In the inevitable course of events, the tens of thousand of devices resultant after the early Chicago experiments have been left poorly attended. Without the absolutely precise knowledge for their maintenance, combined with the enormous cost of this critical attention, they have been effectively abandoned.

“Ionizing radiation—the kind that minerals, atom bombs and nuclear reactors emit—does one main thing to the human body: it weakens and breaks up DNA, either damaging cells enough to kill them or causing them to mutate in ways that may eventually lead to cancer.

… This ionizing radiation can damage DNA molecules directly, by breaking the bonds between atoms, or it can ionize water molecules and form free radicals, which are highly reactive and also disrupt the bonds of surrounding molecules, including DNA.” POPSCI The Future Now

Peter Dedon, a member of the Radiation Protection Committee at MIT, explained: “What happens is that the nucleus of radioactive elements undergoes decay and emits high-energy particles. If you stand in the way of those particles, they are going to interact with the cells of your body. You literally get a particle, an energy packet, moving through your cells and tissues.”

“What long-term effects can radiation have?
The effect of the radiation may not be to kill the cell, but to alter its DNA code in a way that leaves the cell alive but with an error in the DNA blueprint. The effect of this mutation will depend on the nature of the error and when it is read. Since this is a random process, such effects are now called stochastic. Two important stochastic effects of radiation are cancer, which results from mutations in nongerm cells (termed somatic cells), and heritable changes, which result from mutations in germ cells (eggs and sperm).”

… ACHRE Report

With all of civilization on the edge of abyss here in the middle of the twenty-first century and trying desperately to feed and/or quell the remaining billions of frantic citizens, little effort or funding is directed toward confronting the pending nuclear dilemma. This oversight is critical because without constant attention these neglected devices ultimately begin to alter life on the planet. Nature has little ability to cope with the radiation emanating from those thousands of impaired devices and storage facilities and the genetics of living organisms is affected in myriads of ways by the onslaught.

Those lethal ions spewing forth unchecked bring illness, death or failing both, blast apart DNA and change forever nature’s prior mandate. Species are affected to varying degrees and for all time. Were any Martian organisms doomed as well by man’s folly?

Women of the World Summit

17 Mar

April 3-5, 2040
Western Hemisphere Conference
Monterrey, Mexico
The outstanding success at 2039 United Nations Congress in Canberra, Australia where our female delegates pursued and enacted Resolutions taking the Big 4 Nations to task for the first time for past psychopathic behaviors, is now a part of our history. Monterrey has been very hospitable, plus being high and dry, for the ten years we have been meeting here and we are thankful the port at Tampico is able to still handle our vital sea traffic despite the flooding problem. Some delegates still brave overland travel regardless of the punishing fuel cost. We salute your determination and welcome you all.

In preparing for the upcoming W of the W Summit please keep the momentum going—

(Suggested Agenda)

1. Consider disqualifying from positions of power women who have arrived to prominence emulating men. Not helpful to perpetuate all those bad habits. Search for women who have tendencies and traits that demonstrate freedom from testosterone mimicry.

2. First order of business: Reclaim uteri and other personal appurtenances. Disregard all advice and restrictions for maintenance and usage not female originated; especially ignore celibate elderly males.

3. Recommend immediate change to specifications for the new United Nations site at Canberra. Since the world is already saturated with phallic oases, in the spirit of limited growth, replace this next, really huge tower, with three story walk-up. No elevators; great exercise for delegates, et al.

4. Put hold on all future development plans until vetted by female engineers or female city planners unless more phallic oases are intended.

5. Consider doing something men would never do. Save something for the future. Unless you want the gran-kiddos living on berries in caves, leave them a little something. Maybe some coal or oil; some raw material to make stuff with; a few trees and maybe a fish or two. Whatever you can spare which, as of now, is— nothing! It’s all spoken for. Best estimates say another 24 years, then zip, it’s all gone, unless you put something aside for them now.

