9 to 5, or Fuggedaboutit

25 Mar

“It is too late to bring manufacturing back to the United States, because corporations already have shifted their supply nodes abroad, and too much U.S. infrastructure has been dismantled.” Michael Hudson, University of Missouri, 3/23/17 Unz Review

This is the most prophetic and the most damning statement of America’s future I have read in years.  Without manufacturing providing nine to five, get up in the morning and go to work reality, what in hell can we offer our millions of young people as substitute?  We already have a situation where older brothers and sisters, perhaps even parents in a family, have never held a real job and the younger ones face even worsening prospects.

Having a job, doing gainful employment defines a person.  Forced into school, fed a litany of obsolete Americana, then let out into the bleak streets also does. This can’t continue because the urban streets offer heroin while the bucolic country lanes offer meth; little else. And please, the military or prison as their legacy will not answer, it’s been tried.

There must be something we can manufacture, something that is uniquely us, that can put our kids back to work.  No it’s not a Service Economy, tried that. Nor IT, that won’t do it.  Times running out folks, the center not only doesn’t hold, it no longer exists. Think hard, what is America about that we can put into a production line that we can’t import from the East? Keep in mind China has pledged to cut back on small ticket export items to reduce pollution. Got to be an answer or it’s game over.

If we can’t bring the jobs back we have to create them at home. Now! 




If he Bleeds…

22 Mar

Donald Trump is the best thing to come along, from the Mainstream Media point of view, since the Kardashians or Kaepernick. The media has made more money selling papers and air time since Trump entered the scene than they can count. Don’t expect any let up in the 24/7 Trump, Trump, Trump cadence for the foreseeable future. If he bleeds; he ledes. That’s just the way things are.  Any excess, distraction or tragedy that will sell… we’ll sell it!  No apologies, no attempt at balance or fairness is intended; none is offered. That’s the American Way; deal with it.   Or don’t.

If you reject it, the road is rocky, the path steep and slippery and you’ll meet folks you never expected to be within striking distance of as companions. That’s the price to dampen down the gain on 24 hour Trumpish hucksterism. It can get lonely out here in outsiderville until you look back at what you’re missing. The bigly thing you’ll miss is four long years of media hype and bottom line loving care posing as information sharing. Dodging this craven onslaught of commerce pretending to be information may save your sanity.

Trump as President represents the coming of age of decades, maybe a century, of delusions of grandeur that has been foisted on the public by a system that values only creating customers or acolytes. Brilliant propaganda has rendered the lot of us unable to think beyond the narrow parameters of the American Way.  But they may have gone past a danger mark this time.

The anti-Trump frenzy kindled and kept ablaze by various interested parties seems to have unhinged our people. In some sections to be known as a supporter of the President can be a source of vitriol or worse from boisterous others. A sort of home spun Red Guard has taken to the streets, the airways and public assemblies to harass or threaten Trump loyalists. No dissent from political or social norm is tolerated by these zealots whose yearning for the old status quo is palpable. Perfectly normal citizens have been rioting, destroying property and duplicating the antics of Mao Zedong’s followers in the turbulent 60’s.

 The rational is similar.  Unable to accept the results of the election and assist the new administration in any constructive way those interested parties continue to encourage civil unrest. The effect on a populous who have been systematically regressed  to a level of near panic and fear for years is unpredictable. The ‘Russians are coming’ scare that worked in the past is thin gruel now and the perps are desparate to make it stick. A swarming  hive of military procurement brass are sweating bullets to keep the loot coming. Fortunately the insanity appears to be confined at home.  The targets of our animus seem to be doing just fine out there in “lesser land”.

The Lights Come up Slowly and…

21 Mar

HERE HE COMES…MR. AMERICA or is it Captain America now that he’s top brass?  Maybe 21st Century Uncle Sam is best!  Whatever the name…he is US.  In the flesh, bigger then life.  Doesn’t matter what you think or I think; he is US. And now he’s President because we produced, directed and elected him; above all others.

