Humankind Minus 1

19 Jul

On our planet there exists a major species in which one half dominates the other completely. Since the late Bronze Age males of the human variety have conquered everything in sight, perhaps beginning with but certainly ending with, the female of the species. The behavior resultant from this dominance and the lack of any foreseeable equal partnership between the sexes make it unlikely our species would have survived if that had always been the norm. That we are still here argues for a different arrangement having existed throughout eons past.

It goes against all logic and experience to suppose that any species can exist for very long when one sex dominates the other beyond all reason or sanity.  What must remain in such an imbalance of nature is a skewed reality, a narrow one-sided vision and a faulty time horizon.  That fairly sums up life as we know it. We persist in doing the same male originated actions over and over but mindlessly expect different results each time. Is that not a classic definition of insanity?

Males rule the planet now and have done so for several millennia. It is total rule and the whole place shows it. Every likely water course has become a phallic oasis rising skyward seeking puissance over the next guy’s effort. Even bloody-minded rivals on 9/11 sought to destroy the challenging symbols, those towering edifices, rather than doing actual mortal damage by hitting nuke or chemical plants, etc.

Our violent record, the mainstay of  recent history, hints ominously that we should expect no relief because the male mindset, not counterbalanced by any distaff input of consequence, cannot do other than it has done to date

That’s our known world, and that numbing reality is reflected in male actions over scores of recent generations until the possibility of any alternate existence escapes us completely. Where do we start to remedy such inequity and dysfunction or have we come past some critical point in time?  Perhaps it cannot occur until the current male regime comes a cropper and the survivors try to put together a new world among the ashes.

If it comes down to sheer species survival, and many signs point to this, then the first order of business in the bleak ruins, must be to permit the equal voice and vision of females once again. Perhaps, then and only then, will humankind become truly humane and begin to thrive.


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