The Purpose of life…is life

19 Aug


Note: (I used logical simplicity Einstein but could not include freedom since the life force on our planet appears to be a closed system. The premise is advanced without a prior model and with the near certainty of rejection because worldwide left hemispheric lateralisation resists right brain grounding.)


The Purpose of Life …is Life

 By Robert Magill                                


The sole purpose of life, and therefore our only human purpose may simply be, life itself. That, upon reflection, would appear to be almost enough. The life force does have its urges though, lots of them, it would appear. After countless eons of self-replication along came sexual reproduction, life had apparently gotten to be in somewhat more of a hurry. Life then pursued bigger and better forms of itself as mobility, size, vision etc. ensued over time. 


Vision was unique and a promising end in itself, but life appeared to desire a different platform with which to fully employ this new sense. Many prototypes came and went, and eventually on the scene appeared humankind complete with a newly acquired awareness. Whence came then, this thing, this awareness, this brightness in the void, so cherished by life our very species could be made forfeit to preserve it? Perhaps it was the animal curiosity of some lumbering hominids possessed of sufficient cranial matter that chanced upon a source. The menu of vegetable suspects is quite large. The plants, cacti, mushrooms and vines that possess the chemical soups that have the ability, and perhaps desire to exert themselves aggressively when combined with suitable host brain, is legion. We currently regard these substances as “mind altering” but could they perhaps have been “mind creating” at some remote point in time?


Students of psychedelic phenomenon have reported a tendency among this family of substances to exhibit a strong urge to promote its own agenda over the host consciousness at times.  Life, in this way, may have introduced the initial spark of awareness in receptive hominid brains with suitable vegetable matter containing psychedelic chemical ingredients. Imagine the wonder this revelation surely produced in a previously unconscious world.  The binges and quest for more light shows that followed in the still only partially illuminated minds of these creatures must have been incredible.


Perhaps this initial visitation of consciousness onto a receptive human brain and the incredible awakening produced therein is responsible for the ongoing human quest for enlightenment. Our species has demonstrated a universal affinity for various visions, ecstasies and raptures and they have been zealously sought for millennia.  Perhaps then, a racial memory of, and longing for a return to that original staggering event gives impetus to the universal spiritual quests we humans faithfully follow to this day


Eventually something went wrong between human beings and the life force. Life lives on by consuming itself but the feasting is benign. Humans often miss the subtlety. We know large portions of the recent history of our species and it’s not very good.   Considering our known history, can we begin to significantly amend our ways if life demands a timely accounting? So if and when life decides we have exhausted all possibility of further usefulness, and our excesses overwhelm life’s other vital interests, do we then risk severance of the thread with life?  Should we begin to tug ever more gently at this tether to lessen our risk? Does life even care about the fate of us, its creature? Probably not, countless other species have traveled along on life’s quest, prospered to a degree and vanished. Will we join them?


Of course it is possible life may now be providing itself with a non-life fallback to the dilemma posed by our misuse of awareness and consciousness. If humankind becomes suspect of probable catastrophic losses to many of its other progeny, life then may seek to substitute Artificial Intelligence for flawed human intelligence. We, ourselves, may rapidly be creating the instruments for our future replacement with life’s resigned encouragement. Life may value this tediously acquired awareness beyond all measure. More the pity for humankind.


These phenomena are unique on the planet; life, the life force and the awareness/consciousness of one primate species. What we regard as ultimate reality is simply the stories we tell ourselves and others combined with whatever actions humans are capable of accomplishing. Humanity must now learn to live with 5 Gigabit technology becoming a reality and should perhaps begin to wonder which future Gigabit number will be the one to provide the artificial intelligence and awareness deemed sufficient by the life force to render human beings redundant if it chooses to do so? Could we, perhaps, change our behavior?     end


Schizophrenia: a rift in the seam of human awareness?

Schizophrenia is an ailment which still defies remedy and is among the most mystifying human plagues of record. Apparently the current schemes involving debilitating drug regimens cause as much harm as cure. If, as I have suggested elsewhere, (The Purpose of Life…is Life, amen) human awareness/consciousness was perhaps created initially by early primate involvement with psychoactive vegetation, relief might be found in that arena as well.

