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Bouncing Along on Juggernaut/

30 Oct

Are you enjoying the ride so far?


History tells of military failures rivaling those suffered since about 1950 by the US military. The French reliance on the Maginot Line which the Germans cleverly drove around and flew over is of recent vintage.  Certainly the battle for Kiev, Ukraine in 1941 was astonishing in the magnitude of disaster. Ancient China put great effort and treasure into the Great Wall to little avail. But all of these were solitary and except for incidents involving the China Wall happened in a relatively short time span.


Not so with the US military which has blundered along its losing path for six plus decades with no end in sight. Half the treasure of the wealthiest country on the planet has been poured into this organization without much return. It has demanded each new gadget and device as it appeared.  Enormous depots of used and/or abandoned ordnance can be found wherever the ‘defense’ machine has functioned. Acres of tanks, war planes, vehicles of every description reach to the horizon in scores of locations. Other military groups have feasted on this largess and armed themselves at leisure when the US forces had moved on.


The wastefulness appears indigenous.  The communal nature of the military precludes the personal; so  things held in common exclude the person and produce negative inertia over time.  Shades of the USSR; the Roman Legions, the Hittites, et al.  But our military wisely has a bevy of jingoes in the PR departments, who are skilled at telling a story many will accept, in order to keep public support at high level despite all evidence.


As a nation we have long forgotten how to compete in trade with other nations and now resort to wholesale murder. Combat deaths in just the four major theatres since 1950 total about 20,750,000. Other deaths, called ‘collateral damage’, are incalculable. End result: US is nearly broke and approaching 2nd world status; is losing friends and allies at a growing rate, and is rapidly falling apart internally but remains stubbornly oblivious to reality.



Mankind: a Bogus Species

14 Oct

There was once an anthropoid species that thrived and evolved for a million years who rightfully and proudly deserved the title; Humankind.  These amazing beings no longer exist intact as a species having been destroyed by a series of heaven-struck fanatical bands who burst forth from the deserts and steppes near the end of the late Bronze Age.  Adept at rapine, pillage and smiting of all opposition, these usurpers were not satisfied until they at last conquered the remaining vestige of opposition to its sovereignty: the females of the Humankind species.

These rapacious hordes now carry the pejorative stand-alone branding: Mankind.  It is a bogus, unnatural, therefore unsustainable, species.

The fundamental natural relationship which exists between the sexes in all of animal life is now missing in action in humans. The balance, harmony and respect of gender differences is gone from us. From that fateful time until now, through these thousands of years of recent human existence, all major decisions affecting humankind, including life and death matters, have been decided by males. Even the simple courtesy of inclusion of females for the appearance of equality is not deemed necessary.  The notion of changing this imbalance rarely reaches the level of serious discussion in male circles of influence.

Scarcely any major human activities in recorded history have been exempt from male bias and history might well have been vastly different with equal female input. There is no way to determine how  Humankind as an intact species would have behaved in a world with food surpluses generated by the onset of  agriculture and animal husbandry.  We gather from early history that life was altered radically by the possession of some control of the future that the surplus of food offered. Unfortunately this food surplus seems to have increased the rapaciousness of this dominating group towards the distaff side who, already burdened by unequal biological demands, was now further degraded by the added leisure and power accrued to males.

The capital represented by this surplus windfall spawned opportunities for trade and acquisitions heretofore impossible.  It also created more distance between the genders as males asserted increasing control in trade and barter matters. Manifestation of this uni-polar lifestyle erupted with increasing frequency into clashes with other male groups.  Bloodshed came with the territory but early weaponry precluded massive carnage. This would change.  As centuries passed the ability of Mankind to cast a larger shadow over the female increased.  No aspect of nature was shielded from the tools and devices wielded in the quest for male puissance and privilege.

Alas, the fact of this unnatural and untenable, possibly fatal, usurpation of power by Mankind remains unacknowledged, thus unaccountable, to the vast majority of males, and not a few females as well, as the passage of time had made it appear simply as the natural order of things. Balzac advised that “behind every great fortune there is a crime”. What greater crime than to rob an entire gender of equality?


In weighing the success or failure of any major human enterprise the first consideration should be: has there been equal female input in this matter? If not, the verdict should be failure for it is a unilateral effort and not a full Humankind enterprise. Little weight should be granted to the recorded history of Mankind as males have been authors of most texts and as such, the renditions are somewhat suspect .


Human males most certainly have a place in this world but it is distinctly less lofty than the one commandeered for themselves. That dominant position is a pure usurpation of power and control that has been going on for centuries. If one were tasked with identifying any major human initiative that has had equal input of both sexes, it would be difficult to find anything of significance in most of the developed world. There is next to no important segment of our lives that reflects gender equality in design, purpose or intent.  That it is certainly a man’s world is writ large in every corner of the globe.


In an objective ranking of the human species male importance would be found distinctly subordinate to female importance in most categories.  Males are useful in reasonable numbers: probably have value at the present time; in short, a helpful appendage to female advancement in matters of longer term species success and survival. But continued male commandeering of resources and further negative adventures offset any useful qualities male dominance may still possess.


Since there exists little to no chance of the majority of males even seriously considering relinquishing this unfair advantage over females we must prepared for species extinction.  The narrow, short-sighted and violent thrust of male actions and reactions in the world had not been species-threatening in the past.  That has changed with the advent of modern weapons and processes.  We must remain on high alert for potential irreversible threats to all human life brought on by lethal actions of a single gender and act accordingly.