6. Until people are dropping dead on the street, males tend to defend the indefensible i.e. Fukushima, Chernobyl, the recent others, etc. Very likely babies will die from the fallout all over the place. While you’re deciding what to leave the grand-kids consider a big pile of dough to shut down the reactors, generating plants, spent fuel storage facilities and a score of thousands of old nuke bombs which will be still laying around festering. Oh, and another pile of dough to educate future nuclear engineers and technicians to do the dirty work in getting rid of them.

7. Until the ‘Uproaring Twenties’, if you were unhappy with the way you were raised in the amatory arts, you felt helpless about your own daughter’s training. In your day women were likely to be led through the elysian mysteries by that greatest of all tutors; a randy young male. The radical gals of the 20′s changed the way we educate our young women, hopefully, for all time. Include a tribute to them.


The male mind set that has been governing the globe lacks a clear future inclination and could lead the species to extinction if allowed to continue unabated, therefore:

A hundred plus generations is quite enough as we, all of us, are now quite noticeably…stuck. We are stuck in the here and now; stuck in today, stuck in a male mind set.

Human populations were not sufficiently numerous nor technologically advanced in the past to cause grievous planetary harm. This is no longer true. Every day we come closer to the point of no return and nowhere is seen the remedy for reversing possible terminal decline.
Two things, and only two, are commanded by nature: reproduction of species and death. All else is option.

Males are largely indifferent to the former but appear much devoted to the latter.Too often the violent demise of some other male is a consuming focus of male effort.

The Earth has endured a hundred plus generations of male domination. Human life may one day soon be forfeit as a result. An innate lack of future orientation sufficient to overcome exploitation of the planet for temporal gain suggests males are unfit for continued leadership. Be advised.

Ad Hoc Committee
The 2040 Women of the World Summit

Sanity of Big 4 Nations Examined

11 Mar

U.N. 2039

The official dispatch from United Nations Headquarters in Canberra, Australia contained guarded reference to the heated debate between advocates for including Brazil among the Big 4 and those opting for selecting Japan. Emotions had been heated at plenary sessions worldwide before the onset of the annual conference.

Japan, long a major player on the world stage had suffered financially early in the 21st century and after the Fukushima disaster, struggled mightily to retain its position. Brazil, on the other hand, had an ploddingly slow rise into late prominence by 2020.

The first act of the plenum was the vote which put Japan on the agenda rather than Brazil.
( This was only the third annual U.N. conference since Australia was chosen to replace New York City as U.N. Headquarters and was proving to be the most difficult.)

Our crew outside U.N. Headquarters here in Canberra strive to keep up with events happening inside and rely on delegates willing to talk off the record to us.
One of our wags has labeled this session … “Madness and the Web of Days”

When events in the Northern Hemisphere had become impossible to control, a series of treaties, pacts and detente’s had been initiated to curtail violence and retard further massive emigrations. When oil first hit $200 a barrel commercial air travel became history and made Australia a reluctant choice for U.N. Headquarters because of the travel distances involved for many countries. With stringent regs. on new growth it was impossible to even consider a permanent presence for delegates as had been the past custom. Reluctantly, a six to eight week annual session was established.

(Our crew left by steam/sail December 7 to assure being here and ready for this very sunny opening day, January 10, 2039.)

Scheduling of January as the annual date for meeting was prompted by the weather in the region but caused countless problems in transportation for northern countries. Travel of course is limited to sail assisted steamship for the most distant travelers and travel time is unpredictable. Adding to the daunting logistics is that, in addition to the delegates, staff and functionaries, a large contingent of mental health experts are included in this session. 2039 is shaping up to be a game changer year.

Female delegates have outnumbered males in the a ratio of three to one since the gender renaissance of the ‘UproaringTwenties’ and early thirties. Female assertiveness and refusal to countenance further degradation of the environment helped greatly in bringing about the detente’s, treaties and pacts that have cobbled together the tenuous ‘pax cogito’ we endure.

The keystone event on the calendar is scheduled for today’s session. As a carry over from the 2038 session, it is easily the most controversial and fraught with peril item ever attempted by the U.N. in its long history. Today will witness the four leading nations, China, Japan, United States and Russia on the proverbial couch each trying to prove why they should be judged the least psychopathic of the Big 4 nations. Scores of professionals recruited for psychological expertise will be laboring to examine past and recent performance to try to ascertain which of the group is most (least) likely to upset the delicate world equation. Such a psychoanalytical undertaking would have been unthinkable prior to the introduction of female sensibilities into world governance in recent years.

