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4 no trump

23 Mar

Presidential contender Donald Trump was cited for constantly picking at the scab of the long deemed senescent America pox (pox Americanus) and it’s beginning to erupt.  Festering PC (political correctness), DE (demented exceptional ism) and, once thought eradicated, RR (residual racism) is starting to seep out despite all efforts to staunch the flow.  Strangely, when  loosed this plague appears to be airborne and initially attacks the human ear.

Professional pundits in Mainstream Media have become stricken with a weird form of glossolalia; a speaking in tongues, where the only clear and understandable words are: Hitler, fascism and sometimes, what sounds like, ruse or cruise.  Of course the sachems and spin-miesters know full well they are in total error.  But then they are in thrall to their handlers and their opinions are slanted so:

How is Donald Trump not the personification of all we hold dear? First and foremost he was a celebrity: this trumps all else in our fair land. He’s filthy rich: that’s second only to celebrity.  He’s male.  Required gender for any serious consideration.  He’s white: ’nuff said.

He is US.

So what’s the problem?

Why do we even question his desire to run the place?  Who else is as qualified as the truest of true Americans? To deny The Donald is to gainsay Americanism; our very uniqueness. It’s almost unpatriotic!

It’s been pointed out he is racist; a bigot. So!  He’s wants a wall across the border with Mexico in lieu of a realistic immigrant policy. So!  As a professional builder that’s merely and extension of an existing wall and is true to form. He wants to bar entry to Muslims fearing blow-back from ongoing foreign policy practices they may resent. So! Don’t we all? He challenges the Pope for interfering in domestic politics. So!  How do these positions and/or future diktats make him un-America? They all seem utterly American.

Alas, Donald J. Trump may not be a true patriot. Yes, I know, it’s painful to even contemplate.  He has all those good things going, but… and it’s a biggie.  He is weak where it is least forgivable.

The Donald does not believe in us as a real American must.  He has doubts about the wisdom of our most cherished goal, the guiding light which has led us since the Nation was reinvented in 1898 and our heroic Empire was created.

I submit this weakness leaves Donald Trump barely fit to call himself an American let alone rule our land.  He has dared to suggest we pull back our armed forces from their rightful deployments worldwide and that is just simply un-American.

For shame,   Donald J Trump. You had so much promise.

You must repent and demand we attack somewhere.  Iran comes to mind.  Or…