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Humankind Out of Harmony

21 Aug
Humankind has managed to survive in roughly this familiar form for tens of thousands of years.  Not only have we survived but apparently we did so without resorting to mass destruction of other humans along the way. For at least one million of these years, humankind despite much overwrought angst in modern conjecture, feared little from the fierce beasts.  With the discovery of fire in the far distant past, a ten year old with a fire brand, would have been able to repel a dire wolf, or as some believe, a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Even under conditions with which early humans were forced to cope; the cyclones, earthquakes, droughts, floods and numbing cold, nothing prevented their successful progress: Until;
Something changed. Apparently in the late neolithic age the ingredients that had enabled primitive peoples to be successful against daunting odds for countless millennia was altered.  Perhaps fatally.
During the ensuing years until present day; a twinkling moment in the sum of human existence, a course has been pursued in human society that has produced an unbroken history of mayhem and carnage perhaps unequalled in its totality during the hundred of thousands of years preceding our era. The entire planet wherever human habitation exists today has become borderline toxic, increasingly at risk of being rendered unlivable and the occupants, with good sense, anxious about their future.
The survival ability exhibited by our ancestors would not have been possible if laden with modern baggage.  Certainly our universal, pervasive sexism; our record of human bondage and oppression and the resultant racism that has produced, together with the possessiveness moderns demonstrate would have gainsaid those hundreds of thousands of successful human years. One concept that seems feasible but now lies abandoned if,  indeed was operative and endured through the ages, may have tempered a human propensity for manslaughter in the past.  This concept was, simply enough, partnership between the sexes. If this then, is a principal characteristic that insured the success of our ancestors, it is assuredly the one ingredient that we lack universally and have lacked since the late neolithic. The behaviors we exhibit today might well have caused extinction of our species long before recorded history.
Some historians attribute the change from what was appears to have been a more bucolic form of human behavior resulting from this arrangement, to the arrival of certain hordes from the eastern steppes called Kurgans. These fierce pony riding warriors arrived at the Fertile Crescent, seat of a nascent civilization in the middle east about the same time certain desert dwelling equally fierce and warlike, but extremely zealous minions appeared in the south and, those forces acting together, tipped the delicate balance of harmony between men and women. We have not recovered that precious equilibrium to this day.