Rumors from our off the record delegates has produced hints a majority of delegates see Russia as the least mentally disturbed of the lot. Often cited was the remarkable transition that occurred in the later part of the 20th century during the collapse of 70 years of Soviet control. In a short period of time that nation underwent radical change with amazing resilience, reached down deep in the collective psyche for stability and balance and became a significant world force soon afterward despite constant provocation from the West.

When pressed for further word of final rankings, our delegates confessed witnessing profound confusion as to where to place China and the United States in the line-up. They are both seen as mentally unhinged and potentially deadly if ever lapsing back to former behaviors. That both were once incredibly materialistic and had exhibited profound motor car mania in the past is repeatedly cited.

Most delegates agreed the U.S. was the primary initiator of most of the excesses cited but China was scorned for ignoring history and having come willfully ‘late to the party’ as if nothing was known of the devastating negative impact of excess materialism and unbridled growth. Most agreed that perhaps the U.S. was slightly the lesser of evils since, as the novelist Gore Vidal often wrote, it was the ” United States of Amnesia”. In the early balloting China was higher in the rankings due to greater potential for psychopathic lapses than was the United States, but by only by a narrow margin.

Criticism of the ability of clinicians to attempt psychoanalysis at such removal from the subject was countered successfully by reminding delegates that during World War II Carl Jung, the noted Zurich analyst, was recruited by the Allies to psychoanalyze Adolph Hitler at considerable distance.

We now have firm reports in the standings i.e.; fourth among the four and lowest in potential threat to peace and stability in the future is Russia. The United States, almost by default,’ Amnesia’ being the droll deciding factor, was ranking next by a slim margin. ( Many in the mental health community were very reluctant to cede this position to the U.S. because of her militaristic excesses over countless decades. None the less, as several colleagues insisted: recent behaviors must take precedence over past misdeeds.) China, therefore comes in second from the top.

One historian among our group harrumphed,” If the Ming Emperor had not called back his immense treasure fleet in 1433, the tardy effort launched in 1492 by Christendom would have had different results and most of the Western hemisphere would be speaking Mandarin and we wouldn’t here.”

Final balloting was overwhelmingly in favor of putting Japan firmly as the number one candidate for future psychopathology.

The plenum discounted the militarism of the nineteen thirties and even the atrocities attributed to her armies. Japan’s chronic lack of petroleum and world events that preceded Pearl Harbor were weighed and discounted. But what could not be ignored was the nation’s pell-mell rush into nuclear power generation in a terrain totally unsuited for it. They felt that Japan had willfully ignored the dangers inherent with so many nukes in a densely crowded land with two hundred volcanoes and subject to some 1500 earthquakes annually.

The determining factor, however, was the continued pursuit of this technology after the disasters at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. There was even considerable effort to restart idled power stations after Fukushima: a singular nightmare that is still an ongoing problem.

Sign off**
With this major issue of potential future national pathology hopefully resolved, we look forward to reporting the policy suggestions touching upon the findings as released.

“Madness and the Web of Days” Crew

NYT June 4, 2027

4 Mar

City Lede
“Fracking in 2007 Let Loose Unforeseeable Power”

Looking back now from our time vantage we see the metaphoric link between the early fracking disturbances to the near surface structure of Earth and the subsequent release of that dreaded, extra-ordinary, and initially only whispered about new arrival; ‘PPower’. Initial awareness of this phenomenon began to occur in the early part of the second decade of the 21st century. In Russia, the then leader Vladimir Putin was an early discoverer of the threat and came down heavily on a girl singing group called ‘Pussy Riot’. He assumed they were corrupted by his rivals in the West but eventually learned these young Russian women were the enemy within as older women proved to be later.

Why did Putin fear these little girls more than the might of America? Why did he view what they represented as more threatening than drones, a-bombs or suicidal Chechens? Because he was an alpha male and therefore extremely vulnerable.

