1 Dec

 STOP Everything, and the final end of civilization will be postponed a tad.  Postponed, that is, not avoided, that will not be possible.  Decisions taken in our deep past and continued to this very day mandate our coming failure.  Species collapse is now written into our DNA, we authored it and continue it.  STOP doing just about everything you now take for granted as absolutely necessary and prepare to learn to simply survive. Survival is a useful condition to enjoy but is in jeopardy, so just plain STOP, NOW.

Perhaps, also, by STOPPING now we can provide a measure of hope to our young and, just possibly, produce a future generation, maybe two before it all ends. So try to learn to be content with very little starting at once.  Something to eat on a regular basis, suitable shelter and something to wear should be your goal and provide you, in time, with some measure of contentment.  STOP dreaming of the unobtainable i.e. traveling for pleasure, conspicuous consumption or wasteful habits. That’s over.  Park those cruise ships and jumbo jets, use them for shelters.

 STOP. Don’t even think of going, ever, to Mars or any such blather.  We’re grounded.  Okay, if you insist, keep building those electric cars until the lithium runs out; it won’t matter. There will still be two billion motor vehicles on the road by 2020 and one and one half billion will still be running on fossil fuel. Also, at the very least, to even begin to plan for new construction of homes and industry where sole access is by automobile is counterproductive. We are too many; too destructive, too demanding of nature’s largesse and too homicidal to be allowed to continue as we have been. No excuses.

Put a STOP to all government projects that are accelerating our pace to disaster.  That, of course, precludes overseas adventures involving blowing things up.  Wasteful in the extreme thus, no longer permissible.  Gunboat diplomacy involving flotillas of warships is no longer wanted, needed or desirable.  STOP launching them.

 Of course not all humans living on this planet need be included in the STOPPAGE.  Far from it.  Millions have never even started. So, no need to STOP if you already live now the way the rest of us will soon be doing.  We salute you!  The goodies and pitfalls of our civilization are not of your doing so please don’t Start now. Thank you.  However, you may have been tainted with exposure to our fatal historic flaw and need council and guidance.

 If, among your peers, there is evidence of this malady manifesting in unearned male prominence and privilege based solely on gender you are suffering the effects of the early conquest of the female gender by males. The contest was decided at the dawn of civilization and humankind has had to live with the result ever since. STOP IT.

We were not to be a benign, compassionate and responsible species living harmoniously with nature and each other.  One half of our kind decided early on to dominate and ignore the council and equality of the other in perpetuity.  The descendants of those early conquerors possess a musculature advantage and are favored with more biological leisure and use these to subjugate their human partners. The importance of the female principal, one half of the human whole, is thereby forfeit, disenfranchised and ignored.  The demise of our species is preordained by this fundamental imbalance. FULL STOP.



One Response to “STOPPIT, DAMMIT”

  1. J. Jeffrey Bragg May 15, 2017 at 11:37 pm #

    It is so unlikely that this will happen. The terrible ongoing momentum of the status quo makes even an emergency “All Stop” engine-room-telegraph signal useless. Individuals will wake up. But the mammoth governmental and war-machine juggernaut seems unSTOPpable.

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