If he Bleeds…

22 Mar

Donald Trump is the best thing to come along, from the Mainstream Media point of view, since the Kardashians or Kaepernick. The media has made more money selling papers and air time since Trump entered the scene than they can count. Don’t expect any let up in the 24/7 Trump, Trump, Trump cadence for the foreseeable future. If he bleeds; he ledes. That’s just the way things are.  Any excess, distraction or tragedy that will sell… we’ll sell it!  No apologies, no attempt at balance or fairness is intended; none is offered. That’s the American Way; deal with it.   Or don’t.

If you reject it, the road is rocky, the path steep and slippery and you’ll meet folks you never expected to be within striking distance of as companions. That’s the price to dampen down the gain on 24 hour Trumpish hucksterism. It can get lonely out here in outsiderville until you look back at what you’re missing. The bigly thing you’ll miss is four long years of media hype and bottom line loving care posing as information sharing. Dodging this craven onslaught of commerce pretending to be information may save your sanity.

Trump as President represents the coming of age of decades, maybe a century, of delusions of grandeur that has been foisted on the public by a system that values only creating customers or acolytes. Brilliant propaganda has rendered the lot of us unable to think beyond the narrow parameters of the American Way.  But they may have gone past a danger mark this time.

The anti-Trump frenzy kindled and kept ablaze by various interested parties seems to have unhinged our people. In some sections to be known as a supporter of the President can be a source of vitriol or worse from boisterous others. A sort of home spun Red Guard has taken to the streets, the airways and public assemblies to harass or threaten Trump loyalists. No dissent from political or social norm is tolerated by these zealots whose yearning for the old status quo is palpable. Perfectly normal citizens have been rioting, destroying property and duplicating the antics of Mao Zedong’s followers in the turbulent 60’s.

 The rational is similar.  Unable to accept the results of the election and assist the new administration in any constructive way those interested parties continue to encourage civil unrest. The effect on a populous who have been systematically regressed  to a level of near panic and fear for years is unpredictable. The ‘Russians are coming’ scare that worked in the past is thin gruel now and the perps are desparate to make it stick. A swarming  hive of military procurement brass are sweating bullets to keep the loot coming. Fortunately the insanity appears to be confined at home.  The targets of our animus seem to be doing just fine out there in “lesser land”.


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