Industrialism, amen to that

4 Mar


The conversation needs to change, now. Right now. The old memes of capitalism vs communism vs sharia vs utopianism need to be laid to rest. They scramble the potential for a productive dialogue by flaming passions and closing minds. RIP old comrades! The overriding issue being ignored by all the exponents of the various ideologies is Rampant Industrialism and why it’s killing us.

(Sociology) an organization of society characterized by large-scale mechanized manufacturing
industry rather than trade, farming, etc
Free Dictionary

So much for the formal definition of industrialism. What should be of concern world-wide is the “ism” part. It’s foolish to fault the so called Industrial Revolution which brought ease and plenty to a made-by-hand world. It is idle to attempt to distinguish the moment when the plethora of goods and services began to define our lives. But in today’s entitlement society any movement to slow down or critique the flow of new “stuff” produces charges of apostasy or Luddism despite compelling evidence the planet is in trouble and the end of our life on Earth a distinct possibility. Rampant Industrialism has become shibboleth; a collective lunacy that shows little sign of abatement before the mass goes critical and cannot be undone. That little imp of an ‘ism’ is hard at work.

We no longer can endure the championing of pet ideologies and demonizing of all others. The grace period for grandstanding has passed and soap boxes need descending from, pronto. These are the same reckonings that give voice, when the oceans rise and the tides threaten to swamp us, to the universal cry, “Save our cities!” That consuming, seductive impulse to dig it all up; to heat it to hard and to erect it toward the heavens is now worldwide. Wherever and whenever possible another phallic oasis goes up, along some waterway, somewhere. Behold the city our prized accomplishment, issues from the dread, near universal mind-set, of Rampant Industrialism.

A species that cannot stop short of putting one more motor vehicle on roads already burdened with one billion as of 2010 and heading for two billion in 2020 serves blindly the dark God of Industrialism. A species so enamored of itself that even reaching 7 billion mortal copies is not daunted and blissfully assumes that ten billion meals will appear miraculously each day, cooked, served and eaten by those teeming minions. No untoward impact on an already overburdened planet noted or tallied, thank you.

“Save our cities!”. Forget our rivers, bayous, bays and deltas being salt water inundated thus threatening the worlds fish hatcheries. Never mind the seas receiving the flotsam and jetsam of all those flooded out chemical, fertilizer and nuclear installations that abut the rising waters. Also overlook millions of acres of cropland salt infused and barren. “Save the cities!… Please.” This, the catechism and orthodoxy of Rampant Industrialism, prayerfully brayed to the Patron Saints of Progress.

It don’t matter a smidgen if you are a dedicated anarco-capitalist; a world striding flat-earther or a ernest Rosicrusian, if your contribution to the future of mankind is owning a family sedan or having another child, despite all lofty sentiments and ringing slogans, you are part of the problem. You help support Rampant Industrialism which champions unlimited growth; a near fatal error in the contemporary life equation.

The. Doomer. Crank visits:

17 Feb


creed My American Creed

1. As an American I celebrate my heritage as heroic and noble despite evidence to the contrary.

2. As an American I can watch with disinterest as my mythology, long considered sacrosanct, is shown to be largely bogus.

3. As an American I am unable to think independently because, over time, I have been engineered to consent to a prescribed way of life.

4. As an American I criticize the civil rights violations of other nations but I do worse things routinely.

5. As an American I embrace despots and oligarchs as friends if they do my bidding.

6. As an American I enable the persecution of anyone attempting significant public exposure of my social evils.

7. As an American I profit from the losses of others that I may lead a more comfortable life.

8. As an American I believe that whatever is done authoritatively must, of necessity, be with good intention.

9. As an American I created the most fundamentalist society on the planet but believe other societies to be more so.


The.Doomer.Crank comments:

1. He will overlook the obvious horrors of colonial genocide and chattel slavery and stick to homilies that glorify nation founding. i.e. Taxation without representation. Fact: the American colonies paid less tax per capita than anyone on earth at the time. Factoid: The real motivation was that England would impose crippling levies as had been done to Ireland.
Acceptance of union by the slave states. Fact: Knowledge by the slavers of strong movement in England to abolish chattel slavery in all her colonies weighed heavily on them to join for protection.

