Barry we hardly knew ye

9 Dec

Have we ever seen as sterling a behind-the-curtain, Wizard of Oz act, as performed by Barack Obama for the past eight years? Do we know anything at all about this man aside from the fact that he loves his wife and kids?  Has he any friends?  Ever hear of, or see any?  Aside from pickup basketball and golf, has he any personal interests? We would have to go back to Richard Milhous Nixon to find a president as secretive and even Nixon had Bebe Reboso as a friend.  Maybe Aaron Burr was the major Washington personality who was as closed as Barack Obama has been. 

Good behavior is to be applauded but in these days of daily exposure of prevarication at all levels, perhaps this pristine image is too good to be real. The current wave of presidential icon polishing we are constantly being asked to indulge seems a bit over the top.  Why is our president more devoted to his legacy than that former frontrunner of the sort, Jackie Kennedy, who was zealous in the care and maintenance of the Camelot image?  Having read Obama’s bio published before the presidency his demeanor should come as no surprise.  He clearly described his standoffish relationship with other faculty during his tenure at University of Chicago.  All of these character traits or, perhaps, studied attitudes certainly have been helpful propelling such an unlikely candidate to such high places. Well done, sir, I say.

I also say that as a professor teaching Constitutional law he should of necessity been aware, more so than most others, of the need for honesty in the recording of history.  Then, sir, are you not now attempting to write history with a personal agenda? Please stop being the presiding  hagiographer and consider instead, the future generations who will rely on your words.


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