The Greater Myth America Pageant

14 Oct

Boston Tea Party 1773
Myth America: That England planned to levy the same ruinous taxation on America they had placed on Ireland. Anathema!, cried our Founders. The Colonies enjoyed the greatest per capita income in the world at the time and paid the lowest taxes. Myth 2: That Revolution would insure these perks for the Colonies. “DON’T TREAD ON ME

Monticello, VA 1803
Myth America: That President Jefferson could, with impunity, bypass Congress and spend big bucks we didn’t have ( even if it was a really good deal?) and still govern a democratic republic. Myth 2: That this event didn’t cause the first ‘Money Panic’ in 1819. Myth 3: That it was not the Louisiana Purchase and old war debt at fault, heavens no; the bankers caused it all. “Accrocher les banquiers.” (hang the bankers)

Army camp on the Rio Grande 1846
Myth America: That having kicked the British army back up to Canada and driven those pesky Seminoles into the Florida swamps, twice; we were ready for the bigger game. Myth 2: That those backward Mexicans should not have all that luscious California real estate when, manifestly, it should be ours. “Come and take it”

Charleston SC 1860
Myth America: That economic prosperity and social stability were linked to slavery and the plantation system, and that states rights were being threatened by the federal government. Intolerable! Myth 2: That creation of a separate nation by secession was the only solution to this perception. “one rebel can lick three Yankees”

Havana Cuba 1898
Myth America: That Spain was responsible for the destruction of battleship Maine because we were aiding Cuba in its quest for independence. Curses on those Dons! Myth 2: That we had no interest whatsoever in establishing an overseas Empire despite acquisition of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippine Islands. No way, Jose. “Remember the Maine!”

Somewhere in France 1919
Myth America: That we had made the world safe for democracy by winning the war against the Central Powers. Myth 2: The fact that Britain, France and Russia each lost over one million soldiers notwithstanding, we did it. Over there! Hip, Hip Hooray. “He kept us out of war”

Atlantic City 1921
Myth America: That the Miss America Contest is not held when it is to extend the holiday season past Labor Day. (Be sure to see the amazing Diving Horse leap from the Steel Pier into the ocean) “Here she is, Miss America”

Wall Street 1929
Myth America: That having forty of every one hundred US dollars owned by one per cent of individuals in no way caused the Great Depression. Myth 2: That the speculative boom in stocks, bonds and assets on credit in the twenties was not caused by Federal Reserve policy. Psst, we have a bridge to sell you. “Eat the rich”

Pearl Harbor, Oahu 1941
Myth America: That “slant eyes” prevented the Japanese from becoming skilled pilots. Myth 2: That we won the war conveniently ignoring the fact that the Soviets had broken the back of the Nazi Wehrmacht years before D-Day. “Remember Pearl Harbor”

Foggy Bottom 1963
Myth America: That the take over of South Viet Nam by Ho Chi Minh would lead to a “domino” effect and all of Southeast Asia would topple. Ho did it; it didn’t. Myth 2: That a handful of US advisors could whip the ARVN forces into shape and trounce the Viet Cong. “Hell no, we won’t go”

Baghdad 2003
Myth America: That Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction were a threat to our survival. Myth 2: That the end to major combat operations where brought to a close on May 1, 2003. “Mission accomplished”

Kobani, Syria 2014
Myth America: That bombings alone, despite all historical experience, would win against ISIS in Iraq, Syria or anywhere. Slow learners? “Companions square”

A GPS For Your Uncle

10 Oct

He’s gone. Again. As soon as we are busy or distracted, he bugs out of here. You’re his favorite nephew so we’re depending on you to get him back home. I know it’s a thankless job and the old boy can be a lot to handle but he’s your uncle after all.

He’s been acting kinda naughty lately and, by the way, he took his old combat boots and that rusty old WW11 helmet with him this time. That’s not good. We did hear he was seen hanging out with his old war buddies in a bar in Kiev. Ukraine. I hope he doesn’t start in with the vodka. You know how he gets!