2. He has been schooled from boyhood to accept without criticism America as the most enlightened, purist and most noble of all nations and that the rest were backward, old-country and unfree. That without our guidance and leadership they would forever wallow in ignorance and obsolescence. That in time they would come to see our uniqueness and singularity. The waxing and then recent waning of Empire building with the accompanying gore, misery and losses by so many others should have given lie to the mythological instruction earlier received. It has not reached him as yet.

3. In a fast paced and mainly brutal century he, his recent predecessors and his contemporaries, have though the masterful techniques of brilliant soap and ideology peddlers been rendered incapable of independent thought. The doctrine known as “engineering consent”, honed and polished as every advance in public media allowed greater sophistication, had now arrived him to a state of total dependence on a collective public voice and unexamined mores. He has not been able to perceive how this very technique destroyed his recently fallen rivals in Europe and Asia and he is now living the same Orwellian nightmare.

4. If he was raised in the era of avid radio listening, he was exposed to myriad crime stories, where at some point, a frustrated minion of the law would announce that withheld information would be forthcoming in a jiffy when, “I give that perp the third degree. Torture,sure it was. But he deserved it.” This common cop story ploy was, over time, eased out of favor as being really too, too politically incorrect only to be replaced by twenty-first century torture stories from Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and those outsourced to our obliging friends. He remains unmoved.

5. He embraced an amazing set of monsters, many of whom were subsequently demonized or destroyed. In the past few decades alone such notables as
Osama bin Laden
Manuel Noreiga
Mohammend Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran
Saddam Hussein
Augusto Pinochet
Edi Amin
Papa Doc Duvalier
were lionized, supported through all their excesses and then, often as not betrayed. Their usefulness exhausted, they became liabilities and he abandoned them summarily.

6. His tolerance for exposure of collective evils diminished exponentially as his susceptibility to “manufactured consent” for his nefarious doings increased. Each change in leadership produced less regard for probity and the welfare of individuals and an unstinting effort at hegemony abroad.
Reports of nefarious dealing up to and including selective assassination of anyone suspected of hostility to the current regime and wholesale domestic spying on the citizenry brought about a frenzy of efforts to silence all criticism by demonizing and prosecuting the critics. He concurs.

7. He gloated with pride at the rise of his nation from a spectator of world affluence to being the greatest creditor nation of all; while it lasted. He was comfortable in ignoring his success being largely due to having been sheltered peacefully in his homeland and missing the carnage suffered by rivals during two major wars and countless smaller events. He was only stirred to action when a hostile foreign incident occurred on his own soil; the first in a century and a half. Decades of profiting from the losses of others due to favorable circumstance or direct predation caused him little distress and he remains comforted by warm feelings of entitlement.

8. He is beneficiary to a high standard of living from birth, access to significant schooling and cultural opportunities but remains at heart, uneducable in a wider sense. His feasance to the tenets of his way-of-life prevented him from discerning any value in the efforts of other cultures that are contrary to his short term interests. With most of his peers in lock-step, actions done at home or abroad, if given sufficient veneer of respectability were accepted as givens; losses suffered by others notwithstanding.

9. A hundred years have passed since the Dons and acolytes at the Princeton Theological Seminary conjured the notion of Fundamentalism to combat the encroachment of Darwinism and progressive Protestantism. Those divines have been successful beyond imagining as the planet
reeks of it now and the resultant body count rises daily. At home, he and his righteous cliche of reactionary, pietistic zealots, await the Rapture, deny Science selectively and relive the Know-Nothing-ness of another era.

Mr. Bernays to Dr. Goebbels to S.H.I.T /

11 Jan


The “Engineering of Consent”

Edward Bernays, who was Sigmund Freud’s nephew, recalled in his 1965 autobiography being shocked on learning his book Crystallizing Public Opinion was being used by Joseph Goebbels against the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Bernays had long advocated public opinion be scientifically manipulated to advance self interest. As a Jew this unhappy information about the Nazis must have been daunting. He realized the attack on the Jews was not emotionally motivated but was a deliberate, planned political campaign.

Bernays was a driving force in the first part of the 20th century in advertising and is known as an early advocate of the concept of ‘public relations’. As an assistant to President Woodrow Wilson, Bernays was instrumental in selling the war to a resistant public by such jingoistic tropes as “bringing Democracy to all of Europe”.

He counted “manipulation of the masses” as essential to promoting Democracy until Fascism in Europe used the same techniques. In much the same way the America fascination with the pseudo-science of Eugenics looked promising until the Nazis put it to appalling use. Because the Germans in World War I used the term propaganda, Bernays promoted the phrase “Public Relations” as an alternate.

