Seventeen Years of Peace/

4 Jun

Equals seven tenths of one percent of our total existence

 Our record as a peace loving nation is not anything like the image we have been led to believe.  According to The Free Thought Project         America has been at war for 224 of the last 241 years since 1776.  If their calculations are accurate, perhaps you are as astounded as I am. This is the most incredible information I have received in years and frankly I don’t know how to handle it.  Is anything I have ever been taught, read about or learned from media been even close to honestly describing my nation’s basic nature in light of this indictment?

The Free Thought Project goes on to say that all wars are bankers’ wars and they profit from both sides. Perhaps this is so but the bankers must have had willing helpers. How did we manage to sleepwalk for two plus centuries with dreams of “the city on a hill”, our “exceptional nation” etc etc and quite freely disparage others for their war making proclivities without getting wise to it all?

  This line from D.H.Lawrence in his graphic novel “Quetzalcoatl” charges Mexico and other governments with encouraging our nefarious actions. “Of course money-lovers will want the United States Government, because it’s the one government that exists simply and solely to protect money.”

These are damning accusations and, if factual, leave most of our current event agonies banal and trivial in comparison.  All future Op Eds should also come with the caveat: {If the Free Thought  Project calculations are incorrect then this opinion is meaningful}

So then, next year for sure; 2018, the big 18. The 18th year without a war since 1776.  Can we do it guys? Will we even try?



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