He, and others of his ilk, even if paying attention were late to learn, in those confusing times, what was really happening. When they did find out, they were powerless to cope with what had been loosed on the world. It was rampant, untrammeled female sexuality. During an interview in Central Park one gamin-like waif cracked wise, “In your face, big guy, deal with it; it’s Pussy Power.” In Washington Square a NYU student quoted Martin Luther King Jr.saying,”The moral arc of the universe bends towards justice.”

Older readers might remember the days when randy, male secondary school teachers co opted young school girls; fuhgeddaboutit, as they then said in Brooklyn, that was over. Now it was the gals who preyed. Almost monthly, another thirtyish, often attractive, female middle school teacher was on a police blotter for seducing a likely boy student. Deviant they said; compulsive for certain, pathetic at the least, but was it? Or was this the biological imperative they had been told of; the different sexual peaking years, that was playing out in the sexual arena of emerging female assertiveness?

Still another far reaching aspect of this changing assertiveness involved countless younger women worldwide, and was documented extensively on the internet. One could, at that time, scroll through web reportage of “what’s up now and where it’s up” and perhaps view some young female acquaintance or maybe even a relative, blithely engage in group orgy with a clique of fifty! The setting could be a college dorm in Utah or an apartment in Prague, could be most anywhere in the world; but she’d be there. In the altogether, so to speak, apparently undismayed at having riotous sex, en masse, amidst dozens of her peers; using the nearest male or female as partner(s). At early onset these soirees had been fortified with inhibition lowering substances but this crutch was soon discarded as unnecessary and demeaning. Scarcely anyone over thirty in those blissfully ignorant times knew squat about the new morality exerting itself below the radar.

Thus the power of ‘P’ had been covertly unleashed on at least two fronts. Vladimir Putin, those mullahs frothing with righteous ire or bed-rock preachers screaming about sin and lust were of no consequence; the gals were cutting loose. In a few short years Eve’s natural legacy of lavishly equipped eroticism which had been stifled for eons was unleashed causing fear and resentment in most males. With this courageous shedding of layers of guilt and shame imposed on their gender for millenia, these young women were acting out a tableau of future expectation and entitlement.

Is this another sign of our perilous times, the multitudes wondered upon becoming aware? Did this sort of thing occur late in the failing Roman era as well, they pondered? Or was this something new under the heavens? If so, was five thousand years of male domination of women finally coming a cropper as the ladies had prophesied?

At first this phenomenon was limited to young women; the ‘twenty- somethings’. It spread to countless others rapidly. What resulted was the direct opposite of Lysistrata. The housewife of that time, rather than cut off hubby to prove a point, began to offer her largesse to the neighborhood. Very quickly that became extremely threatening in Wall Street, Foggy Bottom and Pennsylvania Ave. But much more so in Riyadh, Tel Aviv and Vatican City.

What then was behind this gush of feminine libido? Were these unorganized, random, anonymous young persons reacting to something those senior to them failed to notice or acknowledge? Since the nineteen fifties geologists and knowledgeable observers had warned of the danger of extracting unlimited resources from a resource limited planet. With barely an exception, no one in power cared to act upon the information coming forth until the situation in the early 21st century was fast heading somewhere past critical.

Those young women then avowed that male leadership had failed to perceive the objective environment was deteriorating beyond all hope of recovery. That the mostly senior male rulers worldwide, had persisted in causing ever more chaos and violence globally. It was then that these young women, probably with some arcane prompting, began to assert themselves in opposition. By seizing control of their own bodies, a challenge was issued against coercive male leadership ever again having dominance over their sexuality.

The women felt they had suffered grave loss by this flagrant denial of looming fossil fuel costs which could doom the future they had been promised and would lead to a failure of modern lifestyle. The mostly male leadership had to have known to a certainty this would occur but chose to ignore for political or monetary gain putting any limits on growth despite doomsday looming on the horizon.

Something deep in feminine instinct had then summoned forth a visceral and atavistic response from a smouldering collective cauldron. Such arcane signaling from nature had been long ignored and now was seemingly a force from the remote past urging them to wrest control before it was too late. Male leadership was thereafter regarded as anti-nature and anti-humane for having led mankind down a path leading to possible extinction and the planet to near ruin.