He’s bigly, he’s richly, he’s a celebrity and he TWEETS!, every day.  Can’t get any more American than that. Why would anyone doubt his bonafides?  Need to talk to the head guy in Kapowistan; no problem. He’s knows him. Did a deal once. An ARTful deal, of course. Need an overnight in South Badwasser: he’s got a place there, actually two: you have comps! What other President has done business in half the world or would even know where Kapowistan is? Tell me that!

Why is it so hard for some people to understand that DJT is us? All our dreams and aspirations were his as well. You always wanted to be a big TV star; be honest now.  And a few million in hand was always in the back of your mind; truth now. Sure, sure you wouldn’t want his job for two seconds but…maybe Senator or SCOTUS, yeah.  You’d make a good judge; you’re pretty sure of that.

 I’m amazed that some people don’t think he has enough experience or knowledge for the job he’s got.  Since when could anyone have the experience to be President without being the President? As for knowledge, the recent (three decades and counting) resident book at the White House doesn’t show much of a learning curve. Sometimes it has even been negative for learning! 

That’s it. Donald J Trump is us, in spades. From sea to shining sea and amber waves and all the rest.  Don’t believe it? Look in the mirror. Catch that star-spangled look.  There, hold your head a little to the left, no the other left…you know. Yeah! That’s it, good old USofA, right in the eye…er,eyes. You and DJT are true blue.


Black Magic or Jungian Shadow?

20 Mar

The persona of Donald Trump evokes in us as a nation the same distortion of reality as a funhouse mirror at an amusement park.  The universal animus and/or naiveté projected by all and sundry upon this singular individual is astounding.  The nation has reacted, almost to a person, as having witnessed in this weird mirror an image of ourselves that has never before been experienced. It’s not pretty.

Not since Mao Zedong called back his out of control Red Guard, or perhaps that nastiness with Pol Pot, has the world experienced such a frenzied display of cultural distress.  Apparently no American is immune to the phenomenon. Maybe it’s black magic. Maybe it’s Jungian: a projection of our flawed archetypes on a central figure who reflects back our shadow selves. Whatever it is; it’s pretty dark.

It fact, the Trump effect on us has become a Litmus Test of our soundness of mind at home and our potential actions abroad. As a people we have long been unable to view the world in any way other than as we have been conditioned for the past century.  Now the unquestioned shibboleths of America’s “uniqueness and specialness” color our very lives as individuals.  The propaganda couched as the American Way of Life has become so all consuming that it took just one individual to march to center stage and reflect back our carefully hidden shortcomings and delusions for the fear and loathing to begin.

.But having said that, maybe it’s cathartic and had to happen for any change to occur in our entrenched behaviors. We’ve been sleepwalking for a long time.  How many pointless wars and incursions have we permitted to happen? Willful manipulation of our nation’s resources has lead to our inability to compete in the world. Why did we let this big advantage slip away?  How did we get from being a creditor nation, banker to the world; to having to live from the money loaned by others?

Robert Burns lamented:  (O would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.)  Well we have it now, finally…maybe. Just maybe, we’ll see ourselves as others see us.

Children of Those Hairless Freaks

9 Mar

 We are, all of us today, descended from a handful of hairless freaks born over a million years ago. These babies came into the world shorn of the fur pelts that adorned their parents and all of their ancestors. Perhaps they suffered a version of what would now be termed Hypotrichosis, a medical condition signifying no hair growth.  We have no knowledge but something happened to these babies.

What prompted the parents and the community to permit them to live and mature is beyond reasoning but fortunately that occurred or we would not exist as we are. Prehistoric peoples surely had knowledge of fire for prior eons. Surely they had experimented with its usage but fire is not a friend if you are covered in hair. One careless move, accident or sudden gust of wind could turn one into a human torch.

Enter the freaks.  Enter the eventual mastery of fire by these naked fire shamans. Enter their descendents as the selectively favored members of the community. Enter the domination of all other animals whose very pelts made fire an enemy and humans to be feared. Enter the history of mankind.

The use of fire over the following million or so years is the story of stories. We know of ancient campfires and blackened cave walls. We see the evidence of primitive cooking and can understand that our diets and our lives were radically changed by people at their hearths.

 Hairlessness changed fire usage. Fire changed our lives. Fire usage enabled all that came after.



