Cars or Us?

3 Nov

Six years ago, reacting to an almost total lack of realism in
confronting the single component most lacking in the morass of
Climate Change conversations,I published the following article.
Next to nothing in the dialogues has changed in the ensuing half
decade regarding this, the most obvious but most odious topic
of all:
Car Culture Must Die or the Planet will.

In 2010, just two years later , the total of motor vehicles topped one billion.

Wherever one’s sentiments lie regarding Climate Change, this staggering number should give pause for reflection. Consider: ” The world vehicle population passed the 500 million-unit mark in 1986, from 250 million motor vehicles in 1970. Between 1970 and 1980, the vehicle population doubled roughly every 10 years.[2][3][4] Two U.S. researchers estimate that the world’s fleet will reach 2 billion motor vehicles by 2020, with cars representing at least 50% of all vehicles.” Wikipedia

America, until recently, proudly led the world in car worship but now has a serious rival in China. The Chinese came late to the party but seem determined to pave over all of the Middle Kingdom with at least four lanes of blacktop.

Cars or Us
Thursday, November 27, 2008

As James H. Kunstler ruefully remarked, after the greenest of the Green Summits attended by the elite of concerned and knowledgeable citizenry, the plea was the same as everywhere else in the land: Save our Cars! Please!

No matter how informed or determined to find the best solution the folks are, the mind set is the same: Life without cars is unthinkable

Get over it people. Car Culture must Die! For us to live. And that does NOT mean living all our lives stuck in a village as folks were wont to be in the not so distant past. No, it means heavy electric rail for long treks, light electric rail all around and out to the edge places and something like golf carts (or bikes, or feet) to get home. That is, if we are lucky and don’t totally wipe out trying to save the status quo.

What are the odds we crash out trying to keep the cars? I'd give it 60-40 that we do considering where we are now and how we view things. If we spend trillions of bucks we don’t have saving the banks and car companies (unless they become railway car makers they have a short life span ahead) the grand kids will be so broke they won’t have a shot at avoiding a meltdown.

Nothing is on the horizon to indicate at this date any other course will be taken. Not in I.O.U.S.A. Maybe elsewhere people will be smarter and not so broke.

How can anyone profess a genuine concern with Global Warming and not be prepared to give up the car keys? Are not all other professions of concern mostly cant and flummery?

It is now time to choose. Happy Motoring, almost certainly, will lead to collision with planetary limits. I trust we choose Earth over machines and avoid the wreck.


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