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17 Feb


creed My American Creed

1. As an American I celebrate my heritage as heroic and noble despite evidence to the contrary.

2. As an American I can watch with disinterest as my mythology, long considered sacrosanct, is shown to be largely bogus.

3. As an American I am unable to think independently because, over time, I have been engineered to consent to a prescribed way of life.

4. As an American I criticize the civil rights violations of other nations but I do worse things routinely.

5. As an American I embrace despots and oligarchs as friends if they do my bidding.

6. As an American I enable the persecution of anyone attempting significant public exposure of my social evils.

7. As an American I profit from the losses of others that I may lead a more comfortable life.

8. As an American I believe that whatever is done authoritatively must, of necessity, be with good intention.

9. As an American I created the most fundamentalist society on the planet but believe other societies to be more so.


The.Doomer.Crank comments:

1. He will overlook the obvious horrors of colonial genocide and chattel slavery and stick to homilies that glorify nation founding. i.e. Taxation without representation. Fact: the American colonies paid less tax per capita than anyone on earth at the time. Factoid: The real motivation was that England would impose crippling levies as had been done to Ireland.
Acceptance of union by the slave states. Fact: Knowledge by the slavers of strong movement in England to abolish chattel slavery in all her colonies weighed heavily on them to join for protection.

2. He has been schooled from boyhood to accept without criticism America as the most enlightened, purist and most noble of all nations and that the rest were backward, old-country and unfree. That without our guidance and leadership they would forever wallow in ignorance and obsolescence. That in time they would come to see our uniqueness and singularity. The waxing and then recent waning of Empire building with the accompanying gore, misery and losses by so many others should have given lie to the mythological instruction earlier received. It has not reached him as yet.

3. In a fast paced and mainly brutal century he, his recent predecessors and his contemporaries, have though the masterful techniques of brilliant soap and ideology peddlers been rendered incapable of independent thought. The doctrine known as “engineering consent”, honed and polished as every advance in public media allowed greater sophistication, had now arrived him to a state of total dependence on a collective public voice and unexamined mores. He has not been able to perceive how this very technique destroyed his recently fallen rivals in Europe and Asia and he is now living the same Orwellian nightmare.

4. If he was raised in the era of avid radio listening, he was exposed to myriad crime stories, where at some point, a frustrated minion of the law would announce that withheld information would be forthcoming in a jiffy when, “I give that perp the third degree. Torture,sure it was. But he deserved it.” This common cop story ploy was, over time, eased out of favor as being really too, too politically incorrect only to be replaced by twenty-first century torture stories from Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and those outsourced to our obliging friends. He remains unmoved.

5. He embraced an amazing set of monsters, many of whom were subsequently demonized or destroyed. In the past few decades alone such notables as
Osama bin Laden
Manuel Noreiga
Mohammend Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran
Saddam Hussein
Augusto Pinochet
Edi Amin
Papa Doc Duvalier
were lionized, supported through all their excesses and then, often as not betrayed. Their usefulness exhausted, they became liabilities and he abandoned them summarily.

6. His tolerance for exposure of collective evils diminished exponentially as his susceptibility to “manufactured consent” for his nefarious doings increased. Each change in leadership produced less regard for probity and the welfare of individuals and an unstinting effort at hegemony abroad.
Reports of nefarious dealing up to and including selective assassination of anyone suspected of hostility to the current regime and wholesale domestic spying on the citizenry brought about a frenzy of efforts to silence all criticism by demonizing and prosecuting the critics. He concurs.

7. He gloated with pride at the rise of his nation from a spectator of world affluence to being the greatest creditor nation of all; while it lasted. He was comfortable in ignoring his success being largely due to having been sheltered peacefully in his homeland and missing the carnage suffered by rivals during two major wars and countless smaller events. He was only stirred to action when a hostile foreign incident occurred on his own soil; the first in a century and a half. Decades of profiting from the losses of others due to favorable circumstance or direct predation caused him little distress and he remains comforted by warm feelings of entitlement.

8. He is beneficiary to a high standard of living from birth, access to significant schooling and cultural opportunities but remains at heart, uneducable in a wider sense. His feasance to the tenets of his way-of-life prevented him from discerning any value in the efforts of other cultures that are contrary to his short term interests. With most of his peers in lock-step, actions done at home or abroad, if given sufficient veneer of respectability were accepted as givens; losses suffered by others notwithstanding.

9. A hundred years have passed since the Dons and acolytes at the Princeton Theological Seminary conjured the notion of Fundamentalism to combat the encroachment of Darwinism and progressive Protestantism. Those divines have been successful beyond imagining as the planet
reeks of it now and the resultant body count rises daily. At home, he and his righteous cliche of reactionary, pietistic zealots, await the Rapture, deny Science selectively and relive the Know-Nothing-ness of another era.