Women of the World Summit / ‘Bitchkrieg’!

17 Mar

April 3-5, 2040
Western Hemisphere Conference
Monterrey, Mexico
The outstanding success at 2039 United Nations Congress in Canberra, Australia where our female delegates pursued and enacted Resolutions taking the Big 4 Nations to task for the first time for past psychopathic behaviors, is now a part of our history. Monterrey has been very hospitable, plus being high and dry, for the ten years we have been meeting here and we are thankful the port at Tampico is able to still handle our vital sea traffic despite the flooding problem. Some delegates still brave overland travel regardless of the punishing fuel cost. We salute your determination and welcome you all.

In preparing for the upcoming W of the W Summit please keep the momentum going—

(Suggested Agenda)

1. Consider disqualifying from positions of power women who have arrived to prominence emulating men. Not helpful to perpetuate all those bad habits. Search for women who have tendencies and traits that demonstrate freedom from testosterone mimicry.

2. First order of business: Reclaim uteri and other personal appurtenances. Disregard all advice and restrictions for maintenance and usage not female originated; especially ignore celibate elderly males.

3. Recommend immediate change to specifications for the new United Nations site at Canberra. Since the world is already saturated with phallic oases, in the spirit of limited growth, replace this next, really huge tower, with three story walk-up. No elevators; great exercise for delegates, et al.

4. Put hold on all future development plans until vetted by female engineers or female city planners unless more phallic oases are intended.

5. Consider doing something men would never do. Save something for the future. Unless you want the gran-kiddos living on berries in caves, leave them a little something. Maybe some coal or oil; some raw material to make stuff with; a few trees and maybe a fish or two. Whatever you can spare which, as of now, is— nothing! It’s all spoken for. Best estimates say another 24 years, then zip, it’s all gone, unless you put something aside for them now.

6. Until people are dropping dead on the street, males tend to defend the indefensible i.e. Fukushima, Chernobyl, the recent others, etc. Very likely babies will die from the fallout all over the place. While you’re deciding what to leave the grand-kids consider a big pile of dough to shut down the reactors, generating plants, spent fuel storage facilities and a score of thousands of old nuke bombs which will be still laying around festering. Oh, and another pile of dough to educate future nuclear engineers and technicians to do the dirty work in getting rid of them.

7. Until the ‘Uproaring Twenties’, if you were unhappy with the way you were raised in the amatory arts, you felt helpless about your own daughter’s training. In your day women were likely to be led through the elysian mysteries by that greatest of all tutors; a randy young male. The radical gals of the 20’s changed the way we educate our young women, hopefully, for all time. Include a tribute to them.


The male mind set that has been governing the globe lacks a clear future inclination and could lead the species to extinction if allowed to continue unabated, therefore:

A hundred plus generations is quite enough as we, all of us, are now quite noticeably…stuck. We are stuck in the here and now; stuck in today, stuck in a male mind set.

Human populations were not sufficiently numerous nor technologically advanced in the past to cause grievous planetary harm. This is no longer true. Every day we come closer to the point of no return and nowhere is seen the remedy for reversing possible terminal decline.
Two things, and only two, are commanded by nature: reproduction of species and death. All else is option.

Males are largely indifferent to the former but appear much devoted to the latter.Too often the violent demise of some other male is a consuming focus of male effort.

The Earth has endured a hundred plus generations of male domination. Human life may one day soon be forfeit as a result. An innate lack of future orientation sufficient to overcome exploitation of the planet for temporal gain suggests males are unfit for continued leadership. Be advised.

Ad Hoc Committee
The 2040 Women of the World Summit


4 Responses to “Women of the World Summit / ‘Bitchkrieg’!”

  1. Proud White MAN March 31, 2014 at 5:15 pm #

    Holy crap! What the hell is wrong with you? You can’t be this stupid. Please, I can’t look any longer, stop embarrassing yourself. I’m embarrassed for you! Does your wife-mom make you piss sitting down?

    This, by the way, is what writing looks like: http://takimag.com/article/is_maureen_dowd_obsolete_fred_reed/print#axzz2xYan4Efm

    or this (you need a double dose): http://www.fredoneverything.net/Wise.shtml.

    Men built this world, white men. It could have been no other way than how it is. You should know as a disciple of JMG and therefore hopefully at least somewhat conversant with nature that as animals we have characteristic behaviors. That means women nest and men provision the nest. This will change only temporarily, until we figure out how stupid we’ve been and return to patriarchy. Unfortunately, the world will have been thoroughly turned to shit by then.

    • ibonobos March 31, 2014 at 6:09 pm #

      @Proud White Man

      Thanks for your imput. I hadn’t realized we had abandoned patriarchy so therefore the ladies of 2040 will not be needing the ad hoc committee’s input and can swap recipes and such.

  2. Jen May 4, 2014 at 8:54 pm #

    As a woman, I love this short story. As a human being, I love this short story. Robert, thanks, it’s a real hoot!
    Proud White Man, you surely test my patience though, I doubt a comment like this would pass muster on ADR’s forum. Your lack of control of your bigotry is very telling.
    And, just one last thing, my husband sits down to pee because he realised it made his cleaning job easier.

    • ibonobos May 4, 2014 at 10:00 pm #

      Thanks for your support, Jen. Glad you enjoyed the story.

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