Modern Alchemy: Gold into 1/0

28 Mar

Let’s see now, it started way back in the mid sixties. The keepers of the US mint realized that their offspring, those dimes, quarters and halves they hatched out, were not worth the silver they contained. So, out it came.  No more silver in the coins and no more promised silver in any bank notes either. Things went along as things will until early in the 1970’s when several of our rude friends abroad decided they would prefer gold to the dollars that still promised gold upon demand.

Well!  Not our gold, not a chance. Richard Milhouse Nixon, still clinging to the Presidency at that time, changed the deal. In the future our sacred dollar would not be gold backed but backed instead by” the full faith and credit of the United States Government”. Gold fugeddaboutit! So from that day forward we have been relying on the good credit of the USGov. to keep alive and in business. Good luck with that.

Okay so the silver was first to go, then the gold not long after. But the dollar kept getting weaker and those pesky metals stronger!  Let’s put an end to that…but how? Even with the printing presses going flat out we learned in the 21st century there was a shortage of physical dollars! If we all went to the bank for our cash, it wouldn’t be there. How is that possible? Virtual dollars, that’s how. Those little 1 and 0 strokes floating in thin air.  The mighty dollar is no longer worth the paper it is printed on.

So you won’t give me gold, you won’t give me silver, and now you won’t even give me paper.  Byte this! 



One Response to “Modern Alchemy: Gold into 1/0”

  1. papernpaste June 5, 2017 at 1:16 am #

    The money trust isn’t a trust. It’s a Taker. Like reading your stuff

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