Humankind Out of Harmony

21 Aug
Humankind has managed to survive in roughly this familiar form for tens of thousands of years.  Not only have we survived but apparently we did so without resorting to mass destruction of other humans along the way. For at least one million of these years, humankind despite much overwrought angst in modern conjecture, feared little from the fierce beasts.  With the discovery of fire in the far distant past, a ten year old with a fire brand, would have been able to repel a dire wolf, or as some believe, a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Even under conditions with which early humans were forced to cope; the cyclones, earthquakes, droughts, floods and numbing cold, nothing prevented their successful progress: Until;
Something changed. Apparently in the late neolithic age the ingredients that had enabled primitive peoples to be successful against daunting odds for countless millennia was altered.  Perhaps fatally.
During the ensuing years until present day; a twinkling moment in the sum of human existence, a course has been pursued in human society that has produced an unbroken history of mayhem and carnage perhaps unequalled in its totality during the hundred of thousands of years preceding our era. The entire planet wherever human habitation exists today has become borderline toxic, increasingly at risk of being rendered unlivable and the occupants, with good sense, anxious about their future.
The survival ability exhibited by our ancestors would not have been possible if laden with modern baggage.  Certainly our universal, pervasive sexism; our record of human bondage and oppression and the resultant racism that has produced, together with the possessiveness moderns demonstrate would have gainsaid those hundreds of thousands of successful human years. One concept that seems feasible but now lies abandoned if,  indeed was operative and endured through the ages, may have tempered a human propensity for manslaughter in the past.  This concept was, simply enough, partnership between the sexes. If this then, is a principal characteristic that insured the success of our ancestors, it is assuredly the one ingredient that we lack universally and have lacked since the late neolithic. The behaviors we exhibit today might well have caused extinction of our species long before recorded history.
Some historians attribute the change from what was appears to have been a more bucolic form of human behavior resulting from this arrangement, to the arrival of certain hordes from the eastern steppes called Kurgans. These fierce pony riding warriors arrived at the Fertile Crescent, seat of a nascent civilization in the middle east about the same time certain desert dwelling equally fierce and warlike, but extremely zealous minions appeared in the south and, those forces acting together, tipped the delicate balance of harmony between men and women. We have not recovered that precious equilibrium to this day.



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