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The War Between Men & Women: 2050CE

5 Apr

We now understand that in the matter of ‘armaments’ in this ‘war’, one side was endowed by nature with vastly superior equipment. This information has been kept from the populace since time immemorial by a sort of ‘5th column’ of subversive minions seeking to influence the outcome and favor the weaker side.

We are rapidly approaching the final showdown because the overt and arcane actions of generations of these minions have dragged mankind to the crossroads of survival. The dominant characters in these biased operations have changed over the millenniums. In early days shamans and witch doctors led off the process followed in time by priests, conjurers, theologians and necromancers.

These subversives have been often abetted in their work by Machiavellian villains such as inquisitors, sin-hunters, witch finders and other despots. Despite all their collective efforts the truth is emerging and we have finally seen the opposing parties in the altogether and the results may astonish some of us.

The War Between Men & Women should have been over before it even started. One party so outguns the other that there never was a contest. The battles were fought over the primacy of pleasure in the lifetime of humans versus suspension of pleasure to a future life. The issue should have been decided long ago.

Only the interference of self-interested fanatical partisans prolonged the final skirmish to the middle of the 21st century where we have somehow miraculously arrived somewhat intact as a species. This has happened despite most of the growth deemed vital for life in an industrial society having come to a (literal) screaming halt along the way.

It is stunning to observe how the machination of those minions over the centuries have so distorted perception that even now the fundamental perspective of most of mankind regarding the true nature of our species is still awry. The simple biological facts at issue are not clear to a population still floundering in darkness.

How then can we present the sum total of the attributes of the two belligerents in such a way that even the dullest can understand?

We’ll try by stating that the reason the two parties have always been so unevenly matched in the arena of earthly pleasure on earth is this:

“The clitoris is the only human organ designed purely for pleasure, and no other reason.

But there’s a great deal more clitoral tissue hidden inside her body; the size of that can be about
four inches – the size of a guy’s un-erect penis. Women who have given birth tend to have larger clitorises – the longest ever measured was 12″! ]”

In our equation a four inch male penis is a musket mounted on a powder keg trying to compete with the rapid fire machine-gun action of a four inch clitoris connected to a smile.

That’s it! If coat of-arms were designed the male crest would feature a rocket hovering over a chastity belt and the female a winged cork on a field of purple over a turkey baster. Ergo, the battle was lost before it had begun.

In the quest for earthly pleasure males were in second place from the start; hence the invention of a future life where just deserts would be sorted and pleasure would be granted the pious providing reality and pleasure was suspended over one’s lifetime. Hence also; the tricks and devices dreamed up by the minions over generations to deny the facts and shade the outcome.

Tom Robbins,
“Ol’ Abraham and his peevish herdsman buddies—cowboys, now that I think of it—inventing the one-god-our god-and-he-be-a-bruiser concept as a response to and a rebellion against the sexual superiority of women.” …fierce invalids home from hot climates

The fear and resentment of the superior physical attributes of the distaff and the resentment of that superiority among males has made the history of mankind a sink of despair and gore. And the history of the stronger, the innocent , the nature favored gender, become one of constant subjugation and denigration up until now.

Until now… but just maybe the ongoing follies that have delivered us to this mid 21st century juncture, weighing the Epicurean principal, long repressed in society against the Stoic pose, favored by the oppressors, will cause us to finally reject the latter. If so, it will be none too soon as the planet is reeling from the proclivities of jealous sore losers who have been thrashing about for eons attempting to find compensative pleasure in a material world for that which has been denied them in the erotic world.