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Three Amazing Discoveries / or

30 May


How All This Mess Got Started

It seems reasonable to assume any major species that has survived intact for, say, a million years has followed and obeyed whatever life pathways it was designed for.  This must include suitable environment, food sources, predation defense and reproduction matters. If no other factors were present would we not presume the human species was subject to the same forces and limits throughout our early development?

So what happened?  How did a species spend millennia behaving as all others must do and then become in a few thousand years the scourge of an entire planet?  Perhaps the single factor that precipitated us towards what we have become was a new possibility offered our kind that tipped the scale.  We were as a species, during prior ages, subject to limitations suffered by most residents of earth which is basically living a hand to mouth existence.

At some point during what is called the Late Bronze Age great changes occurred testing our species as never before happened with any other. We began to have a surplus of food.  Actually there were three forms of  discovery; two new and one quite ancient. In the deserts and on the vast steppes, mankind had developed animal husbandry, keeping and breeding of other animals for food and draft use. .

At about the same time in the deltas and river valleys where suitable soils were found, agriculture was begun. These two propitious additions to human life were in addition to another ancient discovery that accrued to only one segment of the species. This third discovery when added to the two newer ones, produced the possibility of great imbalance in human affairs if abused.  With the food supply mostly assured, the uncertain future came closer to human control, but this presented a world class ethical dilemma.

Because our species is mammalian, one segment is capable of taking advantage of a  surplus of biological time not available to the other, i.e. the time females spend in menstruation, pregnancy and lactation. These mammalian requirements could, and apparently did, lead to the male segment’s use of this unearned surplus of leisure time to the detriment of the female and ultimately shaped all human destiny thereafter.

We are vaguely made aware through ancient mythology of the beginnings of this human villainy. We since have read of all the smiting and smoting, the sacking and seizing and the human slavery that was instituted. Scores were kept of the tribes that won; the ones that lost.  Towns and settlements destroyed or ravaged; details of this sort of thing were duly recorded.  What does not appear in the record is at what point females too, were added to the trophy.  All of them, an entire gender was taken as de facto  hostage.

In modern terminology what has been happening since to the feminine segment is known as the Stockholm Syndrome.  In it captives acquiesce over time to fondness, even love for their captors. Is that where we are today? Do males indeed rule the entire planet? A glance around the known world would suggest it is so. Is one gender then subject to the will of the other?

To dispel any doubts, ascertain the degree of input from the feminine half of humankind that went into the decision making of any of these major human preoccupations.


The Big Photo Op Gone Wrong

27 May
Three widely circulated photos will do more to unite the militant Takfiri Islamic factions than anything that has happened in the last 500 years.
Picture#1. The Trump women appearing with heads boldly uncovered in Saudi Arabia.
Followed soon after by Picture # 2., Trump in yarmulke praying in Jerusalem at the Western Wall
and then Picture # 3, the Trump women with the Pope, heads dutifully covered, at the Vatican.
For spice, throw in Picture #4,  the Trump sword dance and every jihadi on earth will be grinding his teeth.
Our guy has really done it now. Those pictures will henceforth adorn a million walls as jihad icons.
That the Presidential Party could  be so oblivious to the consequences of these colossal blunders is astounding.
My advice. Invade Pakistan tomorrow, seize all the nukes and break the mold.  Apologize and leave a check. The alternative is to spend the next decade waiting for the shoe to drop.


S.H.I.T. Happens!

22 May

Self. Hatred. Impugning. Trump.  Happens!

Projection of such an incredible amount of animus directed at one individual must be an indicator of  a huge lacking in our culture.  Common decency aside, the simple repetition of such hostility must be masking other ills. If this is indeed what lies beneath the surface in contemporary life are we not fortunate that this exposure reveals a mindset that hitherto has only been expressed in negative actions at home and especially abroad? We should be grateful that the persona of one individual has been the litmus we have lacked for several decades.  A golden opportunity for national introspection is at the horizon. We simply cannot afford to overlook it.

Why is it so hard for some people to understand that DJT is us? All our dreams and aspirations were his as well. You always wanted to be a big TV star; be honest now.  And a few million in hand was always in the back of your mind; truth now. Sure, sure you wouldn’t want his job for two seconds but…maybe Senator or SCOTUS, yeah.  You’d make a good judge; you’re pretty sure of that.

He’s bigly, he’s richly, he’s a celebrity and he TWEETS!, every day.  Can’t get any more American than that. Why would anyone doubt his bonafides?  Need to talk to the head guy in Kapowistan; no problem. He’s knows him. Did a deal once. An ARTful deal, of course. Need an overnight in South Badwasser: he’s got a place there, actually two: you have comps! What other President has done business in half the world or would even know where Kapowistan is? Tell me that!

Is Donald Trump considered to be in apostasy by his multitude of detractors? Is that what is behind the sudden manifestation of a home grown Red Guard sprung up to defend the faithful? Is this then a quasi-religious uprising cloaked in the sacred mantle of old time Americanism? If so, perhaps we need an old time exorcism to cast demons from the guardsmen before they tear the temple down.

Remember, it was only an election folks, we’ve had them before. Sometimes you lose.  That is no excuse for rioting, looting and assault on opponents. You could try to help instead. If you have something to offer the apostate to guide him through his new journey perhaps you should come forward. He could use your help even if it fills you with loathing being in the presence. Courage. You will have another chance in four short years.



The Art of the Deal

2 May

(Note: I have repeatedly referred to XI as Premier.  He is, of course, Chairman. Sorry.)

The chief deal maven has done it again. Big time.  Really , really big time.  Here’s the  deal.

Premier Xi comes to America.  Premier Xi goes to Florida.  Premier Xi goes to Mar-a Lago.  Premier Xi meets President Trump and has lunch. Premier Xi survives parting hand shake.  Where doe Premier Xi go next?  Back home?  Local sightseeing ?  No! He goes to Alaska and he likes what he sees.  It’s very pretty, says Xi.  It’s also very close to Russia.

Two weeks after Premier Xi was in Alaska the media was abuzz about Russian airplanes flying back and forth in the Bering Straits for four days near Alaska but never crossing the international date line. No one seems to have connected the two events. Later it was announced that Secretary of State Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov are to meet on May 10 & 11 in…guess where … Alaska! Also in attendance at the Artic Council gathering will be Canada a prime player as British Columbia could well be in close focus. 

Perhaps premier Xi went to Alaska, of all places, to see for himself what everybody back home has been babbling about.  So he checked it out.  Will he sign off on it?  Will the Russians? Will the US? Will Canada? It’s the deal of all deals; it’s Yuge!  Actually Yuge is too small to describe what might happen.

Which is…a land link from the old world to the new, from Eurasia to the Americas for the first time in millennia.  Premier Xi , the Russians, Canadians and Donald Trump may attempt a train passage across the Bering Straits from Alaska to Russia.The tunnel under the English Channel is dubbed the Chunnel. Do you suppose the tunnel from Alaska to Russia via the Bering Straits will be known as the Strunnel ?    Added  Strunnel ™   Time will tell.

Is that not the Art of a Deal of a Deal of a Deal?   Added 5/18/17