Now here’s what you say when you catch up with Uncle, “Sam we need you back home in good old Plato,I know that’s ironic, USA.” Tell him things aren’t so good and his wandering off all over the place doesn’t help. But if you can’t find him there try the Levant. I know, I know. He made an awful mess there the last time but you know how he is. Just wants to be helpful. Always makes thing worse. Plus he took his old pilot’s cap, too. That doesn’t bode well for anybody within range when he flies. Doddering oaf!

Sorry… sweet old guy. Make sure when you give him the GPS tracking device he knows how it works. His mind, you know. It’s coordinated for Plato, Texas County, Missouri, U. S. of A. and nowhere else. Remind him that Plato is the Mean center of US population, his de facto home town and the population, last count, was 109. Now it’s 108 with your Uncle Sam gone off wandering about the globe again. And that he’s sorely missed, here. Make sure to tell him that. Those folks in Iraq, Syria, Iran etc. will be glad to see the last of him, no doubt.

All that stomping around in those big combat boots of his! Never seems to notice when he plows through a place the wreckage he leaves behind. Typical male! I know that’s not nice, sonny, but what else could a body think? Does he ever clean up his messes? No. And where is he now with all the bills coming due? Off flying his stupid remote control buzz-bombs, that’s where. Never seems to learn. His mind; he’s slipping. Oh my, he took his little sailor hat, too.

Please find Uncle Sam and bring him home, nephew, even if you have to beg him or…whatever. Please do it now.

Cough it up, Gaia

24 Sep

Everyman Pleads the Case:

Here’s what we need. You can do it, old girl. I know you can. Okay, I won’t call you that again. Sorry Goddess…Your Earthiness. We are now, we humans, about seven billion spread all over the place. I’m sure you know this. Now I realize you have other species to consider but don’t we come first? After all, none of them can even count to seven billion.

So the deal is this. Through one device or another we may have overextended ourselves. Maybe two or three billion would have been enough. But you know how it is. ‘Green revolutions’, building a bigger customer base, religious taboos and desire for additional members, reactionary eroticism and, of course National Pride in numbers…so…seven billion demanding minions R us.

Now it may be a strain but you have got to keep working with us. I know, I know, that’s a huge imposition but you can’t let us just starve, can you? Can you? Now I worked out the numbers and tried to be on the conservative side, i.e.

Yes, most first- world and even many second- world people expect three meals a day. Okay, but…
tons of folks are third -world and are happy to get even one meal a day. So I split the difference.
Call it one and one half meals per person, per day. Why quibble? What we need from you is to keep supplying the following:

Ten and one half billion meals a day. Works out to seventy three billion meals per week. Three hundred billion a month. Thirty six hundred billion meals a year. Indefinitely. Got that? Good.

I know. Yeah, Yeah. That takes up a lot of your farmland and fisheries. I know, nobody much eats raw so lots of your precious fuel goes for cooking all those meals. And the boats, trains, trucks, mules and camels to carry the stuff about. And we keep way too many cows, sheep and pigs. But what’s the alternative?

We starve! I can’t believe you’d do that. What do you mean you’re broke…oh, broken. Humans have made such a mess with your stuff that you have to cut your losses and economize. Swell!
You’re capping your largesse at four billion meals a day!! What will I tell everybody? You don’t have a clue. That’s great. Thanks for nothing, Gaia…old spoilsport.

So it begins.

Recuse the Prepuce/

25 Jul

or Mourn the Lack Thereof

The earliest graphic knowledge we have of prepuce interference are temple pictographs of men with knives focused knowingly on men with foreskins. Note: this is not porn; merely objective people watching, there is a difference. ( )

Those ancient murals of Egyptian blood ritual found on a tomb wall in Sakkara reflect something worth considering about an early slave-based culture. What we know of all recent slave societies is a demonstrated obsession with controlling the behavior of the chattels. Control of erotic tendency and desire is a very subtle and diabolic form of subduing pleasure-seeking and redirecting libido. Foreskin removal is considered by several recent studies to result in diminished eroticism; ergo, it provides control.