In the several decades that have passed many of the planetary disasters which prompted this revolutionary behavior have been narrowly averted due to swift, permanent changes in planning and greatly reduced expectations. All fracking, shale and tar sands projects and other environmentally destructive practices have ceased. Our current, still tenuous, comfort level regarding survival is due to those, now not so young ladies, who put it all on the line for us years ago.

NYT June 4, 2027

Rescuing the Republic From Itself /or

30 Jan

How 50 Men, Women and Children Could Save our Bacon.

One thing still trumps all others in America. It isn’t wealth, nor power, it’s not the myth of our uniqueness under Heaven… no. It’s a lot more basic and powerful than those. It even trumps celebrity which is a close second. No, fundamental as those are in the national psyche they pale in comparison to Number One…racism.

Despite manumission, Appomattox, Wounded Knee, Jim Crow, block-busting, MLK Jr and Barack Obama(obscure early 21st century POTUS); it still rules. It’s the one sovereign tenant that endures beyond all others. Sucker’s got legs! If it began to wane here at home we always sought it abroad. Added to this ancient plague is a relative newcomer. Only about a century old; it is a formidable competitor and looks like it’s here to stay. (If the money holds out.) Big drum roll…..ForeverWar!

Countless decades later, we’re used to war. Many older persons have never known a time without it. The old 9/11 War has morphed into ForeverWar and we’re stuck with it. It has brought with it a few downsides like breaking the national budget, impoverishing multitudes here and abroad, and creating new enemies faster than we can destroy them…but that’s OK. What’s not OK is this waging ForeverWar on us. That’s not OK.

They have gone too far now!

When they gave the chief executive the power to do away with anybody, anywhere, anytime, for any reason, the old deal was threatened. The covenant with America was potentially shattered. Rendered forfeit. That was cheating. As always, kill off all the enemies you want but we the people must forever remain sacrosanct. What gall, they’re making targets now of us! Who do they think they are and what are we, to save this Republic, going to do about it?

Now if you know anything about the power of ForeverWar then you know it is totally pervasive and impossible to gainsay because there is no other reality for us to live by or in. No place to be that does not include it. What to do? Play the trump card. What’s that? Racism? What? Yup!

You serious? Sure. Now may not be the time, though. It could get worse; so we must wait. When the dire impact of two hundred dollar oil becomes common knowledge and is still ignored at the top; we’re close. When, despite all evidence to the contrary, our leaders are still shilling for unlimited growth; be ready. But be cautious because when they have spent the last dollar and nobody will lend us a nickel; we might not have to act. Look around and count the number of guys who come back from the front as basket cases because they are overused. Count the number of Americans incarcerated for protesting ForeverWar or doing drugs out of despair. Watch for further disintegration of the cities, more grinding poverty and massive, permanent, unemployment. Pervasive hunger. Then, if it appears the mass has gone critical; it’s time to begin:

Secret Plan: Your Eyes Only. Need-To-Know Established. Emergency use only! Not to be attempted until things are so bad nothing else is feasible.

The basis of the Secret Plan is to use racism against racism. To do this, start by recruiting 50 individuals, one from each state. They must be 15 years or older, of either gender, no maximum age, providing they are athletic and capable of running, jumping etc. They are to be recruited individually and must have zero knowledge of each other. Do not recruit persons exhibiting racism, homicidal tendencies or who exhibit personal grudges against others. One other recruitment requirement; the candidate must be of obvious African descent, preferably of dark complexion.

Here’s where it gets messy…and bloody.

If quite certain no other alternative exists or is likely to manifest itself; proceed with training. Each candidate is instructed to attempt to cause violent injury, preferably terminal, to as many persons as feasible each day. These actions must be done in a public place and the recruit must be seen as the perpetrator. Easy escape is vital and should be planned in advance. All victims must be white. But this is cold-blooded murder. Yup. Of innocents. Yup. Unprecedented! Really?

