The Lights Come up Slowly and…

21 Mar

HERE HE COMES…MR. AMERICA or is it Captain America now that he’s top brass?  Maybe 21st Century Uncle Sam is best!  Whatever the name…he is US.  In the flesh, bigger then life.  Doesn’t matter what you think or I think; he is US. And now he’s President because we produced, directed and elected him; above all others.

He’s bigly, he’s richly, he’s a celebrity and he TWEETS!, every day.  Can’t get any more American than that. Why would anyone doubt his bonafides?  Need to talk to the head guy in Kapowistan; no problem. He’s knows him. Did a deal once. An ARTful deal, of course. Need an overnight in South Badwasser: he’s got a place there, actually two: you have comps! What other President has done business in half the world or would even know where Kapowistan is? Tell me that!

Why is it so hard for some people to understand that DJT is us? All our dreams and aspirations were his as well. You always wanted to be a big TV star; be honest now.  And a few million in hand was always in the back of your mind; truth now. Sure, sure you wouldn’t want his job for two seconds but…maybe Senator or SCOTUS, yeah.  You’d make a good judge; you’re pretty sure of that.

 I’m amazed that some people don’t think he has enough experience or knowledge for the job he’s got.  Since when could anyone have the experience to be President without being the President? As for knowledge, the recent (three decades and counting) resident book at the White House doesn’t show much of a learning curve. Sometimes it has even been negative for learning! 

That’s it. Donald J Trump is us, in spades. From sea to shining sea and amber waves and all the rest.  Don’t believe it? Look in the mirror. Catch that star-spangled look.  There, hold your head a little to the left, no the other left…you know. Yeah! That’s it, good old USofA, right in the eye…er,eyes. You and DJT are true blue.



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