Eve Was a War Prize

26 Dec

 We Are a Post-Bellum Species

They were nomads, herdsmen, wranglers of animals.  Their homes were the deserts and steppes; lonely places with wide horizons and vague boundaries delimited only by looming mountains. For thousands of years these wanderers roamed about with little regard for place or home site. During dry times they left hearth, tent and domesticity to follow the grasses with the flocks. They lay each night, under the stars, projecting themselves upon the vast cosmos. Reflecting back was celestial hubris. They were star-struck. They were sovereign.

 All their charges were held to be less than they; children and women included. The resultant desensitization caused by unchallenged rule over their beasts and their fellow humans was then layered with enormous inflation of self until: a power-centered ‘cowboy culture’ entered history

They brought their weapons and their gods.  To smite and to smote, to rapine and to enslave, these warlike hordes brandished metal weapons and in the way of the plainsmen, rode their war ponies into the lives of agrarian homesteads.

Their gods were as they were; fierce, relentless, demanding and macho. Nothing was the same after these visitations and the planet itself suffers today from the manifestations of this chaotic influence.  Humankind never recovered from these violent intrusions into our peaceful and hitherto, successful, existence. In a scant seven or eight millenniums, the more benign behaviors that assured successful human existence during the passage of incredible amounts of prior time were stripped from the future and left us as we are: murderous, fanatical, patriarchal and now possibly, doomed.

The gender war was insidious and victory was swift and decisive but in the context of the times, not unusual.  Conquest and usurpation was considered the norm by the victors who ravaged and pillaged at will. The resultant disenfranchisement of the entire female gender continues intact but is not recognized now as a legacy of theft.  It is universally regarded as simply the way things are.

Several thousand years of manufactured consent combined with near continual social and religious reinforcement have almost removed all memory of our previous existence. A form of collective amnesia prevents any alternate reality from appearing at the horizon. Humankind is seemingly untroubled by the criminal takings that occurred in the past but is troubled by the impossibility of finding harmony in human existence today.  The brightest and most favored have no greater insight into the perils of this ongoing gender inequity than the dullest.

Alas, a gender conflict of such shattering aspect has promoted the weaker human partner into near total prominence and relegated the stronger to a lesser position. “Men aren’t really very strong at all…At the first sign of trouble a man falls apart. That’s why women have to work so hard to stay optimistic and upbeat, to be frugal and understanding. To not question everything”  Ann Hood …’The Obituary Writer’

No species can exist for long when guilty of manipulation of gender equality solely to maintain dominance and disguise weakness.  It seems miraculous that humankind has managed to avoid extinction thus far but I’m doubtful we can avoid the inevitable much longer. Things are coming undone and since the stronger are everywhere still beholden to the weaker, the entire planet suffers from the flawed results.

Only an immediate return to a bucolic, equal partnership between the sexes and a cessation of the fatal imbalance caused by myopic male vision and de facto male rule of the entire planet can save the day. The odds of this occurring are exceedingly low and without it all is, more than likely, lost.



8 Responses to “Eve Was a War Prize”

  1. highrpm December 26, 2016 at 10:49 pm #

    love your first paragraph. the phantasy resonates an imprint deep within. hebrews 11:38 comes to mind. pacific coast trail here i come.

  2. Thirdeye January 2, 2017 at 5:46 am #

    Meh,,,,the standard radfem pseudo-anthropological theory on the rise of “patriarchy” at the hands of evil Indo-Europeans on horseback. Essentially another religious myth about the fall of (wo)man. You’re better off looking at the imperatives of building material wealth and social organization, i.e. the prerequisites for leaving works of civilization, if you want to understand how patrilineality became the norm.

    • ibonobos January 2, 2017 at 10:51 am #

      No, the radfems just want a larger slice of the pie. I insist the ladies have one half of the pie and the recipe.

  3. von Stroop January 7, 2017 at 12:28 pm #


  4. edNels January 7, 2017 at 6:21 pm #

    That’s a pretty good rant there until you go all PC feminist. I was wondering if you were going to morph it into a take on the Khazars…what with all the paternalist terrorist gods etc.and the looting modus operandi.

    • ibonobos January 7, 2017 at 6:35 pm #

      Not PC feminist, they will settle for a larger piece of the pie. I insist the ladies have one half of the pie AND the recipe.

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