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27 Mar

mafia banner 

 La Cosa Nostra
Position: Capo di Tutti Capi
Note: Negative response to any requirement will result in termination of the candidate.
We acknowledge borrowing liberally from a similar Application/Job Description used by candidates for POTUS (President of the United States).  However certain activities were deemed 
egregious by Cosa Nostra standards and deleted accordingly.
*  Friends and allies are a necessary evil but do not ever weigh friendship above self interest.
   All loyalty stays within ‘the family’.
*  Rival organizations will be routinely vilified, harassed, betrayed and regularly
    subjected to extreme violence to confirm our hegemony worldwide.
* The strength and prosperity of our organization is dependent upon the ancient and
   honorable art of counterfeiting money. The candidate will facilitate this coinage vigorously.
* Money loaned out to friends abroad will assure their collapse over time as we will make   our usury painful by requiring them to sell off assets at bargain prices to pay us.
* The candidate will research, select and dispatch daily, orders for assassinations.
* Your foot soldiers are now peace keepers. The police have become soldiers. Continue this.
* Despite membership in the true Christian Church the candidate will fellowship (prayer breakfast)
   regularly with Jewish and (ugh) Protestant associates.
* The organization profited greatly during alcohol Prohibition. We are not enamored with the
    ‘dirty drugs’ currently in favor but are willing to let our ‘black’ operatives deal them for us.
* The vigorish (rate of interest) charged our friendly money launderers will be drastically lower
   than we charge others. Remember the money is counterfeit and of little consequence to us.
(Signature)——————————————————————— Candidate: Capo di Tutti Capi

D-Day: The War on Nature

23 Mar


We’ve witnessed an an interesting escalation in hostilities here in Freedom’s Land during the last five decades. First there was the:
War on Poverty, next we had the
War on Drugs, then the
War on Terror,now the
War on Nature (Undeclared, but in full battle array)
Many among us can recall the ardent rhetoric and solemn pronouncements when the offensive on Poverty began in the chaotic 60’s. We have to put this one in the lost column, sadly, as folks are poorer now than they were fifty years ago. The prospects for any reversal of this trend seem rather slim, unfortunately. First the country became hard-hearted, then it went broke, and the War on Poverty was lost; a righteous failure. Long term effects of this loss can be devastating.
Okay, how about the War on Drugs?  Won or lost? Well, at that same time, the 60’s, all those hippies and freaks were smoking those funny cigarettes right out in the open. Had to crack down, didn’t we? It was illegal. Throw them in jail. Thing was, soon as that happened a bunch of gangsters started smuggling dope, and killing each other, and we had to catch them and then we had to spray paraquat on the crops…ugh! and, wow…such a big mess. Now pot is getting to be legal all over the place! Isn’t that what happened before…like in Prohibition time… with the booze?  Trouble is, lots of potheads are still behind bars for stuff that is now legal.
That’s two in the loss column for sure.
Now let’s look at the War on Terror. On second thought, let’s not. Alright, alright, where to start?
Ruined cities, ruined countries, ruined GI’s. Dead people. Angry millions. That’s a start. And a finish…| 
D-Day has passed and we are far into in the War on Nature. It’s not going well at all. We may have to score this one a loss along with those others.  But if we do win this one; look out. Nature is not a good loser. In fact she can be quite vindictive. You might even say, Homicidal. Does the term ‘ scorched earth’ ring a bell?
The scoreboard calls it…0 for 3, probably 4.  Not so good folks but historically pretty much on the mark. We have to go back 70 years and include the wars with uniforms and flags and such hoopla, back to the War in the Pacific to find a clear-cut winner for the team.  Prior to that; a big leap back to the Spanish-American War. In the middle of the nineteenth century we posted another triumph over Mexico. That’s about it, friends. 3 for 20, unless you want me to count Grenada and Panama? I didn’t think so.
Getting back to the War on Nature, you can forget what you are told about the reasons for all the turmoil around the globe. We know all the stories of freaky storms, droughts, desertification and what is happening to the ozone; everybody has an opinion.  Take it from a fellow sufferer; these are classic allergy symptoms, that’s all.
  Folks, Mother Nature has become allergic to testosterone.  How will she ease her distress? Be wary. Very wary.

Industrialism, amen to that

4 Mar

The conversation needs to change, now. Right now. The old memes of capitalism vs communism vs sharia vs utopianism need to be laid to rest. They scramble the potential for a productive dialogue by flaming passions and closing minds. RIP old comrades! The overriding issue being ignored by all the exponents of the various ideologies is Rampant Industrialism and why it’s killing us.

Industrialism (Sociology) an organization of society characterized by large-scale mechanized manufacturing industry rather than trade, farming, etc Free Dictionary.

So much for the formal definition of industrialism. What should be of concern world-wide is the “ism” part. It’s foolish to fault the so called Industrial Revolution which brought ease and plenty to a made-by-hand world. It is idle to attempt to distinguish the moment when the plethora of goods and services began to define our lives. But in today’s entitlement society any movement to slow down or critique the flow of new “stuff” produces charges of apostasy or Luddism despite compelling evidence the planet is in trouble and the end of our life on Earth a distinct possibility.

Rampant Industrialism has become shibboleth; a collective lunacy that shows little sign of abatement before the mass goes critical and cannot be undone. That little imp of an ‘ism’ is hard at work. We no longer can endure the championing of pet ideologies and demonizing of all others. The grace period for grandstanding has passed and soap boxes need descending from, pronto.

These are the same reckonings that give voice, when the oceans rise and the tides threaten to swamp us, to the universal cry, “Save our cities!” That consuming, seductive impulse to dig it all up; to heat it to hard and to erect it toward the heavens is now worldwide. Wherever and whenever possible another phallic oasis goes up, along some waterway, somewhere. Behold the city our prized accomplishment, issues from the dread, near universal mind-set, of Rampant Industrialism.

A species that cannot stop short of putting one more motor vehicle on roads already burdened with one billion as of 2010 and heading for two billion in 2020 serves blindly the dark God of Industrialism. wasteland

A species so enamored of itself that even reaching 7 billion mortal copies is not daunted and blissfully assumes that ten billion meals will appear miraculously each day, cooked, served and eaten by those teeming minions. No untoward impact on an already overburdened planet noted or tallied, thank you.

“Save our cities!”. Forget our rivers, bayous, bays and deltas being salt water inundated thus threatening the worlds fish hatcheries. Never mind the seas receiving the flotsam and jetsam of all those flooded out chemical, fertilizer and nuclear installations that abut the rising waters. Also overlook millions of acres of cropland salt infused and barren. “Save the cities!… Please.” This, the catechism and orthodoxy of Rampant Industrialism, prayerfully brayed to the Patron Saints of Progress.

It don’t matter a smidgen if you are a dedicated anarco-capitalist; a world striding flat-earther or a ernest Rosicrusian, if your contribution to the future of mankind is owning a family sedan or having another child, despite all lofty sentiments and ringing slogans, you are part of the problem. You help support Rampant Industrialism which champions unlimited growth; a near fatal error in the contemporary life equation.

unsold spain


Unsold cars waiting waiting to roll in Spain.