Snippets, Splinters & Tics

13 Aug
A challenge to POTUS about the raising of the minimum wage to $15 an hour:
Mr. President. Visit, or have an aide visit a Dollar Tree store (every item is $1 or less). Charge that person with finding ONE, just one among the thousands of different sorts of items on sale, that an American manufacturer could sell at a profit at home or especially abroad paying $15 an hour wage.
Couldn’t find even one.  I’m not surprised. Your move, Sir.
A challenge to black militants:
Consider yourselves fortunate.  If your ancestors had not been protected as chattel, and therefore valuable, you would not number 39 million today.  Native Americans, not so protected, are now less than 3 million total. Black men in US government uniforms helped herd Native Americans into concentration camps called reservations. Others slaughtered men, women and children, their dogs and horses, and burned their homes. Consider.
 bent bow
Crusade 2015:
The two most fundamentalist, Old Testament societies, Israel and the United States, are at odds with most of the Abrahamic World. Wanton destruction of Apostates by the chosen, exceptional people for the Lord, Mammon or lebensraum.
To solve the emissions problem with burning coal, I order a switch to a cleaner burning coal such as Anthracite. Oh, it’s all gone, ran out in the late fifties.  Okay, command them to step down just one notch to Bituminous A. It’s a lot softer, not as much heat value and pollutes, but okay, do it. None left, oh wow. My final concession: go to Bituminous B.  What? There must be!  Alright, that’s it, continue burning sub-Bituminous.  At least that’s better than Germany that has only Lignite left to burn. Ha. Next stop for them is bog peat or cow plops. We win.
In 2007, the amount of energy America used in the form of coal exceeded the total energy consumption- from all sources, coal,oil, natural gas, and nuclear- of all the countries of Central and South America combined… Replacing the world’s habit with something else will require finding an energy source (or sources) that can supplant the equivalent of six new Saudi Arabias.
( China’s usage alone equals two and a half Saudi Arabias.)  Robert Bryce…’Coal Hard Facts’
Cojones To Go:
The largest export from America to Tel Aviv, even larger than all those dollars is …balls. Harvested in vast quantities at the Nation’s Capital, from Christian Zionists, Major Media and, of course, the resident Tribe.
Public Works Project 2015:
Begin immediately to locate, inventory and survey all likely hills, tors and monadnocks throughout the nation. Suitable locations with southern exposure and adequate fresh water access will be selected for our prompt attention.  Wide terraces layered into the hillsides suitable for farming will be immediately roughed in and prepared for future emergency usage.  No attempt to implement final use is anticipated until salt water intrusion threatens farm land.  At that time, top soil will be salvaged, deposited on the terraces and planting begun.
In Appalachia hundreds of miles of topped off mountains and hills stand bare after coal deposits were gouged out.  The region is ripe for a Federal WPA project which would provide for residents now and feed the rest of us in the future.
Priority will be given to this effort despite expected demands to spend precious resources for shoring up and protecting cities instead. The only exception to protecting the food supply as a primary goal is to buttress threatened nuclear facilities against rising water at all cost. Avoid future Nukushimas. (sic)
GOP Debate 8/2015:
This is what Donald Trump said:
TRUMP: ” I will tell you that our system is broken. I gave to many people, before this, before two months ago, I was a businessman. I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And do you know what? When I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for me. And that’s a broken system.
… Well, I’ll tell you what, with Hillary Clinton, I said be at my wedding and she came to my wedding. You know why?She didn’t have a choice because I gave. I gave to a foundation that, frankly, that foundation is supposed to do good. I didn’t know her money would be used on private jets going all over the world. It was.”
This is what the pundits heard:
“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes,” Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon on Friday night(after the debate). “Blood coming out of her wherever.”
Economics 101
The universal dynamic of capitalism is to strive for growth.  The opposite of growth is not non-growth but rather…sharing. Thus anathema. Apostacy. Taboo.
We are so shithouse crazy we should not have any guns and that includes the police and the military.  Lacking that, my advice is to…duck!
American Creed:
We trivialize our friends and demonize our enemies. Exception: our feral pets; currently Israel and Saudi Arabia.
An American’s  Perspective:
Step back; focus, go back more. Go way far back, now focus again and view America, aha!, I see clearly: A madhouse, a charnel house, a failed state.
An American Pledge:
To be put forward at the next major Green assembly.
Indicate the date, month and year, when you intend to give up your motor vehicle permanently to save the planet. Note: Be advised; the 2 billionth motor vehicle, one half being automobiles, is projected to be in operation somewhere in the world in 2020. (This number does not include off-road vehicles.)
American Ablution:
Gay marriage and legal pot are the “light rinse” after the brainwashing.
American Grafiti:
Gore Vidal said roughly,” young people used to swallow live goldfish to protest their powerlessness; now they kill themselves.”
With this in mind, consider the age of, and ultimate violent death of, nearly all the perpetrators in this nationwide rash of multiple shootings. Perhaps we’re seeing acted out a form of suicide that has been labeled, “death by police”.
Have any of these individuals actually survived one of these violent encounters or have they all been shot by law enforcement or have taken their own lives?
So then, are we seeing an outbreak of attention getting suicidal intent disguised as murderous outbursts? 
To break the copy-cat cycle, the authorities might make reasonable efforts to take the shooter alive.  This would prevent martyrdom and the intended suicide. The subsequent trial and probable life sentence without parole might dampen the ardor of like-minded others.
 Subversion Insertion:
What all those unattached young men, those future jihadiis need, is girlfriends.  They inhabit a part of the world that has an enormous man-woman problem. I suggest the situation be defused with an insertion of a bevy of hookers, no, no,  I mean escorts.  Sensual, available, nubile young women who for a fee, a generous one, provide human comfort to a generation of restless, frustrated young men.
That sort of proactive subversion coupled with removal of Western influences from that unhappy region might save the day. And more than a few lives.