Infantilization anyone?/

18 May
O Tempore, O mores


We live in interesting times. Consider:
*Middle age women fancy teenage boys
*Young woman and girls covet the Barbie Doll look. All top, no bottom.
*Grown men fancy toddlers.
*Priests fancy young boys; seldom young girls or women.
*Mohels and Rabbis render the first blow job. Sometimes favor the honoree with herpes.
*Any young person with computer savvy has unlimited access to graphic adult pornography. A single touch to a classmate, however, can be a police issue.
**The penalty for conviction any of the above is a lifetime of civic ostracization as Sexual Predator without chance of commutation and a half-mile separation from all temptation despite the circumstance.
“Specific laws against piracy, slavery, infanticide, sedition and ground and air pollution and smoking reveal the antisocial activities likely to attract a reckless, greedy, frightened, mentally disturbed, or merely weak man or women of a specific era.  Until the modern, post industrial era, there have been very few laws against pedophilia”. Russell Banks. “Lost Memories of Skin”
O Tempore, O Mores
To visit a similar era we travel back to another failing Empire and observe the mores extant in old Rome.  In the first century BCE, on the island of Capri, Emperor Tiberius, out of favor in Rome and skulking in luxury until things cooled off, reveled as hordes of naked kiddies awaited his pleasure.
Women and girls, some men as well, emulated their version of Barbie by defoliating and depilating rigorously all those signs of maturity below the toga belt line.
Many posh villas featured graphic mural depictions of pornography of all sorts as wall paper.
Roman men made love to boys and other men but only to slaves and inferiors.
Perhaps what is astir now is, as it was then in old Rome, an unconscious flight from bleak reality into the envied bliss of the infant. Infantilization by large segments of society as reaction to sensed imminent collapse may be what is presenting now. The history of other failing states could be helpful to us now but the mendacity of the ruling classes prevent a realistic discussion of our future and dooms us to unconsciously covet or mimic the innocence of childhood as we slide past viability as a culture.



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