Mr. Bernays to Dr. Goebbels to S.H.I.T /

11 Jan


The “Engineering of Consent”

Edward Bernays, who was Sigmund Freud’s nephew, recalled in his 1965 autobiography being shocked on learning his book Crystallizing Public Opinion was being used by Joseph Goebbels against the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Bernays had long advocated public opinion be scientifically manipulated to advance self interest. As a Jew this unhappy information about the Nazis must have been daunting. He realized the attack on the Jews was not emotionally motivated but was a deliberate, planned political campaign.

Bernays was a driving force in the first part of the 20th century in advertising and is known as an early advocate of the concept of ‘public relations’. As an assistant to President Woodrow Wilson, Bernays was instrumental in selling the war to a resistant public by such jingoistic tropes as “bringing Democracy to all of Europe”.

He counted “manipulation of the masses” as essential to promoting Democracy until Fascism in Europe used the same techniques. In much the same way the America fascination with the pseudo-science of Eugenics looked promising until the Nazis put it to appalling use. Because the Germans in World War I used the term propaganda, Bernays promoted the phrase “Public Relations” as an alternate.

Bernays daughter Anne in a BBC interview said her father felt the public’s democratic judgment was”not to be relied upon” and “they could very easily vote for the wrong man or want the wrong thing.” His own judgment left much to be desired apparently.
Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, in correspondence with president Roosevelt, cited Bernays and Ivy Lee, who authored the term ‘Public Relations’, as “professional poisoners of the public mind, exploiters of foolishness, fanaticism and self-interest”.

Among his many corporate accounts was American Tobacco Company which he convinced to use a green label since it would have greater appeal to women. Breaking a strong taboo about women smoking in public became a cause celebre for Bernays. At the time women were only allowed to smoke in certain areas and violation of the rule could lead to arrest. Tragically his wife, who smoked, died of lung cancer.

Alcoa aluminum sought him out to find a market for Hexafluorosilicic_acid, a by-product of aluminum production. Gathering support from the American Dental Association, Bernays convinced the public it was safe to drink fluoride and that folly still plagues us. And there was Ivory Soap: 99&44/100’s percent pure…”it Floats”. Bernays was so great a salesman that his concept of “enlightened despotism” poisons all it touches to this day

An enlightened despot of some renown was Paul Joseph Goebbels, PhD from Heidelberg University, who became Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda in the Hitler Cabinet. One of his first acts was to take complete control the news media, the arts and information. That was Dr. Goebbels’ ruthless version of the engineering of consent. Organizing the burning of “decadent” books soon followed as did outright violence such as Kristallnacht and then, concentration camps for Jews and others.

“That propaganda is good which leads to success, and that is bad which fails to achieve the desired result,’ he wrote. “It is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, its task is to lead to success.”
Goebbels openly exploited the most basic instincts of the German people. Racism, class envy,
xenophobia and insecurity became a toxic formula he used to lead the masses to frenzy.

Joachim C Fest, “The Face of the Third Reich”.
“He drove his listeners into ecstasy, making them stand up, sing songs, raise their arms, repeat oaths – and he did it, not through the passionate inspiration of the moment, but as the result of sober psychological calculation.”
Which brings us to S.H.I.T.

Masada 2000

Self-Hating-Israel-Threatening list .

Mercifully this site has finally been taken down from the net after years of being a de facto anti-semitic horror show of which Dr. Goebbels could only dream. The photos and sketches accompanying each entry were of the most unflattering imaginable, fleshing out the stereotypical descriptions seen below. Notice the repeated comparison to rodents which had been a Goebbels speciality. The reactionary spirit of engineering consent has never soared lower.

From the original website:

Below is a Self-Hating Israel-Threatening List of nearly 8,860 Jews… as of 2-20-09. Despite what they may or may not admit, they are NOT friends of Israel. Unfortunately, they are but the “tip of the iceberg” and so will continue adding names and photos. If YOU know of other disgraceful Judenrats, feel free to pass on to us their names and information as to why they should be included on this list. (They don’t even have to be famous!) You will remain anonymous.


Click any letter to see if YOUR favorite Jew is listed

(Sample Listings)



“Hobsbawm, Eric J. (Prof.) Take a look at that face. It’s the face of a evil, twisted Self-Hating Israel-Threatening Jew

Professor Eric J. (forJudenrat ) Hobsbawm is ashamed to be Jewish. He should also be ashamed for screwing a married woman and producing a bastard son, Jason… who opted to live with the married woman! The luckiest thing his parents ever did was to die before he turned thirteen. Too bad they didn’t die BEFORE they created this monster!”

Ehud Moshe Appel… the boot-licking Kike
Daniel Barenboim…Judenrat and “useful idiot
Susan Rouda… fat Judenrat
Arthur J. Abrams … bald-headed baboon of a rabbi

Thomas L Friedman… Jewish Uncle Tom.
Gilad Atzmon…shameless Judenrat
Jesse Bacon… Progressive Judaism is indeed a mental illness
Edgar Bronfman…this kike

Donna Bailie… you Judenrat whore! … ugly Judenrat
Coreya Balsam… useful idiot Judenrat
Rann Bar-On…”Hard-on” in Hebrew
Robert Scheer… ultra-liberal “useful idiot” Judenrat

Norman G. Finkelstein…Poster Yehudon [Jew Boy]
Peter Gabel… card-carrying Tikkun Judenrat
Zachris Jantti… Finnish Jew turd-ball
Jemima Goldsmith Khan… a hot-blooded self-hating Kike

Tony Kushner… Judenrat,
Geraldo Rivera… Puerto-Jew
George Soros… sore-ass Judenrats like him!

Is the end result of a hundred years of being sold soap, fluoride and nicotine through a diabolic “engineering of consent” technique so programmed us all that we can be sold 2 or 3 wars simultaneously, lose them all, go broke fighting them, yet keep believing the salesmen and come back for more while the entire planet seethes with discontent?



2 Responses to “Mr. Bernays to Dr. Goebbels to S.H.I.T /”

  1. cynicalseeker April 30, 2017 at 4:57 am #

    Unfortunately, I remember this awful site. I’m glad it’s been taken down. Your writing is prophetic. I wish that what you say in these essays was not the truth. But it is. 😦

    • ibonobos April 30, 2017 at 1:32 pm #

      The disinformation marathon continues full blast. To find a disinterested voice is a full on chore. A leveling out is long overdue and desperately needed. Have faith.

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