Humankind Minus 1

19 Jul

On our planet there exists a major species in which one half dominates the other completely. Since the late Bronze Age males of the human variety have conquered everything in sight, perhaps beginning with but certainly ending with, the female of the species. The behavior resultant from this dominance and the lack of any foreseeable equal partnership between the sexes make it unlikely our species would have survived if that had always been the norm. That we are still here argues for a different arrangement having existed throughout eons past.

It goes against all logic and experience to suppose that any species can exist for very long when one sex dominates the other beyond all reason or sanity.  What must remain in such an imbalance of nature is a skewed reality, a narrow one-sided vision and a faulty time horizon.  That fairly sums up life as we know it. We persist in doing the same male originated actions over and over but mindlessly expect different results each time. Is that not a classic definition of insanity?

Males rule the planet now and have done so for several millennia. It is total rule and the whole place shows it. Every likely water course has become a phallic oasis rising skyward seeking puissance over the next guy’s effort. Even bloody-minded rivals on 9/11 sought to destroy the challenging symbols, those towering edifices, rather than doing actual mortal damage by hitting nuke or chemical plants, etc.

Our violent record, the mainstay of  recent history, hints ominously that we should expect no relief because the male mindset, not counterbalanced by any distaff input of consequence, cannot do other than it has done to date

That’s our known world, and that numbing reality is reflected in male actions over scores of recent generations until the possibility of any alternate existence escapes us completely. Where do we start to remedy such inequity and dysfunction or have we come past some critical point in time?  Perhaps it cannot occur until the current male regime comes a cropper and the survivors try to put together a new world among the ashes.

If it comes down to sheer species survival, and many signs point to this, then the first order of business in the bleak ruins, must be to permit the equal voice and vision of females once again. Perhaps, then and only then, will humankind become truly humane and begin to thrive.

FAITH: The Human O.S.

10 Jun

Most people will instantly glom to O.S. as meaning Operating System.  What then does FAITH mean in this context?   What it doesn’t mean, at least exclusively, is the yes, no or maybe business concerning all those gods and goddesses of sky, grove or grotto.  They are only part of the whole.  The gist is that everything we know, teach others or ruminate about endlessly, originated in the mind of a human being.  No exceptions.  This is my article of faith in FAITH: The OPERATING SYSTEM for Human Beings..

 I suggest that the moment in some dark age when the light of consciousness, that staggering bit of brilliant awareness visited the first humans, FAITH immediately became the Operating System.  If we attribute to the animal world instinct as the O.S; is not Faith our O.S?

Let’s go to the book.

In this case The Free Dictionary and let’s start and stop with the first definition:

faith  n.

  1. confidence or trust in a person or thing.

To me that statement conveys the essence of what compels all of human existence.  Having been born blank and helpless, as all are, how then do we function in this world without blueprint or roadmap?   It is because we are surrounded by others who use the cranky old O.S. from our deep past.

Since trafficking in FAITH is the métier of every savant, prophet and charlatan, the arcane goal is to have the greatest number of people agree on something for the longest possible interval of time.  The promise and plea of the religious, the powerful and the pedantic to gain approval or license is, “Trust me on this”.

Let’s look at a few examples of what a newborn may be exposed to in the course of a lifetime.


(Random Articles of Faith.  Feel free to help yourself to any that have good prospect.)

I am told: E=mc2

I am told: The world was created in 7 days.

I am told: There are 8 Planets in the Solar System.

I am told: I may be reincarnated as a gnat.

I am told: Neanderthal made tools and used fire.

I am told: A baby was born of a virgin mother.

I am told: It is 92,955,807.3 miles to the sun.

I am told: I have a guardian angel.

I am told: Hydrogen is the lightest element.

I am told: The Red Sea was parted to permit foot traffic.

I am told: The number of rings in a tree tells its age.

I am told: The cow is a sacred animal.

I am told: The world will end this year.

I am told: 144 thousand people will be saved.

I am told: Piffle is spelled with two effs.

I am told: Masturbation causes hair to grow on your palms.

I am told: God loves me.

I am told: New York City is in New York State.

I am told: A man once returned from the dead.

I am told: The cheetah is the fastest running land animal.

I am told: To the Hopi, the Great Spirit is all powerful.

I am told: The New York Times prints “All the News That’s Fit to Print”.

I am told: The majority of Muslims are Sunni.

I am told: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

I am told: The Buddha became enlightened after 49 days under a fig tree.

I am told: The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.


In light of an overwhelming deluge of facts, factoids and what-nots, I must conclude :

“THE TRUTH is… anything you agree with and …FAITH makes it all possible”.

