Our LCD Nation / or

25 Jan

How Sex, Drugs &  Rock n Roll Got Trashed

The LCD of sex education has produced a generation of 13th and 14th grade college students. These millennial boys and girls (sic) bring their high school sex education lessons gleaned from the least responsible source possible to college.  Long immersion in the internet view of adult mores has resulted in very confused young women and totally clueless young men.  They sought patterns to grownup life by people watching as is quite normal but forgot that in porn the people are actors; directed and scripted.  When subscribing to porn for information and guidance they were not informed that porn is based on the credo that nobody ever says NO to sex. Hence we have harassed RAs in the dorms and security all over the place. The most common night light on campus is the blue ‘ help me’ light on every corner with security phone at the ready. Porn is porn but the false message presented has guided youthful eroticism to LCD: the Lowest Common Denominator.

Millennials have only the Boomers to thank for the government blessed presence of super dope.  The stoners from the sixties are turning on the entire country, state by state.  With super dope “One toke over the line” should now read ‘one toke is the line’. The good old days of passing  around a joint is an express ticket to boboland now.  Gone is the slow growing buzz that went on and on until everybody was nodding out and the party began to drag.  The reason beer drinking is popular is the social factor.  It takes a while to get ripped and there is comraderie throughout the process. Perhaps the liquor industry will get onboard with 200 proof vodka which will cause coma with the first shot.  Sending an entire country to boboland is a dubious enterprise and reeks of the Lowest Comm… hey,man. What was I saying? This shit is killer!

In Manhattan the elevator in the Brill Building, home of Tin Pan Alley, went down to the lowest level and several guys came out. They were bottom feeders in the business of popular music. These were minor characters in the Hit Parade era when truly gifted lyricists, Cole Porter, Hoagy Carmichael, George Gershwin, the best of the best, created the music America became famous for worldwide. But now these marginal guys had a plan. The numbers were looking good.  The post war babies, we now call Boomers, were just reaching puberty.  Time for action. Find the Lowest Common Denominator then blitz the kiddies with “Bubble Gum” music to get them listening and buying vinyl. Next year we’ll elvis them and get them shaking their little booties.  After that we’ll stone them and keep them rocking and own them for ourselves. Forget about music for the rest of the country, that’s over.  Kids got bucks now and there are soo many of them.

This continued though the 50s, 60s and into the 70s until, gasp: DISCO, ruined the party and everybody went home, got a job, had kids. Their hard won music empire died a quick death. Enter the new Lowest Common Denominator, punk , funk, rap and hip hop.




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