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Civics 101

7 Dec

Final grade ( A )

Your name:— Johnny B. Goode

Today’s Topic:
If Democracy reflects the true character and best intentions of citizens, then
the Nation’s past and present actions truly express our vital principles.

True/False .The Founders enabled all citizens to vote and not just white males with sufficient

True/False . Black males got the right to vote (1870) exactly fifty years (1920) before women did.

True/False. The Equal Rights Amendment of the 1970’s guaranteeing equality of the sexes was
defeated by men and not by the efforts of conservative women.

True/False . Resentment of heavy taxation caused Revolutionary War veterans to be hunted down
by the militia.

True/False . Two-thirds of prominent Founding Fathers, including Ben Franklin, owned slaves.

True/False . Americans insisted the perpetrators be severely punished for giving smallpox
to the Indians.

True/False . Ulysses Grant was mistaken when he deduced that the War with Mexico
was a precursor to the Civil War.

True/False . The regions seized from Spain including the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico
were not the beginnings of an American Empire that persists until today.

True/False . Gas rationing was not the cover for a rubber (for tires) shortage during WWII.

True/False . Most Americans were deeply upset when two Japanese cities were
obliterated by A-bombs.

True/False . The Alien and Sedition Act under John Adams was father to the repressive
Sedition Act of 1918 under Woodrow Wilson and McCarthy Hearings of 1947.

True/False . The Draft riot in 1863 and Antiwar riots in 1965 were not similar expressions.

True/False . The attacks on 9/11 were by Saudi Arabian nationals but Iraq and Afghanistan
were invaded, not Saudi Arabia.

True/False . Despite decades of having projected our sovereign will upon the world, the prospect
of ‘blowback’ has not made the USA a fear-riddled Nation.