The Screaming Meemies

14 Dec


  • Millions of Americans have the screaming meemies these days.  Never have so many been so terrified of the future and unable to cope with current reality. The recent election demonstrates how close we are to a collective breakdown and how oblivious we are as to the causes. Our culture of hype and spin and downright lying at all levels has finally caught up with us. Nowhere in any important place is a clear, untainted voice able to communicate regularly any particle of truth.  All major assets have been tainted with mendacity and cant until they are properly suspect or ignored by most everyone.

Perhaps this reflects an ongoing national projection of all evil on others with reflected guilt showing up in ourselves as the heebie-jeebies. How many more decades can we be at war all over the place, destroying entire countries but almost ignoring this at home and remain sane?  We have been led to believe that whatever we do at home and especially abroad must be correct simply because we are the ones doing it.  No national instrument exists to gainsay our actions or even to question their correctness or desirability. If bad things happen to others it must be for a good reason because we are the force for good.  Have we become a nation of True Believers, unable to escape some narrow secular American mindset?

Maybe the screaming meemies is the silent voice of millions whose lives have been destroyed by our willful efforts? We live comfortably at the expense of others with little genuine input into the collective welfare of the planet.  That makes us a form of super parasite rather than super power. To do all this with borrowed money makes us financially profligate; craps shooters in a serious money world.  Everybody knows this but us.  When they don’t need our markets, need, not want that is; they will not need or want our bonds.

Bye Bye.


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