America: Latter Day ‘Kurgans’/Scourge from the West

18 Nov

The middle of the 20th century witnessed the onset of repeated military incursions into Southeast Asia and into the Fertile Crescent, which with the Levant, is considered an ancient home of civilization. Rapacious American ‘Kurgans’ commenced the destruction of several sovereign nations. These semi-nomadic throngs, known for chronic wanderlust, had failed to ever reach a true civilization and referred to their primitive meme as, our ‘American way of life’.

Without a grounding culture, but heavily armed with modern weapons, they swarmed with impunity over defenseless citizenry and destroyed or damaged precious artifacts and traditions in their path. These boorish minions had only contempt for the different cultures being trampled upon. They sought tribute in the form of valuable energy deposits and/or in imposition of political and financial belief systems upon their victims.

The areas visited by these predators had been targeted often in the remote past by other remorseless invaders. Seven thousand years ago the horizon was silhouetted with armed men on horseback which surely panicked the bucolic, largely horticulturist, residents. The appearance of these heavily armed visitors from the steppes of Asia, called ‘Kurgans’ by cultural anthropologists, began a lengthy series of incursions into the regions. Invasions also came in waves to the land called Canaan from a fanatical, warring people from the southern deserts.

Waves of such plunderers plagued these regions for thousands of years. When the Greek and Roman eras arrived the peaceful pursuits which formerly constituted civilized communities had long been abandoned. Those early invaders were diverse but had commonality in male dominance and warlike tendencies as have their modern counterparts, the Latter Day American ‘Kurgans’.



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