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Stories of the Future

17 Jun

Two premises undergird the following tales. The future of industrial society will soon be altered by the scarcity and punishing expense of fossil fuels. Our future lives will be subject to severe limits to growth. These topics weigh heavily in the narratives.


E Cells Tell All

17 Jun


Everything we know of the history of mankind, all the woes and excesses, the unequal sharing of power and resources has resulted from one common denominator: cell distribution. Specifically nerve cells; more specifically the erotogenic nerve cells that produce pleasure.

There was no doubt a sound biological component to this cell distribution that made perfect sense in evolutionary terms for early man. Unfortunately this same distribution accounts for much of the angst and pain mankind has experienced historically. When the sexes are from birth unequal where pleasure gratification is involved, a sentient species like humans is apparently unable to deal with it although countless other animals do just fine.

We start with the agreed upon numbers : 8 thousand cells vs 4 thousand cells; in itself, an enormous spread. The former number represents the accumulation of pleasure cells in the very tip of the female clitoris, while the latter is the number of pleasure cells distributed throughout the entire surface of the male organ. uh oh! Trouble.

Nature was very canny in endowing males with an almost instant arousal mechanism tempered with a laborious climax timeline, while females have a much longer arousal period but when reached, have an almost hair-trigger climax function.

While the parameters are set by nature and are followed instinctively by other creatures humans seem to need an operating manual. Lacking this, generations of priests, pundits and charlatans have offered opinions about what to do and how it should be done. Simple observation of the techniques of self pleasuring between males and females should demonstrate how the imbalance in erotogenic cell location is manifested. The male approach resembles a frenetic cross between churning butter and popping a Champaign cork while the female could be caressing the door bell to paradise.

This biological joy deficit among males raises the need for prolonged and constant friction for success. Ergo, the near universal male worship of coitus, uber alles. Downplay foreplay; ditto patience and exploration, forget fondling, caresses and kissing — go for the gold.
Then watch as the numbers pile up as the population on the planet metastasizes with no benign way to control the growth.

Rather than solicit input from the distaff on how to remedy this predicament males have resorted to asserting superiority and infallibility and creating social structures to maintain the illusion. One nefarious illusion enforcer is the production of various ‘instruction manuals’ and alleging them to be of divine origin. Another is endowing a medical fraternity, mainly of their peers, to pontificate professionally though the ages with various degree of misinformation or propaganda.

Before planet earth decides to evict our seven billion demanding minions (imagine an equivalent number of say, groundhogs or sheep or buzzards and guess how long it would take nature to call in the exterminators) let’s hear from the ladies for a change. Might help save the day.