Five Who Never

27 Mar

Five US Presidents had never been elected to public office before becoming President: Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Herbert Hoover, and Donald Trump.

As to the first three; it was the considered opinion of the electorate that dispatching hordes of Indians, Mexicans, Americans and sundry others in battle did not disqualify one for the oval office. So be it. General Taylor’s brief time in office was devoted to preserving the Union in a time of many divisive slavery issues. General Ulysses S Grant’s two terms were noted for repeated financial scandals. Which brings us to General Dwight D Eisenhower who spent both time and effort in the settling of a notorious war in Korea, the byproduct of a former President who did hold prior elected office.

This leaves us with the final two, Herbert Hoover and Donald Trump neither of whom were tarnished (varnished?) with a patina of prior elected office. Immediately the red flags flutter at the mention of Herbert Clark Hoover; he of the Great Depression. Hoover was the most maligned President prior to the present one.  If the term ‘scape-goat’ did not exist, it would need inventing to describe his treatment at the hands of his adversaries. They were so thorough and damning that although he was perhaps the second-most famous person in the United States after President Wilson at the time of the 1920 presidential election, by 1932 he was vilified and demeaned beyond recovery.

This was a man who had traveled and created businesses in Australia, China, Russia, Belgium etc . He is certainly the most widely traveled of all candidates, prior to obtaining the high office. His agenda was quite similar to the present occupant’s, actually. Hoover had warned President Wilson about intervention in Russia fearing a protracted US involvement. How prophetic was that! And finally, Herbert Hoover was a very rich man.

If you have seen similarities between the final two of the five who never held prior office etc.etc, they do exist.  It’s far too soon to know Donald Trump’s fate. His many adversaries have started in on him much earlier in his term than Hoover’s did. He too may be visited by a Huge, to keep it in character, Depression.  Maybe he already has and nobody has noticed it yet.



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