FAITH is the only Operating System we humans have.  It must not be usurped by any despot, divine or dogmatist.

Asylum Earth

30 Apr


I was born and raised in a vast mental asylum.  I was a young man before I had any inkling I had somehow become partly sane.  We had all learned in the asylum that to speak or even think in any mode other than the collective insane voice of the other asylum residents would mark one as different and dangerous. The onset of this burgeoning new awareness was disturbing to me and some cause for concern. There were consequences for this defection as the guards and the leaders, though insane themselves, were armed.

I received surreptitious written messages that had passed through arcane channels to reach my hands. At that point I became aware that a few partially sane others, who possibly communicated together, existed on the fringes of the society.  Although I had no way to communicate with them, knowing of their very existence heartened my own partial sanity.

Those others had various and diverse opinions of what had caused this universal psychosis. They ranged from structural brain disorders to early toilet training and sundry notions in between.  Generally overlooked, even by these helpful savants, was the transition over a century of an insidious mind control technique begun modestly enough to help sell soap products and then called, “engineering consent”. This of course was newspeak for “propaganda”, a word in favor at the time by a rival power, and so not to be employed.

Over the decades this term morphed, as the process became more sophisticated and technical into “manufacturing consent”, as the techniques were carefully honed.  Thus, a combination of ongoing, relentless propaganda and subliminal perception distortion managed, in time, to prepare most of us for residence in a de facto mental asylum.  However the events that preceded and prepared us for this subsequent institutionalization had begun several millennia ago, roughly at the end of the late Bronze Age.

The instigators were nomads; herdsmen and wranglers of animals.  Their homes were the deserts and steppes; lonely places with wide horizons and vague boundaries delimited only by looming mountains. They lay each night, under the stars, projecting themselves upon the vast cosmos. The universe reflected back upon its striving acolytes a manic,celestial hubris.

For countless generations these wanderers had roamed with little regard for place or home site. During dry times they left hearth, home and domesticity to follow the grasses with the flocks. They were sovereign. All their charges were held to be less than they: children and women included.  The resultant desensitization caused by unchallenged rule over their beasts and their fellow humans was then layered with enormous inflation of self until: a power centered ‘cowboy culture’ entered history.

We have graphic evidence of the impact of these newcomers who descended from the eastern steppes and rose up from the southern deserts upon the nascent civilizations they encountered.  They are known as Kurgans if from the vast eastern regions; Semites if from the deserts.  They brought their weapons and their gods to smite and to smote, to rapine and to enslave. These warlike hoards brandished metal weapons and in the way of the Kurgans, rode their war ponies into the lives of agrarian homesteads.

Their gods were as they were; fierce, relentless, demanding and chauvinist. The impact of these warlike invaders on the settled others was devastating. Cultures were abandoned, destroyed or starkly modified. Nothing was the same after these visitations and the planet itself exhibits today the manifestations of this chaotic influence.

Humankind never recovered from these violent intrusions into our peaceful and hitherto, successful, existence. In a scant seven or eight thousand years, the more benign behaviors that assured  human existence during the passage of incredible amounts of prior time were stripped from the future and left us as we are: murderous, fanatical, patriarchal and delusional.

 The survival ability of our ancestors would not have been possible if laden with the baggage of modern behavior modes.  Certainly our universal, pervasive sexism; our record of human bondage and oppression and the resultant racism that has produced, together with the possessiveness moderns demonstrate would have gainsaid those hundreds of thousands of successful human years.  Most of our known history rings loud with deeds of slaughter, intrigue and power seeking; mostly male, mostly banal. The reasons given are legion; the cause unknown. The rational is, “That is the way it has always been”.

One concept that seems feasible and possibly operative through the ages may have tempered a human propensity for manslaughter.  This concept was, simply enough, partnership between the sexes. If this then, is a principal characteristic that insured the success of our ancestors, it is assuredly the one ingredient that we lack universally and have lacked since the late Neolithic era.  The behaviors we exhibit today might well have caused extinction of our species long before recorded history.

Only a return to a bucolic, equal partnership between the sexes and a cessation of the fatal imbalance caused by myopic male vision and male rule of the entire planet , our de facto ‘cowboy culture’, can save the day. A return to truth and cessation of mendacity and propaganda as behavior control is also required and must be accomplished.

Inequality between the sexes is woven into the fabric of modern life.  Among fundamentalists of the several Abrahamic persuasions and of the Dharmic sects, the weave of life consists of alternate strands of chain mail and barbed wire. Other, less oppressive societal weaves, range from rough sisal blended with soft wool to polyester and long fiber cotton as some groups permit a gentler touch of parity. Equality of the sexes increases ever so slightly with distance from Abrahamism and Dharmism towards Taoism.