In non-slave societies this same technique has proved very useful for furthering desired agendas. If a religious component is present, limiting worldly pleasure in favor of promised afterlife bliss is a consideration. Where the cultural demand is for more offspring the loss of foreskin often results in a bias towards coitus for the pleasurable friction resultant. In developed, secular cultures a class based bias abetted by a specious medical profession’s self-interest is often present.

Much of what we know of the history of mankind, some of the woes and excesses, the unequal sharing of power and resources may have resulted from one common denominator: cell distribution. Specifically nerve cells; more specifically the erotogenic nerve cells that produce pleasure.

There was no doubt a sound biological component to this cell distribution that made perfect sense in evolutionary terms for early man. Unfortunately this same distribution accounts for much of the angst and pain mankind has experienced historically. When the sexes are surgically rendered unequal where pleasure gratification is involved, a power bent species like humans is apparently unable to deal with it benignly.
Recuse the poor benighted prepuce! Arrivederci!

Let’s start with some agreed upon numbers : 8 thousand cells vs 4 thousand cells; an enormous spread. The former number represents the accumulation of pleasure cells around the tip of the female clitoris, while the latter is the number of pleasure cells distributed throughout the entire surface of the male organ if circumcised. Big gap here, but consider this. The figure of roughly twenty thousand is the number of erotogenic pleasure cells contained in the ‘ridged band’ and ‘smooth’ area of the foreskin that is sacrificed to the drastic winnowing procedure of circumcision.

Nature was not very obliging in endowing males with an almost instant arousal mechanism tempered with a laborious climax timeline, while females have a much longer arousal period but when reached, have an almost hair-trigger climax function.

While the parameters are set by nature and are followed instinctively by other creatures circumcised humans seem to need an operating manual. Lacking this, generations of priests, pundits and charlatans have offered opinions about what to do and how it should be done. Simple observation of the techniques of self pleasuring between males and females should demonstrate how the imbalance in erotogenic cell location is manifest if there has been circumcision The male approach resembles a frenetic cross between churning butter and popping a champaign cork while the female could be caressing the door bell to paradise except in those violently misogynous areas where female circumcision is in vogue. More covert control intent perhaps?

This biological joy deficit among circumcised males raises the need for prolonged and constant friction for success. Ergo, the widespread male worship of coitus, uber alles, in those unenlightened regions where such brutal coercion is endemic. So, downplay foreplay; ditto patience and exploration, forget fondling, caresses and kissing — go for the gold.
Then watch as the numbers pile up as the population on the planet metastasizes with no benign way to control the growth.

Rather than solicit input from impartial observers for clues to remedy this predicament males have resorted to asserting superiority and infallibility and creating social structures to maintain the illusion. One nefarious illusion enforcer is the production of various ‘instruction manuals’ and alleging them to be of divine origin. Another is endowing a medical fraternity, mainly of their peers, to pontificate professionally though the ages with various degree of misinformation or propaganda.

Before planet earth decides to evict our seven billion demanding minions (imagine an equivalent number of say, groundhogs or sheep or buzzards and guess how long it would take nature to call in the exterminators) let’s hear some other opinions for a change. Might help save the day.

Stories of the Future

17 Jun

Two premises undergird the following tales. The future of industrial society will soon be altered by the scarcity and punishing expense of fossil fuels. Our future lives will be subject to severe limits to growth. These topics weigh heavily in the narratives.

The War Between Men & Women: 2050CE

5 Apr

We now understand that in the matter of ‘armaments’ in this ‘war’, one side was endowed by nature with vastly superior equipment. This information has been kept from the populace since time immemorial by a sort of ‘5th column’ of subversive minions seeking to influence the outcome and favor the weaker side.

We are rapidly approaching the final showdown because the overt and arcane actions of generations of these minions have dragged mankind to the crossroads of survival. The dominant characters in these biased operations have changed over the millenniums. In early days shamans and witch doctors led off the process followed in time by priests, conjurers, theologians and necromancers.

