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America: The “Old Country”

22 Nov
The transition has been gradual and covert but as Colonel North revealed to us thirty years ago, a new de facto establishment now exists. From this point of reference the time has come to regard, with nostalgia and fondness of course, the old Washington Establishment, indeed the entire United States of America, as the “Old Country”.
The Corporate Plutocracy and American Conglomerates in particular, in league with the “Deep State”, now regard our esteemed system, as we have been taught to regard Europe and the rest of the globe, as interesting but quaint anachronisms, old hat, not up to par with us, i.e. the old country.This has been in our mother’s milk for generations.
Legions of admen and public opinion mavens have, with increasing efficiency, inserted this doctrine into our collective mentality for ages.
We know that the Irish have produced great writers, yes but, they drink;  the French, there was that business at Yorktown,yes but, they have low morals, the Russians beat the Nazis, yes but, they drink too and now, as the President recently reminded us, “they don’t make anything”. The Swedes,  they are peace loving and socially advanced yes but  they kill themselves. The flummery is endless; the result, predictable. When the time came our defenses against “manufactured consent” (read: propaganda) were low to non-existent and the new ideology sluiced right through, quite handily.
Now that the good ‘ol U.S. of A. is in the category of a, yes but, it has become de facto, ‘The Old Country’,  to the mobile elites.. The Federal Government is pictured as out of touch, obsolete, not suitable for the new reality (as described by its critics, the rulers, of course). Corporate elites, with their owned Mainstream Media, are busily deconstructing traditional Americanism to suit the new order. Demonization and trivialization of its component parts are the two workhorses of this technique.
Little is spared in the effort.  The public school system suffered early on as great forces strove to cut it loose from the public domain. Too much at stake there. Can’t let another generation suffer under the influence of an obsolete, although still touchingly nostalgic, set of values. Use busing, vouchers, academies, charter schools; attacks on teachers unions, school boards etc.etc., whatever it takes, but get it done now!
How about the military? Too expensive. Cut the VA, the benefits; still too costly. Privatize. Go to Combat on Demand forces. Guarantee them nothing but their paychecks. Good.
Middle classes too pushy?  Want to keep things as they were? Fugetaboudit. Jobs to Asia. Let them compete with that. And put their kids in debt bondage for the rest of their lives with onerous schooling payments. OK, done.
But people might balk. No way. Militarize the local police. Every squad a swat team. Heavy weapons, personnel carriers, a tank or two.  Got it!
The plutocratic expats are in essence no longer land bound.  With due deference paid to the, ‘old sod’, America is just a place to secure corporation docs and establish legal and financial services of record. Home is where the money is and that ain’t necessarily hereabouts. Especially at tax time. There’s a great wide world out there and plenty of posh hidey holes to visit.
Problem?  This new reality must rely on personal protection, no sovereign buffer out there for expats.  But they have the finest guard force money can buy. Sure, sure but what if things come to a shove? Can you trust your armed bodyguards? Hmmm. Maybe you should learn to shoot a gun, Mr CEO. Just maybe.