Media coverage is expected to be enormous and continual. Local and national authorities will be in a state of frenzy when the race factor is fully digested. As the casualties mount and the scope of the problem becomes evident the racism latent in the culture will preclude meaningful action to quell the atrocities.

Racial integration has been an aspect of local law enforcement almost universally now for decades, and the old stand-bys, the National Guard, Army and various spook agencies were co-opted years ago by integration. Who, then, can be called upon; who can be trusted, when there are thirty seven million suspects?

The reigning ForeverWar powers should at this point be willing (desperate?) to seek whatever terms are offered. Unconditional surrender is recommended. The Republic could be saved in our lifetime!

The SIXPACK Colony Experiment

24 Jan

In the middle of the twenty-first century, roughly four decades after Ralph Nader’s ‘novel’ suggestion, the super- rich decide the time has come to save the day (and what remains of civilization). The Euro has collapsed, followed in short order by the dollar and the commissars in China are barely holding the renmimbi together. Growth, that shibboleth of generations of progress touts, has ceased. A handful of powerful, like-minded tycoons, who have survived with their fortunes largely intact, privy to amply supplies of precious motor fuels not available to others, join forces and resolve to try to create something positive from the surrounding chaos. They call themselves The SIXPACK.

This group, although fiscally and politically very conservative, are socially quite progressive. Even, incredibly enough, radical. In fact, what they propose to do is illegal in every country; totally immoral in the eyes of every religion and could result in them being targeted for assassination if word got abroad of the undertaking.

The strongest rallying point amongst the SIXPACK members, all of whom are family oriented, is the carnage wreaked on the young during the long decline. Some had suffered personal loss as the shocking incidence of teen suicide was increasing, particularly among males. They began to wonder if the collapse of the internet and much of the power grid, which had enabled access to gaming, porn,social media and TV, was a factor. Perhaps a half century of immersion in a virtual world had so warped reality as to leave a generation unable to cope with humanity.

The connection to suicide was baffling until one of the group came across a quote by a now obscure twentieth century writer. In 1987, Gore Vidal in an essay wrote,” Since power not sex is true motor to human life, the powerless often prefer to die. That is why today’s young do not eat goldfish. They kill themselves.”

With the illusion of power provided by social media and online gaming gone, the internet having been an early casualty of prohibitive fuel costs, the disenfranchised young indeed felt powerless.

With the need for secrecy foremost, all six principals pledge whatever it takes of their personal fortunes, time and covert resources to assist the project to completion. Their combined assets are considerable: their specious resources worldwide in scope, their determination…total. So it begins.

Remarkably, very little altruism is involved as the leaders go about busily rearranging human history. These are hard-nosed guys making considered investments in both time and fortune and who, in most cases, won’t live long enough to see the end results. That being said, what matters to them is, if they are successful, humankind is successful.

In order to have a chance for success location is paramount. The climate must be mild, the location remote from other habitation and the soil must be tilth. Selection of just the right habitat is a daunting task that would have been impossible prior to decades of diminishing social cohesion, natural resource depletion and planet-wide industrial failure. Of course these very circumstances are the reason this mind boggling adventure was even contemplated. Only the prospect of ever growing threats to mankind’s very survival in any satisfactory form would have united these powerful individuals in this sort of endeavor.

A stroke of good fortune put them in possession of an island at a reasonable latitude and sufficient size to accommodate the plan. Their good fortune was at the cost of the former inhabitants who succumbed to a virulent strain of a smallpox type virus which was no longer a problem as the bug and the victims had perished together. The site was inspected by teams of tropical health and habitation experts for any foreseeable problems and given a clean ticket. With the results in hand the principals began construction of a comfortable and viable environment.

They began to lay down a cover story for the intended usage to satisfy workmen and suppliers who would naturally be curious. The raison d’etre put forth was that an experimental GMO quarantine facility was being equipped for future usage and would, quite naturally, be off limits to the public. It was necessary at every stage to have a cover story circulated casually in hopes that curiosity be thwarted as it arose.

