Issues Seen and Not Seen

26 Aug

You could safely wager that those guys expressing racism in Charlottesville, VA have a second issue that both precedes and equals the racial hostility demonstrated there.  Both issues result from failure to successfully deal with a form of competition that is troubling them. The other issue, although entering one’s life earlier on, doesn’t lead to street demonstrations.  It can instead, if not harmonized, fester and torment and add to a propensity for racism and hatred.

I submit that both of these plagues on civil behavior have the same root cause: competition.  The human beast has not been known to behave well when dealing with competitors.  The racism aspect, of course, has a social and physical presence that makes it highly visible. The other has a camouflage of normalcy so effective as to be almost unseen if not carefully explored for involvement.

It’s doubtful if the human propensity for prejudice (read, preconceived preference) often leads to this kind of active and overt racial hatred without being linked with the other issue.  If competition with different races or ethnicities can trigger such distress; we can readily grasp the trauma of competition with the opposite sex. Here the personal aspect is incredibly older and firmly rooted. This competition is so basic and so visceral as to defy solution if there is a lack of will to successfully manage it.

Most large historical cultures have a legacy of sexual tensions and distortions which cast a long shadow.  If you have issues with the females in your life you just might be prone to also have issues with minorities. Competition is insidious and if allowed to overpower reason and harmony can be destructive. How to convince someone attacking a racial target that mother, wife or sibling issues are fueling the assault is quite another task.


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