Time Out! Our Nation Has Tantrums

4 Sep

After witnessing a long series of colossal national tantrums perhaps “Time Out!” is the best remedy for such willful behavior.  We should not be forced to witness the national equivalent of a two year old with ADHD flinging itself on the floor in a toy store and losing all control. Therefore:

Since you created, produced and foisted upon us the bewildering spectacle of a dumb show with words, lots of words, pantomiming a national election and featuring two of the most divisive characters on the planet.  It is…TIME OUT! for you.


You created havoc and destruction all over the Middle East and North Africa, watched your friends in Europe be inundated with your refugees and are now weaseling out of accepting even a token number here at home, therefore Sir…TIME OUT! for you.

When you meddle in the civil affairs of Syria where Russia has a naval base and do the same in Ukraine, again with a Russian naval base, thereby putting the entire world in mortal peril, then Sir…TIME OUT! for you.

You fund cockamamie schemes to live on Mars, fund artificial intelligence when actual intelligence is already in short supply all around us and fund research to awaken the dead when Americans go hungry and live in boxes, soooo…TIME OUT! for you.

You blissfully raised our national debt level high enough to bury the future in it; off –shored our best jobs to others and then abandoned our people to compete with the entire world just to survive, repent Sir, then to…TIME OUT!

You have devised a compulsory medical insurance scheme co-written with Big Pharma and the insurance companies, then sat quietly when they kicked drug prices sky-high and wrecked the program, so…TIME OUT! for you.

You thrust a generation into penury to inflate the coffers of a greedy educational system that you were able to access for pocket money when it was your turn there. Shame, Sir…Go stand in that corner then to…TIME OUT!

Becoming the record holder among nations for the most citizens incarcerated and being unwilling to accept the cost and responsibility you elected to sell the inmates to private for-profit jailers, you Sir go straight to…TIME OUT!


Robert Magill





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