These subversives have been often abetted in their work by Machiavellian villains such as inquisitors, sin-hunters, witch finders and other despots. Despite all their collective efforts the truth is emerging and we have finally seen the opposing parties in the altogether and the results may astonish some of us.

The War Between Men & Women should have been over before it even started. One party so outguns the other that there never was a contest. The battles were fought over the primacy of pleasure in the lifetime of humans versus suspension of pleasure to a future life. The issue should have been decided long ago.

Only the interference of self-interested fanatical partisans prolonged the final skirmish to the middle of the 21st century where we have somehow miraculously arrived somewhat intact as a species. This has happened despite most of the growth deemed vital for life in an industrial society having come to a (literal) screaming halt along the way.

It is stunning to observe how the machination of those minions over the centuries have so distorted perception that even now the fundamental perspective of most of mankind regarding the true nature of our species is still awry. The simple biological facts at issue are not clear to a population still floundering in darkness.

How then can we present the sum total of the attributes of the two belligerents in such a way that even the dullest can understand?

We’ll try by stating that the reason the two parties have always been so unevenly matched in the arena of earthly pleasure on earth is this:

“The clitoris is the only human organ designed purely for pleasure, and no other reason.

But there’s a great deal more clitoral tissue hidden inside her body; the size of that can be about
four inches – the size of a guy’s un-erect penis. Women who have given birth tend to have larger clitorises – the longest ever measured was 12″! ]”

In our equation a four inch male penis is a musket mounted on a powder keg trying to compete with the rapid fire machine-gun action of a four inch clitoris connected to a smile.

That’s it! If coat of-arms were designed the male crest would feature a rocket hovering over a chastity belt and the female a winged cork on a field of purple over a turkey baster. Ergo, the battle was lost before it had begun.

In the quest for earthly pleasure males were in second place from the start; hence the invention of a future life where just deserts would be sorted and pleasure would be granted the pious providing reality and pleasure was suspended over one’s lifetime. Hence also; the tricks and devices dreamed up by the minions over generations to deny the facts and shade the outcome.

Tom Robbins,
“Ol’ Abraham and his peevish herdsman buddies—cowboys, now that I think of it—inventing the one-god-our god-and-he-be-a-bruiser concept as a response to and a rebellion against the sexual superiority of women.” …fierce invalids home from hot climates

The fear and resentment of the superior physical attributes of the distaff and the resentment of that superiority among males has made the history of mankind a sink of despair and gore. And the history of the stronger, the innocent , the nature favored gender, become one of constant subjugation and denigration up until now.

Until now… but just maybe the ongoing follies that have delivered us to this mid 21st century juncture, weighing the Epicurean principal, long repressed in society against the Stoic pose, favored by the oppressors, will cause us to finally reject the latter. If so, it will be none too soon as the planet is reeling from the proclivities of jealous sore losers who have been thrashing about for eons attempting to find compensative pleasure in a material world for that which has been denied them in the erotic world.

End of Evolution: a Retrospective

25 Mar

November, 2042
The natural evolution of life on planet Earth began to come to an end one hundred years ago on December 2, 1942 under a squash court in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The wizard who precipitated this event was the brilliant Italian physicist, Enrico Fermi.

Now the planet is de facto, bankrupt; no longer solvent. At this moment in time, the natural evolution of species is perhaps doomed to end and be replaced by worldwide genetic contamination as mankind can no longer afford to safely maintain or dispose of the countless machines and devices that have been produced since Professor Fermi released the genii by starting the first successful controlled nuclear chain reaction.

There had been opportunity for America to neuter the jinn from that day in 1942 until September 16, 1985, the day on which the USA went broke, became a debtor nation, no longer a viable Empire and could not afford to bear the costs and responsibility for the hideously dangerous forces it had released; assuming, which is exceedingly doubtful, it ever had intended to do so. No limits to growth were seriously considered in those halcyon days. Limiting growth then, as now, means sharing what we already have. Anathema, then, as it is now.