Bernays daughter Anne in a BBC interview said her father felt the public’s democratic judgment was”not to be relied upon” and “they could very easily vote for the wrong man or want the wrong thing.” His own judgment left much to be desired apparently.
Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, in correspondence with president Roosevelt, cited Bernays and Ivy Lee, who authored the term ‘Public Relations’, as “professional poisoners of the public mind, exploiters of foolishness, fanaticism and self-interest”.

Among his many corporate accounts was American Tobacco Company which he convinced to use a green label since it would have greater appeal to women. Breaking a strong taboo about women smoking in public became a cause celebre for Bernays. At the time women were only allowed to smoke in certain areas and violation of the rule could lead to arrest. Tragically his wife, who smoked, died of lung cancer.

Alcoa aluminum sought him out to find a market for Hexafluorosilicic_acid, a by-product of aluminum production. Gathering support from the American Dental Association, Bernays convinced the public it was safe to drink fluoride and that folly still plagues us. And there was Ivory Soap: 99&44/100’s percent pure…”it Floats”. Bernays was so great a salesman that his concept of “enlightened despotism” poisons all it touches to this day

An enlightened despot of some renown was Paul Joseph Goebbels, PhD from Heidelberg University, who became Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda in the Hitler Cabinet. One of his first acts was to take complete control the news media, the arts and information. That was Dr. Goebbels’ ruthless version of the engineering of consent. Organizing the burning of “decadent” books soon followed as did outright violence such as Kristallnacht and then, concentration camps for Jews and others.

“That propaganda is good which leads to success, and that is bad which fails to achieve the desired result,’ he wrote. “It is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, its task is to lead to success.”
Goebbels openly exploited the most basic instincts of the German people. Racism, class envy,
xenophobia and insecurity became a toxic formula he used to lead the masses to frenzy.

Joachim C Fest, “The Face of the Third Reich”.
“He drove his listeners into ecstasy, making them stand up, sing songs, raise their arms, repeat oaths – and he did it, not through the passionate inspiration of the moment, but as the result of sober psychological calculation.”
Which brings us to S.H.I.T.

Masada 2000

Self-Hating-Israel-Threatening list .

Mercifully this site has finally been taken down from the net after years of being a de facto anti-semitic horror show of which Dr. Goebbels could only dream. The photos and sketches accompanying each entry were of the most unflattering imaginable, fleshing out the stereotypical descriptions seen below. Notice the repeated comparison to rodents which had been a Goebbels speciality. The reactionary spirit of engineering consent has never soared lower.

From the original website:

Below is a Self-Hating Israel-Threatening List of nearly 8,860 Jews… as of 2-20-09. Despite what they may or may not admit, they are NOT friends of Israel. Unfortunately, they are but the “tip of the iceberg” and so will continue adding names and photos. If YOU know of other disgraceful Judenrats, feel free to pass on to us their names and information as to why they should be included on this list. (They don’t even have to be famous!) You will remain anonymous.


Click any letter to see if YOUR favorite Jew is listed

(Sample Listings)



“Hobsbawm, Eric J. (Prof.) Take a look at that face. It’s the face of a evil, twisted Self-Hating Israel-Threatening Jew

Professor Eric J. (forJudenrat ) Hobsbawm is ashamed to be Jewish. He should also be ashamed for screwing a married woman and producing a bastard son, Jason… who opted to live with the married woman! The luckiest thing his parents ever did was to die before he turned thirteen. Too bad they didn’t die BEFORE they created this monster!”

Ehud Moshe Appel… the boot-licking Kike
Daniel Barenboim…Judenrat and “useful idiot
Susan Rouda… fat Judenrat
Arthur J. Abrams … bald-headed baboon of a rabbi

Thomas L Friedman… Jewish Uncle Tom.
Gilad Atzmon…shameless Judenrat
Jesse Bacon… Progressive Judaism is indeed a mental illness
Edgar Bronfman…this kike

Donna Bailie… you Judenrat whore! … ugly Judenrat
Coreya Balsam… useful idiot Judenrat
Rann Bar-On…”Hard-on” in Hebrew
Robert Scheer… ultra-liberal “useful idiot” Judenrat

Norman G. Finkelstein…Poster Yehudon [Jew Boy]
Peter Gabel… card-carrying Tikkun Judenrat
Zachris Jantti… Finnish Jew turd-ball
Jemima Goldsmith Khan… a hot-blooded self-hating Kike

Tony Kushner… Judenrat,
Geraldo Rivera… Puerto-Jew
George Soros… sore-ass Judenrats like him!