One of the last installations, after fencing the approach to the waterfront, was the erection on the main pier and abutting the fence of a building to facilitate egress and exit from the settlement. Supplies could enter and in an emergency an occupant could be removed to receive medical treatment as it served as a clinic as well. A series of airlocks and UV installations served to prevent contamination from entering the facility from outsiders and to keep the residents from interacting with the outside world. Also in place was an elaborate network of closed circuit cameras throughout the colony that would only link to six monitors in the secure control of the principals. To avoid any taint of ‘Big Brother’, only the residents could activate the system if they so desired.

But it was agreed that once a year the system would be turned on for twenty four hours so the SIXPACK principals could view the colony.

The matter of recruitment was problematic. There was general agreement regarding the first applicants as to age, fifteen to twenty was the range; they would be females. It was deemed essential that the girls would be introduced first to domesticate the environment; a nesting process.

Recruitment parameters were set and included firstly; orphans, of which there was no shortage worldwide since the troubles began. Excellent health was vital along with a more or less secular spiritual orientation. The organizers, at this junction, were forced to rely on trusted aides and associates to comb the world looking for recruits. Although denied a clear picture of the actual future awaiting the prospects, they could honestly promise something more rewarding and far safer than the candidates would otherwise enjoy.

When the desired number had been realized, the young women put through an extensive indoctrination at various locations, they were then transferred to the island and installed in what was to be a permanent home. The initial number decided on was sixty. Meanwhile the task force was busily occupied in securing a supply of very young, orphaned infants; a ratio of three girls to one boy child was established. The infants were soon delivered over to the young women who had been anxiously awaiting their arrival. The hardest thing for these young people to accept was the ban on companion animals. It was hoped a focus away from pets and toward children and each other would be more productive.

After a suitable bonding and acclimation period the final element was introduced with the arrival from indoctrination of a cadre of twenty young males. These youth, as the females previously had done, underwent lengthy training in agriculture, construction, animal husbandry and other useful trades. This group of young males was at the heart of the experiment. The principals had decreed that most of the woes plaguing mankind from time immemorial may have been caused by universal male leadership. The ratio of male to females, including the infants, was chosen in an attempt to redress this phenomenon. Three to one, female to male, was the chosen number for the colony but, by lacking precedent, was plainly arbitrary.

What was not arbitrary, and was stressed repeatedly in the candidate selection process, was that one major requirement for both males and females is a demonstrable interest in erotic inclination toward both genders. Total rejection of such an inclination was a disqualifier. This was necessary to avoid lapsing into a male dominated erotic atmosphere. Specifically to avoid the ‘home run’ syndrome, classic adolescent male jargon for the end stage in the seduction process. The thing that happens (maybe) after bases 1, 2 and 3 are endured, for decorum mostly; then rushed past quickly. This coital obsession, which had been rampant historically as a result of repressive religious and cultural taboo systems, directed erotic interest to one act above all others.

Countless generations subject to this syndrome had become inept lovers and erotically uneducable because of carnality focused primarily on coitus and subsequent neglect of a multitude of erogenous possibilities. So to assist these young males in learning to sublimate the burgeoning urgencies of Eros, a potential smorgasbord of opportunity and enlightenment in sensual arts was offered.

The candidates, during indoctrination, were made aware that in the colony they would be expected to, as Wiccans might say, be ‘Sky Clad’. This is by no means a clothing optional situation as any garments worn would be solely for protection from the elements and would not, in any way, hide the nether areas from view. In effect, a reverse taboo attempting to offset eons of denial of the carnal, animal nature of humans. They were made to understand that amorous activities were not to be hidden from others, nor from the young. In conjunction, it was affirmed that no one was to willfully, spitefully or pridefully hide from others, this region of the anatomy. That the key to reversing eons of repression and compulsive approach to amatory life was to be open, frank and honest about behaviors and appetites of humanity that heretofore had been used as a sinister lever to enact repression and control over individuals, tribes and cultures.

The SIXPACK principals now feel that they have removed most of the obvious barriers to the success of these brave young pioneers as they attempt to forge a new culture. Success or failure will not be known until, at the earliest, the next generation. If sexual compulsion, along with power seeking, and possessiveness is removed from the mix, maybe, this drastic experiment will lead to a way of being not merely human, but truly humane. We’ll see.


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