9 Nov

The very existence of this phenomenon renders almost all homegrown ideologies and their worldwide projections moot and suspect. First of all: our lauded American exceptionalism. It may exist but not in the way many pundits and lately, the President see it.
Several crucial factors contribute to this form of Americentrism and our inability to thus far export it.

Firstly. Our geographical siting, namely Western hemisphere, immunizes us at present from the specter of population explosion facing other parts of the globe. This entire hemisphere is, compared to other regions with chronic overcrowding, not at current risk. This privileged position, however, never seem to be considered when pursuing policies abroad which contribute to burgeoning populations elsewhere. Export of ‘green revolutions’ and market growth financial incentives compound existing tendencies to famine and displacement.

Secondly. The disdain becoming increasing apparent among the American young for “Happy Motoring’ could doom our pervasive car culture but has arrived too late to effect the frenzy now seizing other regions. China stands way out in front on this. Car culture is the way there, as it once was here, to enable the regime to prosper and hold sway.

Lastly. The present circumstance of the dollar’s exceptionalism, among all others currencies, enables the US if not the rest of the hemisphere, a grace period before we too lose to rising tides and dire entropic decay. The tocsin has clanged from several quarters that our advantage may be temporary and replaced by skeptical others with sounder treasuries.

Those positives? having been stated, what then renders most of our actions and pronouncements abroad doubly moot? Consider that since the beginning, the Nation’s pitchman have had to sell the radical concepts the founders had promulgated to convince a skeptical yeoman citizenry that all was well.

Today this propaganda effort of two centuries has left us with a voice that only convinces the already convinced and falls flat elsewhere. Alas, it is the only soliloquy we know or understand and so we shout louder and pound the airways incessantly.

The resultant projection of the America voice abroad is hollow for some, a cause of deep suspicion for many and a call to arms for others. Unfortunately, despite our patent claim on uniqueness we seem unable to collect any royalty from the multitudes abroad and may have to learn to live within our means at home.


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