Something profound and vital has gone missing in the current era. Now, since roughly the late bronze age, we lack synchrony in the male weft and female warp of the fabric of our lives. Harmony eludes us everywhere despite all effort.

The odds of this changing are exceedingly long and without it happening restoration of sanity and subsequent release from asylum is doubtful

4 no trump

23 Mar

Presidential contender Donald Trump is cited for constantly picking at the scab of the long deemed senescent America pox (pox Americanus) and that it’s beginning to erupt.  Festering PC (political correctness), DE (demented exceptional ism) and, once thought eradicated, RR (residual racism) is starting to seep out despite all efforts to staunch the flow.  Strangely, when  loosed this plague appears to be airborne and initially attacks the human ear.

Professional pundits in Mainstream Media have become stricken with a weird form of glossolalia; a speaking in tongues, where the only clear and understandable words are: Hitler, fascism and sometimes, what sounds like, ruse or cruise.  Of course the sachems and spin-miesters know full well they are in total error.  But then they are in thrall to their handlers and their opinions are slanted so:

How is Donald Trump not the personification of all we hold dear? First and foremost he is a celebrity: this trumps all else in our fair land. He’s filthy rich: that’s second only to celebrity.  He’s male.  Required gender for any serious consideration.  He’s white: ’nuff said.

He is US.

So what’s the problem?

Why do we even question his desire to run the place?  Who else is as qualified as the truest of true Americans? To deny The Donald is to gainsay Americanism; our very uniqueness. It’s almost unpatriotic!

It’s been pointed out he is racist; a bigot. So!  He’s wants a wall across the border with Mexico in lieu of a realistic immigrant policy. So!  As a professional builder that’s merely and extension of an existing wall and is true to form. He wants to bar entry to Muslims fearing blow-back from ongoing foreign policy practices they may resent. So! Don’t we all? He challenges the Pope for interfering in domestic politics. So!  How do these positions and/or future diktats make him un-America? They all seem utterly American.

Alas, Donald J. Trump may not be a true patriot. Yes, I know, it’s painful to even contemplate.  He has all those good things going, but… and it’s a biggie.  He is weak where it is least forgivable.

The Donald does not believe in us as a real American must.  He has doubts about the wisdom of our most cherished goal, the guiding light which has led us since the Nation was reinvented in 1898 and our heroic Empire was created.

I submit this weakness leaves Donald Trump barely fit to call himself an American let alone rule our land.  He has dared to suggest we pull back our armed forces from their rightful deployments worldwide and that is just simply un-American.

For shame,   Donald J Trump. You had so much promise.

You must repent and demand we attack somewhere.  Iran comes to mind.  Or…

America: The “Old Country”

22 Nov
The transition has been gradual and covert but as Colonel North revealed to us thirty years ago, a new de facto establishment now exists. From this point of reference the time has come to regard, with nostalgia and fondness of course, the old Washington Establishment, indeed the entire United States of America, as the “Old Country”.
The Corporate Plutocracy and American Conglomerates in particular, in league with the “Deep State”, now regard our esteemed system, as we have been taught to regard Europe and the rest of the globe, as interesting but quaint anachronisms, old hat, not up to par with us, i.e. the old country.This has been in our mother’s milk for generations.
Legions of admen and public opinion mavens have, with increasing efficiency, inserted this doctrine into our collective mentality for ages.
We know that the Irish have produced great writers, yes but, they drink;  the French, there was that business at Yorktown,yes but, they have low morals, the Russians beat the Nazis, yes but, they drink too and now, as the President recently reminded us, “they don’t make anything”. The Swedes,  they are peace loving and socially advanced yes but  they kill themselves. The flummery is endless; the result, predictable. When the time came our defenses against “manufactured consent” (read: propaganda) were low to non-existent and the new ideology sluiced right through, quite handily.
Now that the good ‘ol U.S. of A. is in the category of a, yes but, it has become de facto, ‘The Old Country’,  to the mobile elites.. The Federal Government is pictured as out of touch, obsolete, not suitable for the new reality (as described by its critics, the rulers, of course). Corporate elites, with their owned Mainstream Media, are busily deconstructing traditional Americanism to suit the new order. Demonization and trivialization of its component parts are the two workhorses of this technique.
Little is spared in the effort.  The public school system suffered early on as great forces strove to cut it loose from the public domain. Too much at stake there. Can’t let another generation suffer under the influence of an obsolete, although still touchingly nostalgic, set of values. Use busing, vouchers, academies, charter schools; attacks on teachers unions, school boards etc.etc., whatever it takes, but get it done now!
How about the military? Too expensive. Cut the VA, the benefits; still too costly. Privatize. Go to Combat on Demand forces. Guarantee them nothing but their paychecks. Good.
Middle classes too pushy?  Want to keep things as they were? Fugetaboudit. Jobs to Asia. Let them compete with that. And put their kids in debt bondage for the rest of their lives with onerous schooling payments. OK, done.
But people might balk. No way. Militarize the local police. Every squad a swat team. Heavy weapons, personnel carriers, a tank or two.  Got it!
The plutocratic expats are in essence no longer land bound.  With due deference paid to the, ‘old sod’, America is just a place to secure corporation docs and establish legal and financial services of record. Home is where the money is and that ain’t necessarily hereabouts. Especially at tax time. There’s a great wide world out there and plenty of posh hidey holes to visit.
Problem?  This new reality must rely on personal protection, no sovereign buffer out there for expats.  But they have the finest guard force money can buy. Sure, sure but what if things come to a shove? Can you trust your armed bodyguards? Hmmm. Maybe you should learn to shoot a gun, Mr CEO. Just maybe.


