A Year of Cosmic Unimportance

5 Nov

As the holidays near and 2014 rapidly slinks into history; three issues of cosmic unimportance will be our legacy for the year. Although we face the most dire, probably unsolvable mess we have ever been in, the year was devoted to these circus acts:
Gay Marriage
Midterm Elections
Legal Pot
big big pot
All were brilliant choices to distract and confuse the deck-hands while the Pentagon and Corporate admirals continue to run the ship. But we ‘seen’ our duty and got ‘er done!

Among the major problems not seriously addressed in 2014 are these little gems:
Feeding 7 billion ++ people
Fuel for 2 billion cars by 2020
Hip boots for the rising tides

The areas of China south of the Yangtse River, plus IndoChina and the islands of Oceana together, have one billion inhabitants and the seas are rising. Standing room, hip boots and rice rations on order? Yes sir, coming up, not.

Back in 2010 the world’s motor vehicle count, not including off-road and construction types, hit one billion.
Four years later we are well on our way to the two billion (1/2 being cars) projected for 2020.
Our 2014 answer to fuel conservation for this fuel hungry future: lower gas prices. Yeah!

Projected circus acts for 2015:
Election Hangovers
Pot taxes
Gay Divorce

Jiffy Quiz……

Use the following statements as the basis for your answers. Notice the point values assigned to the
individual answers.

Statement One;
It is predicted that 2020 is the year the two billionth motor vehicle hits the road. Currently well over one billion motor vehicles are in use. Fuel, where not rationed then, will likely be extremely expensive and elusive.

Statement Two:
The seven million, and growing, population of the planet consume over ten billion meals per day, every day. Worldwide droughts and weather upheavals threaten the food supply. Shortage of food imperils the lives of multitudes.

With these statements in mind choose your answers.

1. No one voluntarily gives up the car and motorized transport comes to a complete halt, forever.
True/False…. Correct answer value 33 1/3%

2. Developed world says ‘not our problem’. Third world tries hard to reverse population growth but the numbers are too vast to alter sufficiently in timely fashion. Starvation and chaos are experienced worldwide.
True/ False…. Correct answer value 33 1/3%

3. Somebody will think of something in nick of time and my family will not become extinct.
True/False…. Correct answer value 33 1/3%


1. True
2. True
3. False

Your score ———- .

Less than 100% is failing grade.


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