Is the end result of a hundred years of being sold soap, fluoride and nicotine through a diabolic “engineering of consent” technique so programmed us all that we can be sold 2 or 3 wars simultaneously, lose them all, go broke fighting them, yet keep believing the salesmen and come back for more while the entire planet seethes with discontent?


Atheists Catechism/ or

4 Jan

Humanism Adrift at Sea

Contemporary Humanism appears to have lost mooring and become adrift without compass and heading for a reef. Is it because the Ship’s Surgeon, Dr. Kantbe True, clutching his copy of The Atheists Catechism has seized the wheel, proclaimed his Captaincy, switched from an historically valid course and is fast headed towards the dangerous reef marked… redundancy?

This infamous Catechism ignores the tenets of historical Humanism and negates centuries of hard earned progress. The existence of God or Gods was not at issue in antiquity. All the lyricism and scholarship of Lucretus; his homage to Epicurus and the resultant spreading enlightenment is now held to be mere paganism or worse, deism, and dismissed. Even, perhaps slightly addled, Sir Thomas Moore, before his ignoble end, could call himself ‘a Christian Humanist’, with impunity; but not anymore. Not in this brave new era of “HUMANISM UBER ALLES”.

The goal of historical Humanism was to secure equal value and pleasure for human life here on Earth now, and not postponed to any future life. Simplistic as that statement appears in light of our modern creeds and dogmas, our pleasant sounding paens to peace, happiness and goodwill (which abound in most social organizations anyway) that we ascribe to Humanism. But our de facto focus on anti-deism, anti-religion has proven counterproductive and limits our message being heard.

Are all those centuries of martyrdom; not a few involving the stake, now forfeit? The threat of apostasy is for us at the ready lest any reference to anything not measurable by ‘reasonable’ methods emerge: this our modern taboo. Dark and deeply superstitious is our Captain. Some among his strident crew proclaim “militancy” and await phantom legions to respond to their call. Hark! Do we hear a chorus of “Onward Humanist Soldiers” ringing out?

We have long been granted a surfeit of those earthly pleasures to which the ancients aspired. So in the interest of a higher purpose for modern humanism’s aspiration, why not at least encourage the switch to a long a in the word humanism; pronounce it humane-ism. Simple enough to enact and challenge providing, too. It’s good enough for the Humane Society for the other beasts; someday we too might be worthy of being called Humane.

…and now, it’s just us

14 Dec

…and now, it’s just us
by Robert Magill

This film treatment is not for a cartoon but for extremely realistic animation. State of the art.

Scene 1
Eastern Sinai

At sunrise

Semi-permanent summer encampment of a group, about 30 women and girls of various ages, babes in arms and boys to about 8 years of age. No men are seen. These people are the Alphas.

The camp abuts a slight bluff which forms the back wall. Poles support thatching and pelts to form a roof.
Bedding pallets at the rear. Several fieldstone hearths are at the front. Several spears with stone points and shafts with sharpened ends are seen. Pelts and hides abound along with hanging joints of meat and fish. Small troves of grapes, fruit etc. are seen. Tortoise shells and gourds hold water. The camp abuts a small river or large stream

As they stir from sleep and prepare for the day we are aware of their exotic nature. Of average height, well formed, they have complexions ranging from light tan to mocha to almost white. Most adults have auburn hair and all have blue or bluish green eyes. The Alpha people walk with a lurching gate. They are obviously not like us in all respects but aside from skull shape, and body mass; they could be cousins. Some don pelts as stoles or capes against the chill but they are otherwise unclothed in the Sinai summer heat..

They stoke up the fire embers for cooking and warmth. Individuals wander into the bush and we see small boys peeing on the edges to clue us the reason for the bush visits.

When the camp is in full swing and the sun is high several men and older boys appear laden with firewood, pelts and meat. They are acknowledged politely, friendly enough but not excitedly.
They examine the largest of the boys. He embraces his mother and gathers his belongings. Having distributed their burdens and exchanged briefly with the females, they depart.