Human awareness/ consciousness has been carrying eons of cultural baggage and should be stripped of that burden when seeking basic roots for the disorder. In looking for cause, should possible first cause be ignored?  If, indeed, first cause in generating human awareness is related to psychotropic vegetation, that area should warrant closer attention.  Recently much study has been devoted to the role of cannibidiol oil (CBD) in the easing of this psychic disorder. The substance can be extracted from the hemp plant in a pure form with almost no trace of the psychoactive substance THC present.  Does this not resemble a promising homeopathic approach to a heretofor resistant disorder?

A paper authored in March, 2019 by R. Andrew Magill (related) How Schizophrenics May Benefit  From CBD contains much of the current lore on the subject. If centered away from Freudian styled divination or of drugs with long lists of side-effects and viewed from a CBD usage perspective relief seems, at long last, not unrealistic.

The report states, “As a disorder with no known cure, a full recovery is rare.”  It goes on to say, “ The primary point of interest is in the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in regulating a number of biological processes, including memory, stress, and the autonomic nervous system. Preliminary research suggests CBD usage may contribute to the repair and maintenance of this system, which in turn could offer symptom relief for the sufferers of schizophrenia.”

Cure remains beyond reach at present but certainly more determined, cautious probing in the ‘mindfields’ of psychedelic phenomenon may be worth the effort.  end






Six thousand years ago humankind began to speak in a single voice. That voice is male. The rest is history.

1 Sep

Had enough yet?

Birth of a Nation in 2018?

18 Aug

We might yet celebrate 2018 as the year of the long-awaited, actual Birth of a Nation: the United States of America. It’s been a long gestation, with many false pangs signaling labor having started in the past. A lot of weight was put on about 1846 after a terrible passion for Mexican food caused indigestion. There was a scary blood spotting in 1861; lots of blood, but no nation was born, alas. The patient put on a lot of weight after that scare. Glut and bloat actually lasted until the third decade of the twentieth century. Most of the bloat was lost overnight in 1929 but the patient is a slow learner and after a big worldwide set-to called WWll in the fifth decade the glut and bloat started up again, big time.

Oh the appetite, my goodness talk about a binge; can’t get enough. All the world has been seen as free lunch for the one expecting for decades.  Now in any confinement, especially a long one, really, really long like say 242 years, people project an awful lot of wishful thinking on the one expecting. It’s “irreplaceable”: “shining city on a hill”; something about “amber waves of grain” and “the Beautiful”; there’s talk of it being “ God’s own”, and lately, “indispensable” is popular. Add to these the ever present jingoism present in society and the well meaning but emotional patriotism that precedes it.

All these combine to insure the nation when finally emerged, will largely resemble a caricature of the noble image projected at length. A great deal of human energy over a long period of time has been expended honing and shading the perception of the real nation still aborning.  Many aspects of the systems and forces attending this confinement have in the year 2018 shown to be much less than they have long been perceived to be. In fact almost nothing, or no one in position of responsibility or authority, seems up to the standards warranted by all the posing and bloviating.

The country appears to have been dining out for a century or more on good intentions and a stirring mythology. Now in this pregnant year of 2018 the mythology appears to be mostly cant and the good intentions convince no one.  On this vast expanse of soil, rock and water will come forth a new nation one day, perhaps today, in no way resembling the hologram projected about for two centuries to delight and distract generations into believing it was the real thing.

Middle Kingdom vs The Cowboys

5 Aug

Europe, the Western Hemisphere, Oceania, the Middle East and a large portion of Africa are primarily Abrahamist in character. Little exists in vast areas of the developed world without the influence, character and actions of Jews, Christians and Muslims reflecting the legacy of Father Abraham. Much of the history of the planet is covered by his shadow excepting one very interesting place.

There is a certain mindset shared by the descendants of the patriarch that seems to be at work almost universally as this ancient influence permeates strongly despite many cultural differences.  The recent history of our species shows a remarkable sameness as the countries and cultures in his orbit arise and descend over time. The residual perversity of gender inequity among the various Abrahamist groups has had a marked, damaging effect on tens of millions of us. Short of learning once more how to be normal human beings without having a script or blueprint, we can only wait for the results of the ambitious Chinese experiment.

