NYT June 4, 2027

4 Mar

City Lede
“Fracking in 2007 Let Loose Unforeseeable Power”

Looking back now from our time vantage we see the metaphoric link between the early fracking disturbances to the near surface structure of Earth and the subsequent release of that dreaded, extra-ordinary, and initially only whispered about new arrival; ‘PPower’. Initial awareness of this phenomenon began to occur in the early part of the second decade of the 21st century. In Russia, the then leader Vladimir Putin was an early discoverer of the threat and came down heavily on a girl singing group called locally ‘Puxi Riot’. He assumed they were corrupted by his rivals in the West but eventually learned these young Russian women were the enemy within as older women proved to be later.

Why did Putin fear these little girls more than the might of America? Why did he view what they represented as more threatening than drones, a-bombs or suicidal Chechens? Because he was an alpha male and therefore extremely vulnerable.

He, and others of his ilk, even if paying attention were late to learn, in those confusing times, what was really happening. When they did find out, they were powerless to cope with what had been loosed on the world. It was rampant, untrammeled female sexuality. During an interview in Central Park one gamin-like waif cracked wise, “In your face, big guy, deal with it; it’s Puxi Power.” In Washington Square a NYU student quoted Martin Luther King Jr.saying,”The moral arc of the universe bends towards justice.”

Older readers might remember the days when randy, male secondary school teachers co opted young school girls; fuhgeddaboutit, as they then said in Brooklyn, that was over. Now it was the gals who preyed. Almost monthly, another thirtyish, often attractive, female middle school teacher was on a police blotter for seducing a likely boy student. Deviant they said; compulsive for certain, pathetic at the least, but was it? Or was this the biological imperative they had been told of; the different sexual peaking years, that was playing out in the sexual arena of emerging female assertiveness?

Still another far reaching aspect of this changing assertiveness involved countless younger women worldwide, and was documented extensively on the internet. One could, at that time, scroll through web reportage of “what’s up now and where it’s up” and perhaps view some young female acquaintance or maybe even a relative, blithely engage in group orgy with a clique of fifty! The setting could be a college dorm in Utah or an apartment in Prague, could be most anywhere in the world; but she’d be there. In the altogether, so to speak, apparently undismayed at having riotous sex, en masse, amidst dozens of her peers; using the nearest male or female as partner(s). At early onset these soirees had been fortified with inhibition lowering substances but this crutch was soon discarded as unnecessary and demeaning. Scarcely anyone over thirty in those blissfully ignorant times knew squat about the new morality exerting itself below the radar.

Thus the power of ‘P’ had been covertly unleashed on at least two fronts. Vladimir Putin, those mullahs frothing with righteous ire or bed-rock preachers screaming about sin and lust were of no consequence; the gals were cutting loose. In a few short years Eve’s natural legacy of lavishly equipped eroticism which had been stifled for eons was unleashed causing fear and resentment in most males. With this courageous shedding of layers of guilt and shame imposed on their gender for millenia, these young women were acting out a tableau of future expectation and entitlement.

Is this another sign of our perilous times, the multitudes wondered upon becoming aware? Did this sort of thing occur late in the failing Roman era as well, they pondered? Or was this something new under the heavens? If so, was five thousand years of male domination of women finally coming a cropper as the ladies had prophesied?

At first this phenomenon was limited to young women; the ‘twenty- somethings’. It spread to countless others rapidly. What resulted was the direct opposite of Lysistrata. The housewife of that time, rather than cut off hubby to prove a point, began to offer her largesse to the neighborhood. Very quickly that became extremely threatening in Wall Street, Foggy Bottom and Pennsylvania Ave. But much more so in Riyadh, Tel Aviv and Vatican City.

What then was behind this gush of feminine libido? Were these unorganized, random, anonymous young persons reacting to something those senior to them failed to notice or acknowledge? Since the nineteen fifties geologists and knowledgeable observers had warned of the danger of extracting unlimited resources from a resource limited planet. With barely an exception, no one in power cared to act upon the information coming forth until the situation in the early 21st century was fast heading somewhere past critical.

Those young women then avowed that male leadership had failed to perceive the objective environment was deteriorating beyond all hope of recovery. That the mostly senior male rulers worldwide, had persisted in causing ever more chaos and violence globally. It was then that these young women, probably with some arcane prompting, began to assert themselves in opposition. By seizing control of their own bodies, a challenge was issued against coercive male leadership ever again having dominance over their sexuality.

The women felt they had suffered grave loss by this flagrant denial of looming fossil fuel costs which could doom the future they had been promised and would lead to a failure of modern lifestyle. The mostly male leadership had to have known to a certainty this would occur but chose to ignore for political or monetary gain putting any limits on growth despite doomsday looming on the horizon.

Something deep in feminine instinct had then summoned forth a visceral and atavistic response from a smouldering collective cauldron. Such arcane signaling from nature had been long ignored and now was seemingly a force from the remote past urging them to wrest control before it was too late. Male leadership was thereafter regarded as anti-nature and anti-humane for having led mankind down a path leading to possible extinction and the planet to near ruin.

In the several decades that have passed many of the planetary disasters which prompted this revolutionary behavior have been narrowly averted due to swift, permanent changes in planning and greatly reduced expectations. All fracking, shale and tar sands projects and other environmentally destructive practices have ceased. Our current, still tenuous, comfort level regarding survival is due to those, now not so young ladies, who put it all on the line for us years ago.

NYT June 4, 2027


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