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Mankind: a Bogus Species

14 Oct

There was once an anthropoid species that thrived and evolved for a million years who rightfully and proudly deserved the title; Humankind.  These amazing beings no longer exist intact as a species having been destroyed by a series of heaven-struck fanatical bands who burst forth from the deserts and steppes near the end of the late Bronze Age.  Adept at rapine, pillage and smiting of all opposition, these usurpers were not satisfied until they at last conquered the remaining vestige of opposition to its sovereignty: the females of the Humankind species.

These rapacious hordes now carry the pejorative stand-alone branding: Mankind.  It is a bogus, unnatural, therefore unsustainable, species.

The fundamental natural relationship which exists between the sexes in all of animal life is now missing in action in humans. The balance, harmony and respect of gender differences is gone from us. From that fateful time until now, through these thousands of years of recent human existence, all major decisions affecting humankind, including life and death matters, have been decided by males. Even the simple courtesy of inclusion of females for the appearance of equality is not deemed necessary.  The notion of changing this imbalance rarely reaches the level of serious discussion in male circles of influence.

Scarcely any major human activities in recorded history have been exempt from male bias and history might well have been vastly different with equal female input. There is no way to determine how  Humankind as an intact species would have behaved in a world with food surpluses generated by the onset of  agriculture and animal husbandry.  We gather from early history that life was altered radically by the possession of some control of the future that the surplus of food offered. Unfortunately this food surplus seems to have increased the rapaciousness of this dominating group towards the distaff side who, already burdened by unequal biological demands, was now further degraded by the added leisure and power accrued to males.

The capital represented by this surplus windfall spawned opportunities for trade and acquisitions heretofore impossible.  It also created more distance between the genders as males asserted increasing control in trade and barter matters. Manifestation of this uni-polar lifestyle erupted with increasing frequency into clashes with other male groups.  Bloodshed came with the territory but early weaponry precluded massive carnage. This would change.  As centuries passed the ability of Mankind to cast a larger shadow over the female increased.  No aspect of nature was shielded from the tools and devices wielded in the quest for male puissance and privilege.

Alas, the fact of this unnatural and untenable, possibly fatal, usurpation of power by Mankind remains unacknowledged, thus unaccountable, to the vast majority of males, and not a few females as well, as the passage of time had made it appear simply as the natural order of things. Balzac advised that “behind every great fortune there is a crime”. What greater crime than to rob an entire gender of equality?


In weighing the success or failure of any major human enterprise the first consideration should be: has there been equal female input in this matter? If not, the verdict should be failure for it is a unilateral effort and not a full Humankind enterprise. Little weight should be granted to the recorded history of Mankind as males have been authors of most texts and as such, the renditions are somewhat suspect .


Human males most certainly have a place in this world but it is distinctly less lofty than the one commandeered for themselves. That dominant position is a pure usurpation of power and control that has been going on for centuries. If one were tasked with identifying any major human initiative that has had equal input of both sexes, it would be difficult to find anything of significance in most of the developed world. There is next to no important segment of our lives that reflects gender equality in design, purpose or intent.  That it is certainly a man’s world is writ large in every corner of the globe.


In an objective ranking of the human species male importance would be found distinctly subordinate to female importance in most categories.  Males are useful in reasonable numbers: probably have value at the present time; in short, a helpful appendage to female advancement in matters of longer term species success and survival. But continued male commandeering of resources and further negative adventures offset any useful qualities male dominance may still possess.


Since there exists little to no chance of the majority of males even seriously considering relinquishing this unfair advantage over females we must prepared for species extinction.  The narrow, short-sighted and violent thrust of male actions and reactions in the world had not been species-threatening in the past.  That has changed with the advent of modern weapons and processes.  We must remain on high alert for potential irreversible threats to all human life brought on by lethal actions of a single gender and act accordingly.


Who Else? How Else? What Else?

26 Aug

Considering we started life as an English prison colony rife with 75,000 felons; a rabble of religious fanatics run out of Europe, were peopled by hordes of indentured servants, zealous Indian stalkers and resentful slaves, we haven’t done so badly. Who Else could have overcome those odds to become the indispensable nation we are? It’s not easy climbing to the top.

Sure, it’s easy to criticize the top dog for things done to get there. But How Else could we have done it?  Tell me that. You try building an Empire, and never once admitting to doing so, if it’s that easy. Maybe we made a mistake or two.  George Washington did advise we refrain from all those involvements abroad. Well we didn’t.  So maybe we did make a hash of it. Who Else can do better? Look where? East. 

There’s nothing there. Maybe some Chinamen, commies that is, so what?  We’ve dealt with their kind before; the 50’s, remember? So  Who Else ? Most of Asia, most of Europe, lots of Africa you say, ha they’re not indispensible! We’ve got friends too; Israel, the Saudis. Get real. How can a Belt and a Road compete with an Empire?  So,  What Else you got?  I thought so.  Goodbye.                       

Issues Seen and Not Seen

26 Aug

You could safely wager that those guys expressing racism in Charlottesville, VA have a second issue that both precedes and equals the racial hostility demonstrated there.  Both issues result from failure to successfully deal with a form of competition that is troubling them. The other issue, although entering one’s life earlier on, doesn’t lead to street demonstrations.  It can instead, if not harmonized, fester and torment and add to a propensity for racism and hatred.

I submit that both of these plagues on civil behavior have the same root cause: competition.  The human beast has not been known to behave well when dealing with competitors.  The racism aspect, of course, has a social and physical presence that makes it highly visible. The other has a camouflage of normalcy so effective as to be almost unseen if not carefully explored for involvement.

It’s doubtful if the human propensity for prejudice (read, preconceived preference) often leads to this kind of active and overt racial hatred without being linked with the other issue.  If competition with different races or ethnicities can trigger such distress; we can readily grasp the trauma of competition with the opposite sex. Here the personal aspect is incredibly older and firmly rooted. This competition is so basic and so visceral as to defy solution if there is a lack of will to successfully manage it.

Most large historical cultures have a legacy of sexual tensions and distortions which cast a long shadow.  If you have issues with the females in your life you just might be prone to also have issues with minorities. Competition is insidious and if allowed to overpower reason and harmony can be destructive. How to convince someone attacking a racial target that mother, wife or sibling issues are fueling the assault is quite another task.

Let’s Get it Straight

20 Aug

The Civil War was not about racism and initially not really about slavery.  Financial competition between the sections and a profound disgust on the part of Southern elites for Yankee materialism and cupidity were much more important factors.  Visitors from New England were not warmly welcomed in the South after the Mexican War.  The election of Abraham Lincoln, a former railroad lawyer and therefore anathema, was the final insult.

Slavery is not about racism, it’s about money. Racism is not about race, it’s about competition turned deeply personal.  Racism exploded when the Civil War ended and millions of freed black slaves who possessed significant marketable skills were forced to compete in the ruined South with poor whites who often had fewer skills. No need for teamsters, tanners, weavers , mechanics;  the list is endless of skills for which little employment was available. The elites possessed even fewer attributes for rebuilding the devastated regions.

The genesis of racism in the Americas was competition. Competition for land and resources; the settlers wanted it: the natives had it.  The natives fought for it, ergo, they were racist savages, redskins etc etc.  Later the Mexican War, also about land, produced another form of racism that endures.  Overseas adventures began with our conflict with the Moslem Barbary Pirates which fueled an additional racism element.  The 20th century abounded in a legacy of racism resultant from centuries of colonialism where competition for land and resources kindled racism worldwide.

As the US moved onto the global scene, we were the inheritors of institutional racism courtesy of the British, Spaniards, Belgians; the list is long and sordid.  Much of the profound racism exhibited by and towards the Japanese during the second world war was fueled by the malignant racial history of Britain and Japan. Competition for dominance in the Pacific resulted in Pearl Harbor, internment of American citizens of Japanese ancestry and Hiroshima. Now that’s racism!

If Damned we are Then Damned we be

16 Aug

My country ‘tis of thee                        

 ‘fore sliding low in infamy. 

Sing not for her with patriot glee

 she now lacks such quality.


One grand nation untimely rift

 shown abroad as meanly split. 

 From that chasm comes a whift

 of loathsome and unseemly grift.


A people unhinged seek out a faction

that heeds a more chaotic fraction.

Bountiful whole once clasped for traction

we’re shunning now as poor attraction.


At early morn this does unfold

that fragile center will not hold.

The shrill voice of every scold

seeks approbation to withhold.


We fail to see what others espy

writ bold then told with every lie.

The sin lies elsewhere we oft decry

when found in us we lamely sigh.


Concealing fear that has us in hand

we trembling take one final stand.

There we dissemble and there we cant

to stave off some judgmental rant.


We go about with face so brave

masking well we courage crave.

But if caught out we rant we rave

and dismiss all with scornful wave.


For it is my country that you see

steeped in dauntless history.

If damned we are then damned we be

but proud as hell from sea to sea.


Should we flounder should we fail

none can say we did weakly quail.

Alas tho’ soldiering manly toward the grail

our long search for wisdom did not prevail.


near end


Sage words outflowed the page when victors’ prose

told how and why the better standard justly rose.

The globe was wrapt with our colors round ‘til when

mad red splat others’ blood on white and blue. Amen.


 The world aghast did gape dumfound as we leaked out energy

in battles lost the cost unpaid as if no great emergency.

Our final end came slower on then any seer knew to say

still when it came the pundits cried ’we knew it was today’.  






Americans Cannot do Equations

13 Aug

After 200 years of public education and a higher education system with gross revenues now rivaling Amazon or Ali Baba, Americans have yet to master simple equations.

For example:

20 to 26,000 Iraqi military personnel and 100,000  civilians killed

plus                                     +

92 per cent of electric power stations + 80 percent of petrochemical complexes, + 135 telephone networks + 100 bridges  +  roads, highways, railroads, hundreds of locomotives and boxcars full of goods, radio and television broadcasting stations, cement plants, and factories producing aluminum, textiles, electric cables, and medical supplies destroyed..

plus                                            +

Permanent military presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia after the 1st Gulf War was one of the stated motivations behind the 11 September attacks.


Equals    =


2996 deaths + 7 buildings destroyed or damaged in NYC, 1 in DC. + 4 airliners destroyed




Another Example:


2996 deaths + 7 buildings destroyed or damaged in NYC, 1 in DC. + 4 airliners  destroyed.

Equals     =

1,033,000  violent deaths from the conflict in the 2nd Gulf War.

Plus                                        +

Cost to the US of $3 trillion to $6 trillion, including interest rates, by 2053. The upper ranges of these estimates include long-term veteran’s costs and economic impacts.

Plus                                        +

Over 100 million Iraquis displaced.

Plus                                   +

al-Qaida established in Iraq. ISIS everywhere.

Plus                                   +

U.S provides political, military and logistic support to the opposition as well as rebel groups in Syria throughout the Civil War.


(All statistics from Wikipedia)

What’s wrong with these equations? How could people fail this simple math? Time to rethink our conclusions.


A Doomer Crank Tale

6 Aug

Two amazing events occurred at almost the same time and radically changed the future for humankind.  In and around the Fertile Crescent  in Western Asia and other equally promising edens, agriculture was developed . In the eastern steppes and the southern deserts animal husbandry was perfected.  These two events introduced food surplus into the lives of humans for the first time.

With this surplus (none dared call it capital) an element of control of future events came within the grasp of humans. No longer totally subject to the vagaries of the hunt or caprices of nature, these Late Bronze age stalwarts yearned to leap forward after a million years of restraint. Great possibilities were presented them for trade, for travel, for smiting and smoting of rivals and nothing could hold them back

Nothing, that is, except human biology of the female kind.  The distaff  members were  proud of accomplishing,  mainly through their efforts, the bountiful crops that filled the newly built granaries that had sprung up all about them.  They noticed a tendency for males to be impatient now of needs that are mammalian in nature and part of reality.  The high flying gents were annoyed that the ladies still had a certain something that kept the guys from lording it over them and all of creation.  Why, oh why, must we go to them for our needs and let them make decisions.

So a relationship that had been fair and equal between the sexes since they labored together to evolve in the wilderness and then learn to build permanent settlements was compromised.  Males were to be lord and master and females lesser.  The species long equal partnership was thereby dissolved and females were to become chattel.  The battle was on and the outcome soon settled and the gender relationship remains to this day  a Stockholm Syndrome in which a captive, in time, comes to be fond of and even love her captor.

The fundamental natural relationship which exists between the sexes in all of animal life is now missing in action in humankind. The balance, harmony and respect of gender differences  is gone from us. From that fateful time until now, through these thousands of years of human existence, all major decisions affecting humankind, including life and death matters, are decided by males. Even the simple courtesy of inclusion of females for the appearance of equality is not deemed necessary.  The notion of changing this imbalance rarely reaches the level of serious discussion in male circles of influence. So…

 The tale ends here.

{Narrative to be resumed when the species, by default, nears extinction.}