Gore Vidal wrote somewhere that Europe was once the Wild West of Asia and that, in turn, America became the Wild West of Europe. It would appear we have retained the title. The Middle Kingdom, as China was known historically, appears to originate from a different mode of human experience. Our religious incumbency, a heritage of Abraham and the religious zeal of his early desert dwelling disciples, continues on with his descendants. Will centuries of oppression of females, orgies of warfare and religious intolerance finally end? Does China’s President Xi’s apparent modeling of the vision and spirit of Kublai Khan signal a more hopeful force and pattern for mankind’s future or will China’s stewardship of mankind repeat these same inequities?

We are a Very Modern and Enlightened Species/ and we Can Prove it!

7 Jul

Note: A few atomic age voices from our biblical or medieval friends living between worlds and not very aware of this screaming dichotomy.

  • We are very modern. We are so modern we have atom bombs and jet planes.   Some of us most righteously refuse to sit next to a female on an airplane even though this does make travel more difficult for us.


  • Many of our moderns with atom bombs and jet planes rightly disdain to use a flush toilet lest a female or a lower caste person had preceded us. Therefore, 569 million of us dutifully defecate outdoors every day.  We are very modern and enlightened and will venture into space as soon as we can find a way to defecate outside the spaceship.


  • We, very modern possessors of atom bombs and jet planes must, of course, refuse our females the comfort and ease of the revealing clothing they might crave, and wrap them from head to toe for the sake of piety allowing only eyes to been seen in public. We are proud of being modern and enlightened and having atom bombs and jet planes


  • We too have atom bombs and jet planes and are very, very proud of our chastity standards. In order to keep our young girls chaste and modest we ceremoniously cut and slash away all the “lady parts” that would give them too much pleasure. Rest assured they will not become loose and pleasure seeking!

* We are very, very modern and have many, many atom bombs, most of which we have not dropped on anybody in ages.  Don’t think we wouldn’t if we wanted to.  We are slowly going broke paying for all that atom bomb stuff as it is very high maintenance and touchy and we hardly ever use one.  But if that’s what we need to be very modern, count us in.

* Of course we are modern, have atom bombs and jet planes and such, but we don’t really care much about them.  We like trains, I mean we really like them. In fact our trains go all over three Continents carrying away stuff we make. But what we really like are fast trains. Really, really fast trains; some go 300 miles per hour now.  And soon, very soon, can you believe a train going 900 miles per hour!  Is that modern, or what? Yes!


The Great Yin-Yang Disaster

6 Jul

The history of the human species shows a marked tendency for dominance of one sex over the other. The male Yang symbol as depicted is dominating the subjugated female Yin symbol to a perilous degree.

Yang Male (must become:  Camille Paglia)    Corporeal, Magisterial , Peripheral , Machismo


Yin     Female (simply is: Camille Paglia)    Sensate, Intuitive, Centered, Stockholm Syndrome Casualty

Every recorded moment in human history reflects decisions made and actions taken with total disregard for equal input of the female gender.  Such a fundamentally flawed relationship of the genders speaks clearly to the chaos and perfidy of human history.  Nowhere in nature is such imbalance seen in any species.

It is difficult to image thousands of generations of primate or human existence being successful under the gender imbalance that presently exists with us.  Proto humans would have come to grief and long ago failed as a species in the stern wilderness if they had acted as we do.

Only the centeredness and strong instinctive future vision of human females stays disaster from over- whelming an otherwise clueless species.  Without this stable and intuitive force, the perfidy and short-sighted opportunism of males would prove fatal.  As strong and grounded as this female element seems, the universal homicidal thrust of the dominant male hegemon may do us all in eventually.

A return to gender equity will welcome the collective voice, collective consciousness, and collective opinion of the female gender long  disenfranchised from  the major activities and decision making of humankind.



Half the Pie…and the Recipe a manifesto

20 Jun

This manifesto differs radically from a feminist tract in that while the feminists insist on a larger slice of the pie, I demand for females half the pie…and the recipe.  Robert Magill

The first true Capital accruing to humankind was future time, the use of and profit from time itself, resultant from agriculture and animal husbandry making the future less arcane, more secure and predictable. To be able at last to plan ahead with some assurance; that the crops look promising and the ewes have dropped their lambs, was profit realized in advance.