Humankind Out of Harmony

21 Aug
Humankind has managed to survive in roughly this familiar form for tens of thousands of years.  Not only have we survived but apparently we did so without resorting to mass destruction of other humans along the way. For at least one million of these years, humankind despite much overwrought angst in modern conjecture, feared little from the fierce beasts.  With the discovery of fire in the far distant past, a ten year old with a fire brand, would have been able to repel a dire wolf, or as some believe, a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Even under conditions with which early humans were forced to cope; the cyclones, earthquakes, droughts, floods and numbing cold, nothing prevented their successful progress: Until;
Something changed. Apparently in the late neolithic age the ingredients that had enabled primitive peoples to be successful against daunting odds for countless millennia was altered.  Perhaps fatally.
During the ensuing years until present day; a twinkling moment in the sum of human existence, a course has been pursued in human society that has produced an unbroken history of mayhem and carnage perhaps unequalled in its totality during the hundred of thousands of years preceding our era. The entire planet wherever human habitation exists today has become borderline toxic, increasingly at risk of being rendered unlivable and the occupants, with good sense, anxious about their future.
The survival ability exhibited by our ancestors would not have been possible if laden with modern baggage.  Certainly our universal, pervasive sexism; our record of human bondage and oppression and the resultant racism that has produced, together with the possessiveness moderns demonstrate would have gainsaid those hundreds of thousands of successful human years. One concept that seems feasible but now lies abandoned if,  indeed was operative and endured through the ages, may have tempered a human propensity for manslaughter in the past.  This concept was, simply enough, partnership between the sexes. If this then, is a principal characteristic that insured the success of our ancestors, it is assuredly the one ingredient that we lack universally and have lacked since the late neolithic. The behaviors we exhibit today might well have caused extinction of our species long before recorded history.
Some historians attribute the change from what was appears to have been a more bucolic form of human behavior resulting from this arrangement, to the arrival of certain hordes from the eastern steppes called Kurgans. These fierce pony riding warriors arrived at the Fertile Crescent, seat of a nascent civilization in the middle east about the same time certain desert dwelling equally fierce and warlike, but extremely zealous minions appeared in the south and, those forces acting together, tipped the delicate balance of harmony between men and women. We have not recovered that precious equilibrium to this day.


Snippets, Splinters & Tics

13 Aug
A challenge to POTUS about the raising of the minimum wage to $15 an hour:
Mr. President. Visit, or have an aide visit a Dollar Tree store (every item is $1 or less). Charge that person with finding ONE, just one among the thousands of different sorts of items on sale, that an American manufacturer could sell at a profit at home or especially abroad paying $15 an hour wage.
Couldn’t find even one.  I’m not surprised. Your move, Sir.
A challenge to black militants:
Consider yourselves fortunate.  If your ancestors had not been protected as chattel, and therefore valuable, you would not number 39 million today.  Native Americans, not so protected, are now less than 3 million total. Black men in US government uniforms helped herd Native Americans into concentration camps called reservations. Others slaughtered men, women and children, their dogs and horses, and burned their homes. Consider.
 bent bow
Crusade 2015:
The two most fundamentalist, Old Testament societies, Israel and the United States, are at odds with most of the Abrahamic World. Wanton destruction of Apostates by the chosen, exceptional people for the Lord, Mammon or lebensraum.
To solve the emissions problem with burning coal, I order a switch to a cleaner burning coal such as Anthracite. Oh, it’s all gone, ran out in the late fifties.  Okay, command them to step down just one notch to Bituminous A. It’s a lot softer, not as much heat value and pollutes, but okay, do it. None left, oh wow. My final concession: go to Bituminous B.  What? There must be!  Alright, that’s it, continue burning sub-Bituminous.  At least that’s better than Germany that has only Lignite left to burn. Ha. Next stop for them is bog peat or cow plops. We win.
In 2007, the amount of energy America used in the form of coal exceeded the total energy consumption- from all sources, coal,oil, natural gas, and nuclear- of all the countries of Central and South America combined… Replacing the world’s habit with something else will require finding an energy source (or sources) that can supplant the equivalent of six new Saudi Arabias.
( China’s usage alone equals two and a half Saudi Arabias.)  Robert Bryce…’Coal Hard Facts’
Cojones To Go:
The largest export from America to Tel Aviv, even larger than all those dollars is …balls. Harvested in vast quantities at the Nation’s Capital, from Christian Zionists, Major Media and, of course, the resident Tribe.
Public Works Project 2015:
Begin immediately to locate, inventory and survey all likely hills, tors and monadnocks throughout the nation. Suitable locations with southern exposure and adequate fresh water access will be selected for our prompt attention.  Wide terraces layered into the hillsides suitable for farming will be immediately roughed in and prepared for future emergency usage.  No attempt to implement final use is anticipated until salt water intrusion threatens farm land.  At that time, top soil will be salvaged, deposited on the terraces and planting begun.
In Appalachia hundreds of miles of topped off mountains and hills stand bare after coal deposits were gouged out.  The region is ripe for a Federal WPA project which would provide for residents now and feed the rest of us in the future.
Priority will be given to this effort despite expected demands to spend precious resources for shoring up and protecting cities instead. The only exception to protecting the food supply as a primary goal is to buttress threatened nuclear facilities against rising water at all cost. Avoid future Nukushimas. (sic)
GOP Debate 8/2015:
This is what Donald Trump said:
TRUMP: ” I will tell you that our system is broken. I gave to many people, before this, before two months ago, I was a businessman. I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And do you know what? When I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for me. And that’s a broken system.
… Well, I’ll tell you what, with Hillary Clinton, I said be at my wedding and she came to my wedding. You know why?She didn’t have a choice because I gave. I gave to a foundation that, frankly, that foundation is supposed to do good. I didn’t know her money would be used on private jets going all over the world. It was.”
This is what the pundits heard:
“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes,” Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon on Friday night(after the debate). “Blood coming out of her wherever.”
Economics 101
The universal dynamic of capitalism is to strive for growth.  The opposite of growth is not non-growth but rather…sharing. Thus anathema. Apostacy. Taboo.
We are so shithouse crazy we should not have any guns and that includes the police and the military.  Lacking that, my advice is to…duck!
American Creed:
We trivialize our friends and demonize our enemies. Exception: our feral pets; currently Israel and Saudi Arabia.
An American’s  Perspective:
Step back; focus, go back more. Go way far back, now focus again and view America, aha!, I see clearly: A madhouse, a charnel house, a failed state.
An American Pledge:
To be put forward at the next major Green assembly.
Indicate the date, month and year, when you intend to give up your motor vehicle permanently to save the planet. Note: Be advised; the 2 billionth motor vehicle, one half being automobiles, is projected to be in operation somewhere in the world in 2020. (This number does not include off-road vehicles.)
American Ablution:
Gay marriage and legal pot are the “light rinse” after the brainwashing.
American Grafiti:
Gore Vidal said roughly,” young people used to swallow live goldfish to protest their powerlessness; now they kill themselves.”
With this in mind, consider the age of, and ultimate violent death of, nearly all the perpetrators in this nationwide rash of multiple shootings. Perhaps we’re seeing acted out a form of suicide that has been labeled, “death by police”.
Have any of these individuals actually survived one of these violent encounters or have they all been shot by law enforcement or have taken their own lives?
So then, are we seeing an outbreak of attention getting suicidal intent disguised as murderous outbursts? 
To break the copy-cat cycle, the authorities might make reasonable efforts to take the shooter alive.  This would prevent martyrdom and the intended suicide. The subsequent trial and probable life sentence without parole might dampen the ardor of like-minded others.
 Subversion Insertion:
What all those unattached young men, those future jihadiis need, is girlfriends.  They inhabit a part of the world that has an enormous man-woman problem. I suggest the situation be defused with an insertion of a bevy of hookers, no, no,  I mean escorts.  Sensual, available, nubile young women who for a fee, a generous one, provide human comfort to a generation of restless, frustrated young men.
That sort of proactive subversion coupled with removal of Western influences from that unhappy region might save the day. And more than a few lives.

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