9 to 5, or Fuggedaboutit

25 Mar

“It is too late to bring manufacturing back to the United States, because corporations already have shifted their supply nodes abroad, and too much U.S. infrastructure has been dismantled.” Michael Hudson, University of Missouri, 3/23/17 Unz Review

This is the most prophetic and the most damning statement of America’s future I have read in years.  Without manufacturing providing nine to five, get up in the morning and go to work reality, what in hell can we offer our millions of young people as substitute?  We already have a situation where older brothers and sisters, perhaps even parents in a family, have never held a real job and the younger ones face even worsening prospects.

Having a job, doing gainful employment defines a person.  Forced into school, fed a litany of obsolete Americana, then let out into the bleak streets also does. This can’t continue because the urban streets offer heroin while the bucolic country lanes offer meth; little else. And please, the military or prison as their legacy will not answer, it’s been tried.

There must be something we can manufacture, something that is uniquely us, that can put our kids back to work.  No it’s not a Service Economy, tried that. Nor IT, that won’t do it.  Times running out folks, the center not only doesn’t hold, it no longer exists. Think hard, what is America about that we can put into a production line that we can’t import from the East? Keep in mind China has pledged to cut back on small ticket export items to reduce pollution. Got to be an answer or it’s game over.

If we can’t bring the jobs back we have to create them at home. Now! 





2 Responses to “9 to 5, or Fuggedaboutit”

  1. L April 14, 2017 at 6:42 pm #

    Good food….though we have been destroying our farmland housing projects….etc.
    The issue is no money in it…..Note these recent papers by the National Organization for Raw Materials, if there were money then there would be money for small towns, local manufacturing….etc…all the way up!



    Bruce Marshall

    • ibonobos April 14, 2017 at 7:22 pm #

      I suggested to Pres Trump he initiate an effort to use all those hundreds of hills and monadnocks that have been ruined by strip mining in Appalachia. To prepare them for terrace farming as a refuge for top soil being lost to development and/or flooding.

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