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Infantilization anyone?/

18 May
O Tempore, O mores


We live in interesting times. Consider:
*Middle age women fancy teenage boys
*Young woman and girls covet the Barbie Doll look. All top, no bottom.
*Grown men fancy toddlers.
*Priests fancy young boys; seldom young girls or women.
*Mohels and Rabbis render the first blow job. Sometimes favor the honoree with herpes.
*Any young person with computer savvy has unlimited access to graphic adult pornography. A single touch to a classmate, however, can be a police issue.
**The penalty for conviction any of the above is a lifetime of civic ostracization as Sexual Predator without chance of commutation and a half-mile separation from all temptation despite the circumstance.
“Specific laws against piracy, slavery, infanticide, sedition and ground and air pollution and smoking reveal the antisocial activities likely to attract a reckless, greedy, frightened, mentally disturbed, or merely weak man or women of a specific era.  Until the modern, post industrial era, there have been very few laws against pedophilia”. Russell Banks. “Lost Memories of Skin”
O Tempore, O Mores
To visit a similar era we travel back to another failing Empire and observe the mores extant in old Rome.  In the first century BCE, on the island of Capri, Emperor Tiberius, out of favor in Rome and skulking in luxury until things cooled off, reveled as hordes of naked kiddies awaited his pleasure.
Women and girls, some men as well, emulated their version of Barbie by defoliating and depilating rigorously all those signs of maturity below the toga belt line.
Many posh villas featured graphic mural depictions of pornography of all sorts as wall paper.
Roman men made love to boys and other men but only to slaves and inferiors.
Perhaps what is astir now is, as it was then in old Rome, an unconscious flight from bleak reality into the envied bliss of the infant. Infantilization by large segments of society as reaction to sensed imminent collapse may be what is presenting now. The history of other failing states could be helpful to us now but the mendacity of the ruling classes prevent a realistic discussion of our future and dooms us to unconsciously covet or mimic the innocence of childhood as we slide past viability as a culture.



The War on Sanity/

16 May


USA vs Reason
Noam Chomsky,” We must bear in mind that the US is a very fundamentalist society, perhaps more than any other society in the world – even more fundamentalist than Saudi Arabia or the Taliban. That’s very surprising.”
 (Early in the Twentieth Century  fledgling Divines and the Dons at Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey brought forth the concept of Fundamentalism. The creators were ambitious and zealous: to defend orthodox Protestant Christianity against the perceived threat of Darwinism and liberal theology.)
 “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” – Woodrow Wilson, from his book entitled The New Freedom (1913).
 Americans began to think seriously with Ralph Waldo Emerson in the nineteenth century but we gave it up and the meme died young. Since that era fifteen or sixteen decades of philosophical dark ages have been endured. Generations of charismatics, behaviorists, pragmatists and tinkers with serious thought have appeared and faded out. Jung and Freud sailed here together a hundred years ago with bad news for us yokels about the Nation’s soul and sailed away with even more misgivings. Jung waxed at length about the ‘American Complex’ that defied proscription. It defies still.
 Witch hunts in 1650 were echoed again in 1950 with more of the same intent; routing out of dissent and apostasy. America had become a fertile arena for bizarre sects featuring plural marriage, celibacy, co-opted psychoanalysis or witnessing and proselytizing. Many communities flourished, for the most part briefly, during outbursts of religious fervor called ‘awakenings’ or in times like the 1960’s, of social strife. Today eight out of ten Americans say they believe in angels. UFO’s anyone?
 Drums of War
* 1947.  National Security State Established. “Scare the hell out of them”. Sen. Vandenberg to  Truman. Decades of warlike rhetoric and ‘manufactured consent’ ensued. Each succeeding generation less equipped to think beyond the national charade than the last.
 War Department renamed Department of Defensive.  Massive buildup of aggressive military begins. Hundreds of overseas military bases established. Fewer and fewer questions asked.
 “The Russians are Coming was the cry.  Never mind they were a second rate power; lost 20 million people defeating the Nazi armies. An enemy was needed and one was produced. We believed that at any moment H-Bombs would fall on us.
AND they wanted to take away our money! So another Red Scare shook the folks. Communists!
All around. In our schools and universities. In Hollywood. State Department. Everywhere! In the Army. Oops…big mistake. Wrong target…our heroes.  Okay. It’s over. For now. Until we need them again, those *^&#@ Commies.
 Got a great replacement for the Reds. Yeah.  Even better. Terror. Can’t miss with this one. Could be anyone, anything, anywhere. Neat.  Start writing those DOD checks. Bonanza!
American psychologists involved in torture of terrorist suspects.  Science uber alles.
 A vast section of the American public cherry picks science.   It’s okay to ride around in space ships or split atoms to boil water or feed antibiotics to the chickens but whoa! … watch those soft sciences. Biology, fuggedabout it.  No monkeys in my family.  Anthropology, nix. Ditto carbon-dating, global warming, NDA testing, psychology and sociology, they’re all taboo.  Bible stories, now you’re talking!
2 einstein
Revolution in Cuba.  What’s this? The guy with the beard taking our stuff. And the mob’s stuff. So what if he gave up his own family’s estates, he’s another *&^#@ Commie. Off to the Everglades! Train some fighters. Get some boats and go down there and shoot things up. We can’t seem to kill the beard so we’ll invade. Sort of. Uh…oh.
 Cuba Again, again. Missiles, from those Russkies. What to do?  WWlll, nah. Well, maybe. If they don’t take them back. What if we do have missiles all around the Soviet Union, we’re special. See
* Gaddafi hanging in Chad, scooping up uranium? Ronnie says, “Okay, Libya. Bombs away”.
* Grenada:  Communists again! Cuban workers seen on the island. Reagan freaks out. Invasion.
* Panama: Noriega, former US asset loses favor; country invaded, asset in prison.
 *Bill Clinton bombs Sudan. Many aspirins destroyed.
* Clinton again. Bombs Kosovo. Can’t permit a successful socialist state to exist. No way.
* 1950/1953  Commies again! Jet planes and tanks clash in Korea.  Major War. We call it  a “Police Action”. China and Russia get involved. TRUCE.
* 1990/2015  The incursions in Middle-East are primarily Police Actions but we call it ” War”.  Rowdy bunch there, so we leave. Come back. Leave?
* 1990  Iraq lured into invading Kuwait. Iraq invaded.
* 2001 Nineteen jihadists, most from Saudi Arabia attack US. Afganistan invaded. Oh, everybody does that. For the poppies, you know. Take a number. Wait your turn.
Now we’re broke. Owe everybody on earth. What happened? Had the best system ever seen. Made tons of money. But those foreigners wanted more…they wanted our gold instead of our beautiful greenbacks. What gall! We fixed them. Instead of gold you now get the”full faith and credit of the United States government”.  That shut them up from ’72 to ’86, alas, that’s when we became a debtor nation. Now we can’t get a moments’ peace. Money, money, money. There’s no money. What to do? Credit. Lots of it. That’s it. Print more money! Charge it. The kids will pay. Right? Sure.