Abraham’s Sons at Play

17 Apr

Since the days of Father Abraham war has been a favorite male pastime. In America, war’s only close rivals in popularity are NFL, Nascar and reality TV. The longest running reality show features the two most fundamentalist, Old Testament societies, Israel and the United States. The two principal players are at odds with most of the rest of the Abrahamic World. Wanton destruction of Apostates is the goal of these chosen, exceptional peoples for the Lord, Mammon or lebensraum. This show’s got legs!

To finance this costly reality TV and avoid the gory wet work of the real deal, the largest export from America to Tel Aviv, even larger than all those dollars is …balls. Harvested in vast quantities at the Nation’s Capital, from Christian Zionists, Major Media and, of course, the resident Tribe. It’s the American way, and it works. Sort of. But still, darn it all, we are number one and don’t you forget it. Hummph.

  The new reality? show just breaking for the summer season is liable to be become a problem though.  The western exceptionalists may clash with the North Korean faithful who worship Juche and regard Kim Jung-un as a minor deity. That may lead to great, bloody wet work that doesn’t belong in showbiz at all.  Reality has no place in reality TV.


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