Scene 2
At noon

A smaller camp site at some distance. The males we have seen are returning to this camp with the new boy. This group is entirely of men and older boys. No women or girls are seen. It has a less permanent aspect and although a hunting camp; it is a home base. Spears abound and some of the group are flaking points nearby. The returnees are greeted and offered food. This camp has fire sites at four corners. While we watch a group prepares to leave the gathering. They carry unlighted torches along with weapons, water gourds and food parcels. Younger members are charged with carrying the fire sources.

Scene 3

Late afternoon
The trekkers

Following a river they travel mostly single file except for younger children edging near the women or in gaggles with friends. About seventy make up the march; men women, children and babes in arms and a few elderly who struggle to keep up. This group carries all its possessions, weapons and fire sources. They are quite distinct from the Alpha group in appearance. These, the Betas, are smaller and much darker than the Alphas. The appear more agile and less clumsy than the other group. They resemble in many ways the indigenous peoples of Australia and Oceana. What is quite noticeable is the pleasant interactions and sociability between the men and women which is noticeably absent with the Alpha group.

They have a primitive look, as does the other group, but we are aware of less exposure of flesh and the presence of considerably more garments being worn by all. These trekkers are the Beta people.

Scene 4
Breaking camp

We see the final breaking up of the night camp and departure for the day’s trek. We see several lions stalking the group. Becoming aware of the lions the Betas light torches and herd the women and children behind for safety. The lions are repelled by the fire and slink away, muttering. We see that mastery of fire has given mankind dominion over all other animals and will assure his survival.

Scene 5

Alpha hunters stalking a large antelope make a smoky fire; test the wind with a wet finger, then coat themselves with smoke to cover scent. They signal stalking instructions and set off in pursuit. They fling lances at the beast several of which strike home. The antelope rushes off with the spears imbedded. The new boy starts to pursue the beast but elders caution him to sit and wait. They all squat while the prey is seen nearby, bleeding out. As they are butchering they hear murmuring in the distance and espy the Betas for the first time. Great hubub and concern. They have not yet been seen by the other group.

Scene 6
Same time

Betas on trek.

Scene 7
Same time

Alpha pow-wow ends with accord and they appear to confront the other group.

Scene 8
Same time

Historical epic event! Each group stunned at the appearance of the other. Several women break the long impasse to offer food to the others. The Alpha hunters are shy at first but the slightly coquettish demeanor of the women breaks the ice. Beta men are nonplussed.

Scene 9

Both groups arrive at the Alpha women’s dwelling place carrying parts of the antelope. The groups gape and gawk at each other. The sight of the beautiful, light complexioned, totally unclothed Alpha women in the flickering firelight, stun the Beta men. Some mild flirtations are attempted. The Alpha men are entranced by the erotic seeming and quite forward Beta gals who approach them casually.

Scene 10
Some time later

The Betas begin to make camp nearby. Alpha men approach Beta men and offer to share the use of the Alpha male camp which is refused. The Betas are amazed the Alphas prefer the company of the women.

Scene 11

The Betas are led to the stream and shown the region to be theirs to inhabit. They gather their belongings, say goodbye and cross the water.

Scene 11a
Day break

Beta hunters cross the river to join Alphas in a hunt. As they prowl through the bush a Beta is struck by a venomous snake and expires. The group carry the body back to the compound and the Alpha people convince the others to have an earth burial with garlands in the grave rather than exposure to the elements; the Beta way of closure.

Scene 12

The Alphas along the bank observe the Beta couples pairing off for romantic episodes that go on for hours. They look perplexedly at each other. The moon above is at first quarter.

Scene 13

The Alpha males appear at the Alpha women’s’ compound seeking romance only to be gently rebuffed.
The moon appears in the 2nd quarter.

Scene 14

A group of Beta girls cross the river and meet up with Alpha men. They pair off and go into the bush.
The moon is in the third quarter. Again Alpha men approach the Alpha women and are turned away.

Scene 15

Two Beta men approach Alpha women who appeared interested at first meeting but are turned away as well. They come to realize over time that the Alpha women are limited to seasonal or rhythmical sex as are many other mammals whereas Beta women are available 24/7. They will learn in time that was why Alpha males live alone. The moon is seen still in third quarter.

Scene 15a
The moon is in transit though six waxing and wanings. On the sixth full moon Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring is heard.

Scene 16

A large group of Alpha men approach the Alpha women who respond willingly having come into season together. The moon is full and the coupling is intent. After the Alpha men leave, a few Beta men approach the women who, although sated, oblige them as well.

Scene 17
Passage of time is simulated by rapid seasonal changes.

Scene 18

Several Alpha women have newborns. The babies range from blue eyed little Alphas to darker infants with blue or brown eyes. The females are wild about the looks of these; the first modern Humans. Alph males are largely indifferent to infants.

Scene 19
Same Day

Beta women arrive with babies. Light skinned also with blue or brown eyes; more little Humans. Beta men fuss over the little ones.

Scene 19a

Other groups of Beta trekkers are encountered and reacted to and leave.

Scene 20
The passage of time is shown through the prevalence and growth of the Human type offspring to the toddler stage.

Scene 21
Early evening
A gathering

Many Alpha males are seen in congress with Beta women. Few Beta males with Alpha females are in evidence. The Beta males seem dejected. They are aware now of the seasonal availability of Alpha women but feel slighted by the circumstances. The different basic natures of the two types is driving a rift between them.

Scene 22
Time passage

At the gathering of both clans many of the Beta females are obviously pregnant. The Alpha women much less so.

Scene 23
Passage of time

At the Beta camp most of the women have new babies. The Beta male leader examines the infants. Compares the many who have very light skin and blue eyes with his own. He seems distressed and signals other men excitedly. They gather about him.

Scene 24
Early morning

An Alpha hunting party enters the Beta camp. They expect to have the Betas join them in a hunt. They are rebuffed. The Alphas look puzzled and leave.

Scene 25
Alpha compound

The atmosphere between the groups has noticeably changed. The Alpha and Beta women still are close but the Beta men are very standoffish with the all Alphas.

Scene 23

A party of Alpha hunters come upon Beta hunters in the bush. The Alphas are friendly but the Beta men are demonstrably hostile. After a tense interval the Betas stalk away.

Scene 24
Beta encampment

The entire clan is in evidence. The men are very agitated but the women seem bewildered.
Several men begin to gather belongings and others gesture the direction for departure.

Scene 25
One day later, early morning

The Beta clan is seen leaving the abandoned camp and trekking away following the river. The size of the group has greatly increased as evidenced by many small children and babes in arms.
The Alphas stand on their side of the river watching them leave. Several shake heads in disbelief.

Scene 26
Passage of time

Midday Alpha camp
Several men and boys are in the camp when the vanguard of another Beta troop
comes upon them. The new Betas are very wary until they are welcomed heartedly and
taken to the women’s compound.

Scene 27
Long passage of time

In the Alpha women’s compound a feast of sorts is in progress. Several
adolescent boy and girl Humans are pairing off with each other and with Alpha and Beta youths as well. We see the original Alpha population has been greatly altered by the influx of the Humans and in the future will change even more. Many of the remaining Alphas are elderly; meaning 40ish.


During credits roll the following are seen:

The population of the region has expanded greatly and local resources are strained. A large contingent of Humans set out on a trek and will settle first in Southeast Asia and later in Australia and Oceana.
The regions north of the Levant fill up. Populations of Humans spread Eastward thoughout Asia and into the Americas and throughout Europe. The last known Alpha expired somewhere in Spain about 30 thousand years ago after about 200 thousand years of existence. The interbreeding has absorbed the two groups completely.

…and now, it’s just us.
copyright 2014

Civics 101

7 Dec

Final grade ( A )

Your name:— Johnny B. Goode

Today’s Topic:
If Democracy reflects the true character and best intentions of citizens, then
the Nation’s past and present actions truly express our vital principles.

True/False .The Founders enabled all citizens to vote and not just white males with sufficient

True/False . Black males got the right to vote (1870) exactly fifty years (1920) before women did.

True/False. The Equal Rights Amendment of the 1970’s guaranteeing equality of the sexes was
defeated by men and not by the efforts of conservative women.

True/False . Resentment of heavy taxation caused Revolutionary War veterans to be hunted down
by the militia.

True/False . Two-thirds of prominent Founding Fathers, including Ben Franklin, owned slaves.

True/False . Americans insisted the perpetrators be severely punished for giving smallpox
to the Indians.

True/False . Ulysses Grant was mistaken when he deduced that the War with Mexico
was a precursor to the Civil War.

True/False . The regions seized from Spain including the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico
were not the beginnings of an American Empire that persists until today.