Another form of Capital was commandeered by one gender at the expense of the other.  This was made feasible by the demands of female biology which denied them equal participation along life’s allotted timeline. Males, not subject to such biological constraints, were at leisure to wrest control of worldly affairs and profit from the necessarily diminished participation of the females. An entire gender was thus placed at the disposal and usage of the other. This was a Capital victory of astonishing endurance but dubious gain.

Humankind began accruing Capital from the onset of agriculture and animal breeding in myriad ways. Trade and gain with remote others expanded the human horizon exponentially. Scarcities in one quarter were now remedied from abroad.  Trade often required travel and the new experiences this provided led to wider human knowledge.  That much of this improvement was denied females, excepting vicariously, was, perhaps, the result of deliberate effort on the part of males. The usurpation of equality between the sexes is the original tort mankind has yet to atone and may prove to be species fatal.

These beginnings led humankind from thousands of generations of more haphazard existence to ever larger settlements and the pursuits leading to modern lifestyles. This will not be, hopefully, another recitation of the violent and grasping male behaviors well documented in historical accounts.  It will be a plea, a demand, for beginning to rectify unwarranted injustice visited by one sex upon another.

It is a plea for two equal voices of humankind to be heard for the first time since perhaps the Late Bronze Age.  That’s a very long time for all of the world’s major activities to have been subject to a single gender approach. All the world’s significant enterprises have been co-opted by males historically, save one: renewing the species. Easily this is the most important event by the more important gender, but who cares? That’s just old female stuff, show us the new building or mighty machine, the new gadget, battleship, TV show, military machine, we say. We’re boldly shown all the works and wonder of an arguably lesser important, basically useful adjunct; a wannabe prime-time usurper of stage center…the human male.

Does this matter?  Is it vital that a species display balance and equality between the two sexes? If this is lacking do to misappropriation of power by one segment will all the perverse aspects of single gender constructs ultimately prove toxic? Forward projections by creditable futurists and qualified scientific observers tend to echo the scenarios of religiously oriented doomsayers and these dispirit views tend to concur about the ultimate fate awaiting humanity.

The forces arrayed against even the idea of true and functioning equality of the sexes in all aspects of human life are beyond formidable. To entertain seriously the idea of remedy to this deep seated inequity sends most males and not a few females into spasms of fury and total disregard. Powerful forces have for eons promoted this schism until it has become stock in trade for countless generations and in some regions the expression of criticism of such status risks punishment. A change from the traditional status of females would be regarded as Capital loss in many cultures similar to the abolishment of chattel slavery in another era.

There is little we hold familiar that would resemble their present forms if females had had equal input in past decision making. It would be a stretch to assume the water courses where cities are sited worldwide would feature the universal phallic skylines displayed today. Nor would the soil of the planet cover the vast military graveyard it does now. Would a society in which females were equal have condoned the monstrous child labor practices of the past or the sordid state of chattel slaves; we have no way of knowing but conceivably it would not have.

The worldly voices of the great thinkers on economy and Capital from Adam Smith through Malthus and Ricardo to the darkness of Marx and those closer to our time, lacked in common one asset when pondering the countless ramifications of human interests and market activities and the stops and starts of human variables they expounded upon. The disenfranchised and silent voice of one half of humanity is perhaps the philosophers stone they still lack to finally right those diverse equations.

If the will is found to begin redress, I suspect it will be a slow multi-generational effort in as many hospitable regions as are willing to begin the task. It certainly cannot be superimposed on a world steeped in the Capital, personal, and cultural advantages enjoyed through millennia by unequal treatment of females. We will have to learn as we go to right this wrong without chaos reigning throughout the planet.  But with nature’s help, hints and nudges maybe our better instincts will lead us to firm grounding in an equal relationship between males and females long ago jettisoned for Capital advantage.

Biology is the central tenant to consider in this effort.  Much of the distress suffered by females result from the bias and the prejudice their irreplaceable reproduction functions leave them subject to. Perhaps devising a system that creates a handicap formula will ease the performance gap over time.  By considering the demands of female biology and weighing this into the evaluation of life’s various tasks and requirements, greater equity could be established with a handicap system. If it works for golf, it may work for humanity.

For more on a possible handicap system for females see: