Islamic State Abuilding

22 Nov

The group called variously ISIS or ISIL refer to themselves as the Islamic State and now appear serious about nation building. One method chosen to flesh out such an endeavor is an old ploy, Biblical even; steal some females. This action may appall modern observers but it reaches far back in history. Recall the Old Testament nation building effort that included smiting the Philistines and carrying off 32,00 virgins as booty (not a pun). As an instant and cheap tribal increase, that ancient device remains effective.

On the American frontier indigenous tribes replaced losses and increased the band strength by carrying off settler women and girls. One indication of intent for true nation building is the reported insistence that the captives convert to Islam; no infidels welcomed to the nation. On your knees Yadizi scum; rise up daughters of the New Caliphate. Now put on those sacks.

Until now the forces of freedom and democracy were content to simply bomb them insensible but on November 14, 2014, that all changed. ISIS, ISIL, whatever your name: you’re in for it now. Big time.
On that date the Islamic State announced it would issue its own currency subject to Sharia banking law which demands, no interest banking!

They are now officially dead in the water. They will become ashtrays like Libya and Iraq and as Syria will be as soon as the banker surrogates get around to it. War with other nations all you want, kill, main and pillage to your heart’s content but cross international bankers at your own risk!

Be advised!


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