Broken Warriors

7 Oct

During the 1980’s as house parents in a busy international youth hostel in Key West, Florida my family lived with hundreds of Israeli young men and women most of whom were Sabras (native born). What was most striking about the Israelis, compared to other groups we lived with, was the flat personal aspect and steely visage of these young men and women.

One too often noticed the face of a grim warrior or the blank visage of professional hunter on a twenty-something attempting, sadly, to enjoy a pleasant vacation. Many carried, at a tender age, what has been described as the thousand-yard stare of veteran combatants. In contrast to most others in the same age group from elsewhere the difference in demeanor was striking and sad in a fun place like Key West

The tragedy of the continual conflict and bloodshed at home, most have known no other reality, is that the effort to secure the present may doom the future in their country. Sending repeated generations to battle and occupation without let-up or hope is a sorry legacy. Nothing I’ve seen written or spoken has yet addressed this looming tragedy.  Senior Israeli planners whether political, military or religious appear to focus exclusively on prevailing successfully in the here and now and the future is well…not theirs.  Are these young persons being sacrificed for some dubious lebensraum or ideological advantage by their elders?



2 Responses to “Broken Warriors”

  1. Darwin October 7, 2016 at 7:24 pm #

    An interesting account Bob. Thanks for sharing.

    • ibonobos October 7, 2016 at 11:23 pm #

      Thanks, Darwin. See you soon?

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