Our LCD Nation / or

25 Jan

How Sex, Drugs &  Rock n Roll Got Trashed

The LCD of sex education has produced a generation of 13th and 14th grade college students. These millennial boys and girls (sic) bring their high school sex education lessons gleaned from the least responsible source possible to college.  Long immersion in the internet view of adult mores has resulted in very confused young women and totally clueless young men.  They sought patterns to grownup life by people watching as is quite normal but forgot that in porn the people are actors; directed and scripted.  When subscribing to porn for information and guidance they were not informed that porn is based on the credo that nobody ever says NO to sex. Hence we have harassed RAs in the dorms and security all over the place. The most common night light on campus is the blue ‘ help me’ light on every corner with security phone at the ready. Porn is porn but the false message presented has guided youthful eroticism to LCD: the Lowest Common Denominator.

Millennials have only the Boomers to thank for the government blessed presence of super dope.  The stoners from the sixties are turning on the entire country, state by state.  With super dope “One toke over the line” should now read ‘one toke is the line’. The good old days of passing  around a joint is an express ticket to boboland now.  Gone is the slow growing buzz that went on and on until everybody was nodding out and the party began to drag.  The reason beer drinking is popular is the social factor.  It takes a while to get ripped and there is comraderie throughout the process. Perhaps the liquor industry will get onboard with 200 proof vodka which will cause coma with the first shot.  Sending an entire country to boboland is a dubious enterprise and reeks of the Lowest Comm… hey,man. What was I saying? This shit is killer!

In Manhattan the elevator in the Brill Building, home of Tin Pan Alley, went down to the lowest level and several guys came out. They were bottom feeders in the business of popular music. These were minor characters in the Hit Parade era when truly gifted lyricists, Cole Porter, Hoagy Carmichael, George Gershwin, the best of the best, created the music America became famous for worldwide. But now these marginal guys had a plan. The numbers were looking good.  The post war babies, we now call Boomers, were just reaching puberty.  Time for action. Find the Lowest Common Denominator then blitz the kiddies with “Bubble Gum” music to get them listening and buying vinyl. Next year we’ll elvis them and get them shaking their little booties.  After that we’ll stone them and keep them rocking and own them for ourselves. Forget about music for the rest of the country, that’s over.  Kids got bucks now and there are soo many of them.

This continued though the 50s, 60s and into the 70s until, gasp: DISCO, ruined the party and everybody went home, got a job, had kids. Their hard won music empire died a quick death. Enter the new Lowest Common Denominator, punk , funk, rap and hip hop.



Toque and Ptomaine

7 Jan


We have had mostly males in the world’s ‘kitchens’ (read: everywhere important) as executive chefs for generations and their record is pretty spotty. Granted they’ve come up with a few tasty dishes; penicillin comes to mind and tap water on demand, yes, and fertilizer, that’s pretty good and some of the desserts and treats are okay but the ‘ ptomaine poisoning’ count is pretty high and people are dying like flies. So maybe it’s time to equally share the ‘kitchens’ with others who have different instincts when it comes to ‘kitchen’ management. Others who are less likely to prepare and serve dishes that are toxic.

Now the first thing we must insist upon is you chefs give up the one thing all executives prize more than  anything else: the recipe. You might reluctantly share the ‘kitchen’ under duress or when feeling magnanimous, but to give up the recipes: never! The recipe, along with the strong right arm and symbolic toque high hat has made the male executive chef the boss, worldwide. Until now.

No more ‘ptomaine’; too many have died from your lethal preparations.  No more ‘kitchen’ slops out the back door into the creek. The creek has carried all that careless glop to the river; then to the ocean. The ocean’s a mess and the fish are ending up in my kitchen with big sores all over.  And fix those exhaust fans; they’re stinking up the place.

Just so you male executive chefs understand clearly you will share the space equally from now on.  Plus you will share the recipes with your new peers.  Come in ladies and meet your new partners.  Here is a copy of the current recipes for each of you to vet and hopefully alter. And here’s a sparkling new chef’s toque hat. Congratulations.  Now all of you, get to work. The place is a mess.