Black Magic or Jungian Shadow?

20 Mar

The persona of Donald Trump evokes in us as a nation the same distortion of reality as a funhouse mirror at an amusement park.  The universal animus and/or naiveté projected by all and sundry upon this singular individual is astounding.  The nation has reacted, almost to a person, as having witnessed in this weird mirror an image of ourselves that has never before been experienced. It’s not pretty.

Not since Mao Zedong called back his out of control Red Guard, or perhaps that nastiness with Pol Pot, has the world experienced such a frenzied display of cultural distress.  Apparently no American is immune to the phenomenon. Maybe it’s black magic. Maybe it’s Jungian: a projection of our flawed archetypes on a central figure who reflects back our shadow selves. Whatever it is; it’s pretty dark.

It fact, the Trump effect on us has become a Litmus Test of our soundness of mind at home and our potential actions abroad. As a people we have long been unable to view the world in any way other than as we have been conditioned for the past century.  Now the unquestioned shibboleths of America’s “uniqueness and specialness” color our very lives as individuals.  The propaganda couched as the American Way of Life has become so all consuming that it took just one individual to march to center stage and reflect back our carefully hidden shortcomings and delusions for the fear and loathing to begin.

.But having said that, maybe it’s cathartic and had to happen for any change to occur in our entrenched behaviors. We’ve been sleepwalking for a long time.  How many pointless wars and incursions have we permitted to happen? Willful manipulation of our nation’s resources has lead to our inability to compete in the world. Why did we let this big advantage slip away?  How did we get from being a creditor nation, banker to the world; to having to live from the money loaned by others?

Robert Burns lamented:  (O would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.)  Well we have it now, finally…maybe. Just maybe, we’ll see ourselves as others see us.

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