Rescuing the Republic From Itself /or

30 Jan

How 50 Men, Women and Children Could Save our Bacon.

One thing still trumps all others in America. It isn’t wealth, nor power, it’s not the myth of our uniqueness under Heaven… no. It’s a lot more basic and powerful than those. It even trumps celebrity which is a close second. No, fundamental as those are in the national psyche they pale in comparison to Number One…racism.

Despite manumission, Appomattox, Wounded Knee, Jim Crow, block-busting, MLK Jr and Barack Obama(obscure early 21st century POTUS); it still rules. It’s the one sovereign tenant that endures beyond all others. Sucker’s got legs! If it began to wane here at home we always sought it abroad. Added to this ancient plague is a relative newcomer. Only about a century old; it is a formidable competitor and looks like it’s here to stay. (If the money holds out.) Big drum roll…..ForeverWar!

Countless decades later, we’re used to war. Many older persons have never known a time without it. The old 9/11 War has morphed into ForeverWar and we’re stuck with it. It has brought with it a few downsides like breaking the national budget, impoverishing multitudes here and abroad, and creating new enemies faster than we can destroy them…but that’s OK. What’s not OK is this waging ForeverWar on us. That’s not OK.

They have gone too far now!

When they gave the chief executive the power to do away with anybody, anywhere, anytime, for any reason, the old deal was threatened. The covenant with America was potentially shattered. Rendered forfeit. That was cheating. As always, kill off all the enemies you want but we the people must forever remain sacrosanct. What gall, they’re making targets now of us! Who do they think they are and what are we, to save this Republic, going to do about it?

Now if you know anything about the power of ForeverWar then you know it is totally pervasive and impossible to gainsay because there is no other reality for us to live by or in. No place to be that does not include it. What to do? Play the trump card. What’s that? Racism? What? Yup!

You serious? Sure. Now may not be the time, though. It could get worse; so we must wait. When the dire impact of two hundred dollar oil becomes common knowledge and is still ignored at the top; we’re close. When, despite all evidence to the contrary, our leaders are still shilling for unlimited growth; be ready. But be cautious because when they have spent the last dollar and nobody will lend us a nickel; we might not have to act. Look around and count the number of guys who come back from the front as basket cases because they are overused. Count the number of Americans incarcerated for protesting ForeverWar or doing drugs out of despair. Watch for further disintegration of the cities, more grinding poverty and massive, permanent, unemployment. Pervasive hunger. Then, if it appears the mass has gone critical; it’s time to begin:

Secret Plan: Your Eyes Only. Need-To-Know Established. Emergency use only! Not to be attempted until things are so bad nothing else is feasible.

The basis of the Secret Plan is to use racism against racism. To do this, start by recruiting 50 individuals, one from each state. They must be 15 years or older, of either gender, no maximum age, providing they are athletic and capable of running, jumping etc. They are to be recruited individually and must have zero knowledge of each other. Do not recruit persons exhibiting racism, homicidal tendencies or who exhibit personal grudges against others. One other recruitment requirement; the candidate must be of obvious African descent, preferably of dark complexion.

Here’s where it gets messy…and bloody.

If quite certain no other alternative exists or is likely to manifest itself; proceed with training. Each candidate is instructed to attempt to cause violent injury, preferably terminal, to as many persons as feasible each day. These actions must be done in a public place and the recruit must be seen as the perpetrator. Easy escape is vital and should be planned in advance. All victims must be white. But this is cold-blooded murder. Yup. Of innocents. Yup. Unprecedented! Really?

Media coverage is expected to be enormous and continual. Local and national authorities will be in a state of frenzy when the race factor is fully digested. As the casualties mount and the scope of the problem becomes evident the racism latent in the culture will preclude meaningful action to quell the atrocities.

Racial integration has been an aspect of local law enforcement almost universally now for decades, and the old stand-bys, the National Guard, Army and various spook agencies were co-opted years ago by integration. Who, then, can be called upon; who can be trusted, when there are thirty seven million suspects?

The reigning ForeverWar powers should at this point be willing (desperate?) to seek whatever terms are offered. Unconditional surrender is recommended. The Republic could be saved in our lifetime!


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