At the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, the apex of the misadventure, there were, according to Nuclear Power Today, updated in February, 2011:

“… now over 440 commercial nuclear power reactors operating in 30 countries, 56 countries operate a total of about 250 research reactors and a further 180 nuclear reactors power some 140 ships and submarines. Over 60 further nuclear power reactors are under construction, while over 150 are firmly planned”.

“The magnitude of the radiation generated in a nuclear power plant is almost beyond belief … The original uranium fuel that is subject to the fission process becomes 1 billion times more radioactive in the reactor core. A thousand-megawatt nuclear power plant contains as much long-lived radiation as that produced by the explosion of 1,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs.” Dr. Helen Caldicott

That huge number of nuclear appliances was dwarfed by the tally, courtesy of ICAN, of 23,300 nuclear warheads around the globe. Add to this the immense volume of nuclear waste which had always defied safe long term storage. This was the situation worldwide decades before the looming end of nature’s sovereignty. In the year 2011 it was theoretically possible, with a huge expenditure of resources and treasure worldwide, to prevent the catastrophe looming just ahead. The knowledge of mankind having long passed the peak of affordable oil strengthened the resolve of industry and political decision makers not to open honest discussion or to consider implementation. Nothing at all was done.

An example of the mind-set of most humans at that time is the launching of a missile towards Mars in November of 2011 containing scores of ounces of Plutonium regarded as the most lethal substance known. In what must have been the most maniacal piece of uber-hubris in decades that mission, curiously enough called ‘Curiosity’, was purported to seek signs of Life on that sphere but by sending forth a parcel of Death always in the name of Progress.

Mankind had prior warning of the consequences of uncontrolled nuclear fission with the experiences of Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986 and Fukushima, Japan in 2011. Nevertheless, In the inevitable course of events, the tens of thousand of devices resultant after the early Chicago experiments have been left poorly attended. Without the absolutely precise knowledge for their maintenance, combined with the enormous cost of this critical attention, they have been effectively abandoned.

“Ionizing radiation—the kind that minerals, atom bombs and nuclear reactors emit—does one main thing to the human body: it weakens and breaks up DNA, either damaging cells enough to kill them or causing them to mutate in ways that may eventually lead to cancer.

… This ionizing radiation can damage DNA molecules directly, by breaking the bonds between atoms, or it can ionize water molecules and form free radicals, which are highly reactive and also disrupt the bonds of surrounding molecules, including DNA.” POPSCI The Future Now

Peter Dedon, a member of the Radiation Protection Committee at MIT, explained: “What happens is that the nucleus of radioactive elements undergoes decay and emits high-energy particles. If you stand in the way of those particles, they are going to interact with the cells of your body. You literally get a particle, an energy packet, moving through your cells and tissues.”

“What long-term effects can radiation have?
The effect of the radiation may not be to kill the cell, but to alter its DNA code in a way that leaves the cell alive but with an error in the DNA blueprint. The effect of this mutation will depend on the nature of the error and when it is read. Since this is a random process, such effects are now called stochastic. Two important stochastic effects of radiation are cancer, which results from mutations in nongerm cells (termed somatic cells), and heritable changes, which result from mutations in germ cells (eggs and sperm).”

… ACHRE Report

With all of civilization on the edge of abyss here in the middle of the twenty-first century and trying desperately to feed and/or quell the remaining billions of frantic citizens, little effort or funding is directed toward confronting the pending nuclear dilemma. This oversight is critical because without constant attention these neglected devices ultimately begin to alter life on the planet. Nature has little ability to cope with the radiation emanating from those thousands of impaired devices and storage facilities and the genetics of living organisms is affected in myriads of ways by the onslaught.

Those lethal ions spewing forth unchecked bring illness, death or failing both, blast apart DNA and change forever nature’s prior mandate. Species are affected to varying degrees and for all time. Were any Martian organisms doomed as well by man’s folly?


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