True/False . Gas rationing was not the cover for a rubber (for tires) shortage during WWII.

True/False . Most Americans were deeply upset when two Japanese cities were
obliterated by A-bombs.

True/False . The Alien and Sedition Act under John Adams was father to the repressive
Sedition Act of 1918 under Woodrow Wilson and McCarthy Hearings of 1947.

True/False . The Draft riot in 1863 and Antiwar riots in 1965 were not similar expressions.

True/False . The attacks on 9/11 were by Saudi Arabian nationals but Iraq and Afghanistan
were invaded, not Saudi Arabia.

True/False . Despite decades of having projected our sovereign will upon the world, the prospect
of ‘blowback’ has not made the USA a fear-riddled Nation.

Chairman Mao’s “Hero Mothers” / and

26 Nov

The Ruling Party is “Crazy as a S- -thouse Rat”

Mao Zedong was victorious over Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek in China’s civil war. Chairman Mao soon issued a dictat with few rivals for ambitious nation building and ultimate folly. His myopic vision pictured a revival of the Middle kingdom to world class status. To Mao, a much greater population count was the path to this goal.

The word went out starting in 1949 that every Chinese woman birthing four or more offspring would hereby be known as “hero mother” and be awarded favor and privilege. Fecundity erupted and the population of China zoomed from 540 million to 940 million in thirty feverish years.

Then Mao died.

His successors surveyed the teeming hordes resultant and searched frantically for a safe and sane antidote to all this burgeoning fruitfulness. Two were found. One safe, if draconian; the other appeared sane and progressive but would teeter on the brink of the draconian several decades later. The world knows of the “one child” policy but little about its pedigree and the fact that only Han Chinese were subject to it. Non-Han minorities were exempt. A safe enough notion, all in all; perhaps a tad too drastic.

The progressive “free market” policy, was the sane solution that would eventually result, among other astounding happenings, in acres of the Middle Kingdom being paved over with four lane highways. This was in order to accommodate the over one million cars being produced each month. As default, world leadership in “Happy Motoring” thanks to Great Wall Motors and other motor car manufacturers. Alas, China came late to the world’s gala and we know how some of us binge to catch up.

The ruling Party elite, slightly heady from the binge themselves, were careful to not allow the circus atmosphere to undermine the seat of power. Five year plan followed five year plan, fixedly. Until… The fate of China is unknown but perhaps not unknowable. It has made a heroic leap forward in the global rush to potential disaster. Coming from well behind it has made conspicuous consumption of commodities and energy its first choice from Column A on the world menu. From Column B it has chosen global amnesia i.e., ignoring at everyone’s peril the lessons of recent history. These cynical choices have kept the regime in power long past its expiration date.

Amazingly, this historical coup which gave China such a large share of the world’s treasure was done without firing a shot; except, of course, at the occasional regime protester. We, in the great I.O.U.S.A., on the other hand, shoot each other pell-mell then scout abroad for likely Africans or Middle-Easterners to use for target practice.

Every nation can choose it’s own comfort level. Apparently in China the Party has chosen to include some toxicity in the mix. It’s okay to choose that city residents will need surgical masks to ward off particulate matter being inhaled. It’s okay to choose to allow smog so dense on the six lane highways motorists cannot see two car lengths ahead. It’s okay if spring floods bring rivers full of diseased pig carcasses down from the interior.

It’s okay to become the worlds most prolific consumer of cement and structural steel to build empty cities with empty roads leading to them. What’s not okay is for the Party elites to ignore the impact of their billion plus, car obsessed constituents being indulged and encouraged in every excess. Ignoring the rising peril all about, they enable this folly in order to retain power.

Just two sets of numbers should have been to the Chinese leadership a clanging tocsin to change policy right now at all cost. World population at present is seven billion and growing which translates into the Planet being asked to provide roughly ten and one half billion meals every day. Thanks for your help, Chairman Mao.

Worse yet. One billion: the number of motor vehicles on the world’s roads. That was in 2010 and the number which must be accommodated and kept in fuel is expected to reach two billion by 2020. Thanks Party elites for preserving your power ahead of the welfare of humanity.

I toyed with “crazy as a loon”, nah. How about “mad as a hatter”? Nope. “Nutty as a fruitcake”. No go. I’ve decided that decades of craven power politics have brought the Party elite to where nothing less than “crazy as a shithouse rat” is applicable.
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